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Best Dog Treadmill for the Siberian Husky

Anyone who knows anything about the Siberian Husky will know that it likes to run. If one had any say in the matter it would, in fact, spend all day outside.

But, alas, as owners of this dog we are not always able to give them exactly what they want, are we? We can take them out a couple of times a day for a relatively long walk and that’s great, but is it giving them what they need?

Or, are you not even able to provide them with this due to unexpected events taking over your days. Maybe you have a disability that now prevents you from giving them what they need. What can we do? Maybe you live in a location where you just can’t get out as much as you’d like?

The solution is to get a treadmill designed for dogs!

It was quite easy to recommend a treadmill for your Husky as there’s really only one that ticks all the boxes, this is the DogPacer Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill. I had no idea how popular these were until I started looking into them in a bit more detail.

The DogPacer is absolutely perfect for the Siberian Husky. If there’s a breed of dog that will get the most out of this then it’s the Husky.

You might not be able to give it the exercise it wants (and needs) outside but there is no reason why they can’t get the exercise inside! This is particularly useful if they are suffering from anxiety-related problems and have formed a destructive personality.

If you’re worried about how easy it will be to get your Husky walking on the treadmill, don’t be. I don’t know anyone who has had difficulty getting their dog to use this thing.

Just because you can’t get out as much doesn’t mean that your Husky has to miss out! Do consider taking a look at this as it can dramatically reduce the anxiety levels of your Husky.

Training Your Dog to Use the Treadmill

It’s important when first setting up the treadmill that you do it correctly. Take a look at these simple steps.

  1. The first thing you should do is ensure it is not facing a wall! If you do it will make your Husky think they are going to run into it and is just a non-starter.
  2. It may take a little bit of time for your Husky to feel comfortable with the treadmill. Make sure you don’t startle her by switching it on before they’ve had a chance to get used to it. One suggestion that seems to work is to start feeding her quite close to the treadmill and put a few of her toys on and around it.
  3. Try and encourage your Husky to get on the treadmill whilst it’s off. Maybe put a treat or two on it, she needs to feel comfortable with being on it before we go to the next stage. Make sure you give her lots of attention and a big fuss for doing so.
  4. Start using commands. You’ll want to start introducing basic commands like ‘get on’ and ‘get off’ and associate them with the treadmill. Obviously, you can use treats to encourage this.
  5. When they are comfortable with the machine itself (bear in mind this could take a few weeks, so don’t rush it) try and get them to walk on it at the very lowest speed. Keep a lead on your Husky initially and just start with a minute or so. Remember to give them loads of praise afterward! If there are any signs of discomfort then stop straight away. If you proceed you may put your little Husky off it for life!
  6. Slowly, over time, build up the speed and duration.

One last thing – never leave your Husky on the treadmill by themselves. Always be close-by just in case there’s a problem and your help is required!

Eventually, you won’t need to ask your little Husky to get on, she’ll be the one jumping on and howling for you to turn it on!