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The Survival Kit for Cat Owners

If you know a cat lover and are looking for an unusual Christmas or birthday gift, why not make them a cat owners’ survival hamper? Compiled by a self-confessed cat lover with years of experience, this kit will prove invaluable for any kitten or cat owner.

Some of these ideas are extremely practical, some are more for fun and some you might never have thought of unless you’re an experienced owner yourself. All of the listed items could prove essential in one way or another … honest!

How to construct a cat owners survival kit

16 ways to create the ultimate cat owners’ survival kit

Create a hamper in a box or basket using some or all of these ideas and you know the recipient will survive to pass on their tales of cat ownership.

1. A box or basket

You’ll need one of these to put the rest of the kit in to create a nicely presented gift. The bonus is, the cat owner can empty it and give it to their cat.

2. Plasters

For someone who has a kitten, buy a year’s supply of pasters! If you’ve ever attempted to retrieve a toy from within striking distance of a cat’s paws you may also have been on the receiving end of its claws. Cats are lightning-fast at times.

A cat owner should always have plenty of plasters nearby to prevent them from bleeding all over the house after receiving an accidental scratch.

kittens playing with wand toy

3. Skin repair spray

For those slightly larger wounds from cat claws or teeth, here’s an invaluable, all-natural Active Skin Repair Spray (click the link to read reviews on Amazon). It is antiseptic and uses skin repair technology to aid recovery.

4. Scar remover

For those deeper scratches, something that helps scars to fade quickly is a must. There are several products on the market that claim to do this, for example, Mederma Advanced Scar Gel (click the link to read reviews on Amazon).

5. A pill dispenser

Giving a cat a pill is a risky business and often results in a requirement for items 2, 3 and 4 above. Owners bravely put their hands where no sane person would ever dare to – within biting distance of 32 strong, sharp teeth. Not many cats happily scoff down a pill so make the job safer and easier with a pill dispenser.

Ginger cat playing with pills

6. Handling gloves

Don’t laugh! I’ve often enviously eyed up those leather gauntlets used to handle birds of prey. Sometimes there are occasions when you have to pick up a cat when it is not in a cooperative mood.

Just think how much braver an owner would feel in elbow-length protective gloves! They could prove invaluable with the not-so-easy-to-groom variety of cat too. These Animal Handling Gloves look tempting! (click the link to read reviews on Amazon).

7. Lint rollers

Cat owners’ are those people who turn up for work with cat fluff stuck to every inch of their attire. Help your cat-owning friend to lose their uncool reputation for wearing cat fur by supplying them with cat owner’s next best friend – lint rollers.

8. Pet odor remover

Have you ever entered a cat owner’s home and wrinkled your nose at the odor or spotted the odd suspect stain? As owners, our noses adjust until we no longer notice cat-induced smells or see the odd mark on our furnishings. Be a good friend and let your cat crazy friend know by getting them some Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator (click the link to read reviews on Amazon).

9. Pet-safe grooming wipes

Cats, especially long-haired ones, do occasionally need a little help to keep clean in certain areas. Any owner will appreciate a packet of Pogi’s Earth-friendly Grooming Wipes (click the link to read reviews on Amazon) for those emergency situations.

10. Claw clippers

Some cats need a little help to keep their claws under control. Trimming a cat’s claws may be an occasion where item 6 above would prove invaluable. Without them, items 2, 3 and 4 might be required. In order to clip a cat’s claws a decent pair of clippers is the order of the day. These Boshel Nail Clippers get excellent reviews on Amazon.

11. A drinking water bottle

This is what happens when you leave a glass of water unattended and there’s a cat nearby:

Cat drinking from glass

Now imagine how many times this happens when a cat owner isn’t looking and wonder how much cat spit-back they’ve consumed. Be kind and buy all cat lovers you know a drinking water bottle. Here’s one that’s aptly named Guilt Kitty (click the link to see reviews on Amazon).

12. Thick lap protector

Make sure your cat-loving friend doesn’t suffer from punctured thighs when their cat smuggles up on their lap and starts kneading. This Sherpa Fleece Blanket will give them plenty of protection.

Maine Coon on a lap

13. A supply of disposable gloves

These really are an invaluable item when it comes to clearing up cat-related accidents. Cat owners will always be glad to have these though they might not think of them in advance. Ideally, you should get strong latex-free and powder-free gloves such as these popular Gloveworks Gloves. (click the link to see reviews on Amazon).

14. Furniture shields

Many cats can’t resist clawing chairs. They love that they can really put some muscle into it and the chair doesn’t move. Furniture shields (click the link to see reviews on Amazon) are a must for furniture protection.

Picture above is of a cat scratching furniture

15. Catnip toy

Your cat-owning friend will need a break from entertaining their cat occasionally. As cats will amuse themselves happily with catnip infused toys, owners will appreciate a supply being to hand at all times. This Catnip Banana is a good one to start with.

16. T-shirt

Now for something that really is just for the cat lover in your life. There may be days when they really mean what it says – I Have Plans With My Cat T-Shirt.

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