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About the Pets Knowledge Base

I like to think we do things a little different here at the Pets Knowledge Base. Where other large pet sites outsource their writing to people who don’t know the subject matter or even care about it, we take a rather different approach. Not one of our articles has been written by anyone other than myself or my wife, Jane.

The way we see it is as if you are going around someone’s house for dinner. Would you prefer them to serve you a ready-meal, which although may look reasonable enough, is actually quite bland? Or, would you prefer them to make you something by hand, using just the right amount of spices and fresh ingredients? Here, at, we’re providing you with the latter!

Joe on the left, Jane (my wife) on the right and me in the middle

You may not realize it considering the number of articles we have on this site but the Pets KB is actually quite new. Originally, you see, we had several smaller sites, each specializing – for instance, a specific site just about Maine Coons and a specific site about Siberian Huskies, amongst others.

These were all very successful but challenging to maintain. All had to have their hosting managed individually as well as maintaining several different social media accounts. It was all becoming way too much for the two of us.

We then had the idea of amalgamating all of our articles into one site, cutting down on the amount of time we needed to maintain the hosting and social media and giving us more time to concentrate on what actually matters – the content!

We thought that overall, this would help not only ourselves but it would provide a better user experience for visitors.

Individually, Jane and I grew up with animals and our son, Joe has never known a home without them.

Joe and Charlie

Fortunately, Joe is as passionate about animals and their welfare as we are. When we came back from a recent holiday in Turkey, I asked him what he would miss most about the week away.

Would it be the constant sunshine, massive swimming pools, great food of water slides perhaps? Maybe the Segways or electric Trike’s we could hire out or perhaps the watersports that were available to us?

Nope, none of those. It was the cats! There were many stray cats roaming the holiday complex and we used to get some extra chicken during lunch and dinner, hide it in a napkin and sneak it out of the restaurant. We would then go and find the little cats and spoil them rotten! Check out the below:

Anyway, I digress. Here at, we’re very careful about the articles that we write. The vast majority of the information we use stems from personal experience and knowledge, of which we have stored up a great amount over the last 40 years or so.

If there is an article we feel we need to write, for instance relating to whether you should de-claw a cat or not we do, of course, have a personal opinion on this but always try and balance our own opinion with hard facts from trusted sources.

This website does take a surprising amount of work to keep going but it certainly isn’t a chore. We manage it in our free time and both of us have full-time jobs. My wife works as a TA in a local primary school and I’m in IT, working for a bank in the City of London. This site is our passion though and if we won the lottery, we might quit our full-time jobs but we wouldn’t quit this!

Personally, I have two main passions in life – animals and fast cars and have recently started a new, much smaller site in this latter niche. You can take a look if you like over at

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics of our two furry boys. Our Maine Coons are now over 14 years of age and still going strong.

Red Maine Coon on a piano keyboard
Harry ‘helping’ Jane with Piano lessons
What is a Maine Coon?
Joe and Charlie

All that remains is for me to thank you for checking out our site. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent. All the images we show on this website are either our own or have been purchased via Royalty Free image sites.

If you have any suggestions for content, any questions about our content or would just like to chat – please drop us a mail, we’d genuinely love to hear from you at