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Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy?

You’re probably asking this question because you’re worried that your cat is too idle! Are Ragdoll cats lazy or is their behavior typical of most cats?

Ragdoll cats do have a lazy disposition but then so do many other breeds! Ragdoll kittens are lively but older cats tend to sleep or catnap for a large portion of every day – up to 20 hours!

A bored Ragdoll might seem lazy but if you encourage it to play you’ll find it has plenty of energy lurking beneath all that fluff.

Ragdolls are ground-level cats and their reticence to climb and leap about does give the impression of laziness.

Are Ragdoll cats lazy? Sleeping Ragdoll

Why are Ragdoll cats lazy?

Ragdolls were bred as companion cats. They are not lazy, they just love hanging around their owners being lavished with attention. These perfect lap cats will be content to sleep on you for hours at a time.

They are not particularly avid hunters and so you won’t see a Ragdoll climbing or leaping on your counters to get at a flying insect. If a mouse happened to pop into your house your Ragdoll might not hunt it as the breed has never been encouraged to hunt.

So a Ragdolls laziness is something that has been bred into it and encouraged by owners who just love cuddly, docile cats.

When are Ragdoll cats lazy?

Ragdolls are lazy pretty much all of the time and this is a common cat trait. It’s a good idea to discourage total lethargy for the sake of your cats well-being. As many Ragdolls are indoor cats they do tend to gain weight and become more and more lethargic with age.

It is essential to devote time every day to encourage your Ragdoll to move via play. Try using a cat charmer or a laser pointer to get your cat excited and chasing about for 10 to 15 minutes at least twice a day.

The dangers for lazy Ragdolls

Don’t let your Ragdoll become too lazy. The more inactive a cat is, the more likely it is to become overweight and unhealthy.

If laziness is coupled with overeating, your Ragdoll could easily become overweight. Obesity in indoor cats is a rising problem and can lead to numerous health problems.

The best way to tell if your Ragdoll is overweight is to examine its body shape. Because of all that fluffy fur, you will need to use your hands as well as your eyes.

  • Look at your cat from above and run your hands along its sides from front legs to hips. It should be distinctly narrower at the waist area.
  • Feel your cat’s belly. It should be slightly higher than the bottom of its rib cage and not bulge out.
  • Stroke your cat’s sides and back. You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs, spine and hip bones but they shouldn’t protrude.

If you strive to keep your Ragdoll at a healthy weight you will never have the difficult task of attempting to put your cat on a diet. You will also make it less likely for it to suffer from obesity-related illnesses which include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart problems
  • Joint problems
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Bladder stones
  • Arthritis
  • Certain cancers

If your cat is overweight and needs a general anesthetic for any reason, there is a far greater risk to its health than if it is at a healthy weight.

If you think your Ragdoll is overweight, and your vet agrees, look at gradually reducing its daily food intake and increasing its activity.

Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy? Tired Ragdoll cat

Why you should stop your Ragdoll being lazy

There are four good reasons to play with your Ragdoll and stop it from being too lazy.

You’ll prevent lethargy setting in

As cats get older they can slip into the habit of sleeping more and more each day. This is quite often caused by boredom. Invest in a variety of toys to keep your cat active and healthy. A few good ideas are:

  • A Cat Dancer/Teaser wand- you can literally encourage your cat to stalk and chase just like it does when it hunts.
  • A laser pointer – cats love to chase that little red dot
  • Cat Springs – these get rave reviews and are so cheap.

You’ll stop it gaining too much weight

Another important reason to encourage your Ragdoll cat to play is to relieve the boredom that can drive it to eat when it is not hungry. This means it will not consume food for the sake of it and hopefully will not become overweight. The end result will be a happier, healthier cat.

This Tower of Tracks is extremely popular and your cat can play with even when you’re not around.

You’ll create a good bond with your cat

When you play with your Ragdoll, the pair of you will form a good bond. Your cat will feel happy and secure with you and enjoy the activity, which again will keep it active and healthy.

You’ll stimulate it mentally

Playing with a Ragdoll cat keeps it mentally alert, and prevents stress and boredom. Stress is not healthy in a cat and bored cats can exhibit all sorts of behavioral problems such as scratching your furniture, peeing outside the litter box, and excessive meowing.

Best types of activity for lazy Ragdolls

Once you get a Ragdoll to start moving, you’ll realize it is not so lazy after all. Here are some easy ways to relieve Ragdoll laziness:

  • Buy some catnip toys: there is a great selection on the market and most cats go crazy for them. Remember to limit time with these toys or you’ll risk your cat becoming desensitized to catnip.
  • Play fetch: Ragdolls can be quite dog-like in the way they play. If you throw something small such as a hairband, your Ragdoll is quite likely to learn to bring it back to you.
  • Use cat charmers and teasers: Like all cats, Ragdolls can’t resist chasing a toy or feather dangled on a piece of string. You can use one of these from the comfort of your armchair!
  • Get some scratching posts: If you place several around your house, your Ragdoll will get plenty of exercise clawing these. Scratching posts allow a cat to flex and work their muscles as well as shed outer layers from their claws. Scratching is very important to a cat’s well-being.
Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy? Ragdoll being tickled

Ragdoll Male vs Female: Which is laziest?

I’ve been told that female Ragdolls are slightly more active than males. I’m pretty certain this is just unfounded opinion as I can’t find any proof that anyone has conducted a survey to prove it!

Any gender of Ragdoll is capable of lazy behavior and it’s up to their owners to encourage them to be more active.

Are Ragdoll Cats Lazy? – Conclusion

They have a reputation for being lazy, but Ragdolls are really only as idle as their owners allow them to be.

Like all cats, a little stimulation is all that’s required to keep a Ragdoll active enough to stay in good health. So … the onus is on a Ragdolls owner to stop it from acting like a lazy cat.

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