Can A Maine Coon Be Orange?

Orange is one of the five solid colors of Maine Coon cats. You will also see orange smoke and orange tabby Maine Coons. All are equally stunning.

A Maine Coon with a vibrant orange coat is a beautiful sight. It truly is as brightly colored as the fruit itself. It’s easy to see why a cat of this color is called orange but in official circles, it’s never referred to this way.

Can a Maine Coon be orange?

Can a Maine Coon be orange? The orange Maine Coon cat, sometimes called ginger, is officially classed as red. A solid orange Maine Coon with no other colors present is rare. Orange smoke and orange tabby cats are far more common. Orange fur can also be seen in varying quantities in many other Maine Coon coat patterns. All are described here.

Solid Orange Maine Coons

Can A Maine Coon Be Orange? Almost solid orange Maine Coon
I’m almost a solid orange Maine Coon

Solid orange Maine Coons are rare cats. This is because to be classified as solid their coat must be brilliant orange from roots to tips with no white present at all and no obvious shading or markings.

On most Maine Coons with supposedly solid orange coats, you will see slightly different shades of orange fur. In particular, the tabby cat ‘M’ can often be spotted on their forehead.

Solid orange Maine Coons have brick-red nose leather and paw pads. This coat is officially known as solid red and often referred to as ginger.

Orange Smoke Maine Coons

Can A Maine Coon Be Orange? Orange smoke Maine Coon

An orange smoke Maine Coon has a white undercoat with deep orange tips. The official name for this coat is red smoke. A cat with this coloring has rose-colored nose leather, rims of eyes and paw pads.

When an orange smoke is sitting still it can appear to be a solid color but as soon as it moves the white undercoat shows through to give the smokey look.

Orange Tabby Maine Coons

Can A Maine Coon Be Orange? Red classic tabby Maine Coon

A Maine Coon with this coat is often referred to as a ginger tabby but the official name is red tabby. An orange tabby Maine Coon has a pale orange background color and markings in a deep, rich orange.

It has a white trim around its lip and chin. Its nose leather and paw pads are usually brick red. This coat has a classic, a mackerel, and a ticked pattern variation.

Other Maine Coon Coats With Orange Fur

  • Silver Patched Tabby (in classic, mackerel or ticked patterns)
  • Cameo Tabby (in classic, mackerel or ticked patterns)
  • Shell Cameo
  • Bi-Colored with orange and white fur
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Shell Tortoiseshell
  • Shaded Tortoiseshell
  • Calico
  • Calico Smoke
  • Shell Calico
  • Shaded Calico
  • Cameo Smoke
  • Tortie Smoke

About The Orange Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is a unique breed of cat with some extraordinary personality traits. They are fantastic companion cats and thrive off interaction from their owners.

They are friendly towards adults, children, babies, and other pets, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular as family pets.

Can A Maine Coon Be Orange? red tabby Maine Coon with fluffy tale

The Orange Maine Coon (AKA red or ginger) has a very distinctive coat which is described by some people as an exotic, vibrant color.

I’ve owned two orange Maine Coons and with extraordinary personalities, quite distinct from the personality of our white Maine Coon – but more on whether the color has any bearing on how they behave later.

Orange Maine Coon Kittens

Most orange Maine Coon kittens are males. There are approximately 3 orange male kittens to every orange female. If both Maine Coon parents are orange then all their kitten will be orange too. Most orange Maine Coon kittens are tabby cats.

The Science Behind the Orange Cat

The orange gene is found on the X-chromosome. Its allele can have two forms: O for orange and o for non-orange.

As males only have one X-chromosome, if they carry the orange gene with an O allele they will be orange; if they carry an orange gene with an o allele they will be black or brown.

Because she has two X chromosomes, a female with the orange gene can have the following combinations of alleles: OO and she’ll be orange, oo and she’ll be black or brown, and Oo means she’ll be a tortoiseshell.

If you have ever wondered why there are more orange male cats than females the above shows that males have a 1 in 2 chance of being orange and females only have a 1 in 3 chance.

And in case you are interested, the red pigment that causes the orange color is known as phaeomelanin.

If none of the above made much sense, don’t despair – that’s the end of the biology lesson – I’m sure most people don’t want that level of detail anyway!

Does the Color of the Maine Coon Dictate the Personality?

No, the color of the Maine Coon does not dictate what the personality of the cat will have. However, it can (and does) change how we perceive them.

How we act with them can change how they behave, so it can give the impression that certain colored cats act in a specific way when it’s actually our reactions around them that create this!

Can a Maine Coon be orange? Red tabby cat with guilty look

The orange Maine Coon cat is often perceived as more mischievous than other colors. Whether all owners feel this I don’t know, but having owned two I can definitely say they appear to have a naughty gene.

Have we treated our two ginger cats differently from our more sedate white Maine Coon? No, not at all – maybe all Maine Coons are all generally quite cheeky and naughty but our white one is an exception to the rule! Although, even he has his moments.

Maine Coon Colors

Solid Colors

Maine Coons can come in five solid colors: blackOpens in a new tab., whiteOpens in a new tab., orange (red), blue (gray), and cream.

They also come in a variety of patterns.

Tabby Patterns

The orange tabby Maine CoonOpens in a new tab. has a coat that is either streaked with stripes or perhaps mottled and these appear to be the most sought after color combination. A tabby Maine Coon can be seen in the following five color combinations:

  • Classic tabby
  • Silver tabby
  • Mackerel tabby
  • Silver shaded tabby
  • Silver tabby

Solid Smoke Colors

The smoke-colored Maine Coon looks, at first, like a solid color. However, when you look at the roots of its fur, you will notice the color is noticeably lighter. As the cat moves, the lighter undercoat shows through.


The Maine Coon can also be seen in a combination of two colors. However, one of these colors will always be white. This white color will always be seen on their belly, chest and each paw.

The bi-color Maine Coon can be white with either black, blue, red (orange) or cream.

Can a Maine Coon be orange? White Maine Coon on lawn

What’s the Best Maine Coon Color?

No Maine Coon colorOpens in a new tab. or pattern is any better than the other. Every Maine Coon is unique and whichever color you have (or choose) you can be sure you will find it a pleasure to live with.

The way a Maine Coon behaves is heavily dependant on the way it is socialized and interacted with from a very young age.

Maine Coon Color Facts

Did you know that the male Maine Coon kitten obtains both its color genes directly from its mother? Therefore, the male kittens found in a litter will always be the same color as their mother (occasionally a slightly diluted version of it).

Female kittens will have a combination of the colors of both parents. This is helpful to know and allows you to predict what colors the kittens might be.

Maine Coon eyeOpens in a new tab. color does not depend on the color of its coat. Only white Maine Coons or those with some white can have blue or odd-eyes. Other colors range through shades of green, amber, gold, copper, and orange.

Can A Maine Coon Be Orange? – Conclusion

The Maine Coon is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Orange (red/ginger) is the most vibrant. There’s usually something quite edgy about the orange Maine Coon … a little twinkle in its eye.

I’ve never known a cat quite like the Maine Coon and I’ve never known a Maine Coon cat quite like the orange one.

Most likely a coincidence, but they seem to have this particular naughty streak that I haven’t seen in others – a naughty ginger gene perhaps?

Can a Maine Coon be orange pin.

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We are passionate about Maine Coons and all of our articles are based on first-hand experiences through owning Maine Coons for 25 years.


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