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Do Ragdoll Cats Shed?

Many people love cats but not so many like the fact that hand-in-hand with cat ownership comes cat fur.

There are myths abound that certain cats do not shed much fur and it is supposed that the Ragdoll is one of these. So, how true is this claim?

Do Ragdoll cats shed much fur? Ragdoll cats do shed but unlike many cats, they do not have an undercoat, which is typically the cause of excessive shedding. You will still have hair to clean up fur, just not as much as with other breeds.

One thing you can be certain of is there is no such thing as a non-shedding cat, ragdolls included.

Do Ragdoll cats shed

How much do Ragdoll cats shed

It is difficult to quantify how much Ragdolls shed as this differs from cat to cat.

Many things affect how much a Ragdoll cat sheds. Diet, the climate they live in, central heating, lifestyle, a change in season and how much you help with grooming significantly affect the amount of fur they lose.


A Ragdoll needs a healthy, balanced cat diet. Ensuring you feed your cat properly plays a large part in its coat health. A Ragdoll that is malnourished will shed more fur than it would otherwise.


If you live somewhere where the climate is always mild, a Ragdoll will shed all year round. This may be quite light shedding but nevertheless, you will notice this.

Central Heating

A warm house encourages shedding so if you have central heating your Ragdoll will shed fur more often. This is because its coat will think it’s summer when it’s not.


Most Ragdolls are indoor-only cats and so their shedding is more noticeable. Outdoor cats naturally shed some of their fur as they roll around outside and so notice less fur around the house.

Seasonal shedding

This is not so noticeable in Ragdolls as they don’t have an undercoat to shed as the season’s change. You may still notice a little extra shedding as spring approaches and again in the fall.


If you regularly groom a Ragdoll cat you will remove a lot of loose fur that would otherwise shed all over your house and clothes. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

As long as you introduce grooming to a Ragdoll as a kitten it should happily let you brush it. I recommend a pin and bristle brush as the pins are great for gently teasing out knots and the brush side is perfect for a Ragdoll’s fluffy coat.

Do Ragdoll cats shed? Ragdoll outside

Dealing with shed fur

There are two tools that I find invaluable for dealing with shed fur: a cordless stick vacuum and lint rollers.

The cordless stick vacuum

The main reason I have for recommending one of these to any cat owner is ease of use. You don’t have to get out a vaccuum, unwind the power cable, and keep unplugging it as you move from room-to-room.

You can vacuum a whole home in about 10 minutes with a cordless vacuum and keep shedding fur well under control. I have used a Dyson Animal for many years because it picks up fur well, is light-weight and has a HEPA filter to prevent allergens being blasted back out.

Lint rollers

I couldn’t survive without these sticky creations! They’re a must, especially if you wear black. We keep lint rollers everywhere around the house and in the car.

Once you’ve bought one set of these, keep the handles and then all you have to do is buy compatible refills. Remember, clothes are a magnet for shed cat fur but lint rollers will remove all traces easily.

Do Ragdoll cats shed? – Conclusion

If cat fur is not your thing, you’ll find Ragdolls shed slightly less than some breeds. You can easily keep this under control with a little grooming and vacuuming. Ragdolls may not lose as much fur as other cats but you will still find there hair scattered around your home and stuck to your clothes.

Don’t let the thought of a little shed hair put you off buying a Ragdoll cat.

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