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15 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

Once you have owned a cat there’s no going back. Life without one is not complete. If you don’t own a cat you don’t know what you’re missing!

Here are 15 reasons why cats are awesome, in fact, I’d go as far as to say they are the most awesome creatures on earth.

1. Never a Dull Moment

Cat’s are the best entertainers because when they do something funny they act like it was unintentional and that makes it even funnier.

I can remember my cat bursting through the sports page of the newspaper as my dad was reading it, much to his surprise and bemusement.

Last Christmas, one of our Maine Coons would not leave a Christmas decoration alone. When he eventually got his claw stuck in it, he just lay there as if nothing was unusual about him laying with one paw in the air.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

2. They Force You to Relax

You’re about to do something really necessary such as refresh your wine glass when your cat comes along and plonks itself on your lap. You see, it knows you just need to slow down and relax.

Get someone else to fetch you a more wine and enjoy the moment. Your cat knows what’s best for you!

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

3. They Are Expert Hunters

Cat’s are natural hunters and even though we usually provide them with more food than they require, the instincts to prowl and pounce are never lost.

You will never have a mouse problem in your home except on the occasion when kitty brings one in alive and then releases it.

I have lost count of the number of times we’ve had to jump out of bed and stop the cat playing with a mouse and then capture said mouse to release back to the wild. I’ll never forget the time one managed to get into the drawer of my bedside table …

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

4. Their Purring Makes You Happy

If you’re feeling sad or ill, nothing is more cheering than a purring cat. Cats purr for several reasons including when they’re feeling happy, when they want you to feed them and to comfort themselves.

It is even thought that a cat purrs when it’s ill as a self-healing mechanism. It certainly works wonders for us.

5. They Don’t Jump Up at Your Guests

Unlike a dog which often almost knocks visitors down in its excitement to greet them, a cat can be trusted to let them stay on their feet. A cat might come to have a nose and even rub against everyone’s legs but it is rare that it will attempt to sit on a visitor’s lap unless they are familiar.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if a visitor isn’t a cat person they don’t take any notice of the cat and this seems to result in the cat over to see them. My theory is these people don’t make eye contact with cats which makes cats view them as less of a threat.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

6. They Meow Just For us

Did you know that cats don’t use their meows to communicate with other cats? It is their way of talking to us. These clever creatures use different meows to let us know what they want.

The classic meow on arrival in a room means hello. A persistent meow in the kitchen means come and feed me. An urgent meow from behind a closed door means let me in.

Sometimes a cat shortens its meow to meh or eh. It’s like it can’t be bothered to say a two-syllable word.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

7. The Neighbors Won’t Complain About Their Noise

If you go out and leave your cat alone it won’t incessantly meow at the top of its voice and annoy your neighbors. Cat’s do suffer from separation anxiety though so try not to leave your alone indoors too much. If you have to, provide lots and lots of things for it to do so that it doesn’t get too bored.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

8. They Are Cheap To Please

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your cat. Most will be kept amused for hours by cardboard boxes. An empty cardboard box is simply a cat’s idea of heaven – the smaller the better.

Give a cat a small box and it will defy the law of physics. It’s a well-known fact that a cat has a secret method of reducing its body-size to fit into a box that is physically smaller than it. Amazing!

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

9. They Entertain Children

Cats love to play which is why they are perfect for households with children. As long as a cat is socialized properly with kids when a kitten it will be a perfect playmate for them.

You must teach your children how to treat cats kindly and not tease them. Also, children need to be aware of how fast a cat can swipe at things with its needle-like claws and how to keep their hands clear. Always supervise young children around cats.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

10. They Are Easy To Care For

Cats don’t need to be taken for walks three times a day. But, they do need to be stimulated with play at least once every day for a minimum of 15 minutes (if you have children this won’t be a problem).

Play ensures they get exercise and are mentally stimulated, especially if they are indoor cats. Some cats require more grooming than others. If you get a long-haired cat regular grooming is essential so choose a short-haired cat if you can’t see yourself doing this.

11. They Are Clean Creatures

Cats are very house trainable. Most are taught by their mothers how to use a litter box. Issues of eliminating elsewhere are rare and there’s usually a good reason if this ever happens. Ensure you keep the litter box clean and there should be no problems.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

12. Cats are Low Maintenance

A lot of people seem to bathe their cats, especially the long-haired breeds, but it is not a necessary part of cat care. Most cats dislike being in water, even those that are reported to love it.

Cats spend a lot of time everyday cleaning themselves. If you help with regular brushing your cat will not get furballs.

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

13. They’re So Clever

Cats are intelligent creatures. Look at the way they have successfully trained us to cater for their every need. They know exactly how to get what they want.

They can distinguish between a variety of sounds: they appear as soon as you open their food cupboard and hide under the bed when they hear the rattle of the cat travel box. My two know if I lock the flap it signifies a trip to the vets and both disappear immediately.

14. They’re Hide and Seek Experts

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

If a cat wants some alone time it will find somewhere in the house to hide. You might search for ages and not find yours. Another time a cat will think it’s well hidden but you’ll see a tail in full view where it’s forgotten to tuck it in. Sometimes I’m sure they think just because their head is out of sight you can’t see them.

15. They Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Why do cat’s ignore the lovely bed you spent a fortune on? The fact is they will sleep literally anywhere: on a hard stone floor, on your pillow, on the kitchen counters, on a table full of clutter and even sitting up!

Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome


Cat’s are definitely awesome!

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