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Hunting Cat Rhapsody

Cats are natural hunters and it’s difficult to train this trait out of them. If you’ve ever seen a cat in full hunting mode, you’ll know how accomplished they are. You can try to stop a cat from hunting by distracting it with a toy or a treat, but you should never punish or admonish it for doing so.

We bring you a sneak peek at the Maine Coon Cat’s new version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and I know it will touch a nerve with many a cat owner.

Note: best sung with the karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody playing in the background – search for this on YouTube.

Alternatively, sing over the original version.

A black kitten on a small armchair looking at a dangling toy mouse.

Hunting Cat Rhapsody by the Maine Coon Quartet

Is that a real bird?

Is that a bumblebee?

Caught by my fat paw

No escape from this fast kitty


Spot where it lies

Look into my eyes and see

I’m just a hunter, I have no sympathy

Prey is easy come, don’t let go

Toss it high, bat it low


Any way the mouse goes

I’ll hear its feet patter near me

You’ll see



Just killed a mouse,

Closed my teeth around its head

Chomped my jaws tight

Now it’s dead


Meowww, it tried hard to run

But now I’ve gone and chewed its head away


Mommy, oooh ooh ooh ooh

Why do dead mice make you cry

I’ll catch you another one tomorrow

Clear it up, clear it up

It doesn’t really matter


A cat on a ladder looking at birds on washing lines.

Hey bird

your turn has come

Sit on the washing line

Fly down here and you’ll be mine

Goodbye little sparrow

You’ve got to go

Gotta leave your nest behind and face my claws


Meoow, oow oow oow

You don’t want to die

I’ll make you wish you’d never been hatched at all


I see a furry silhouetto of a mouse

Scare a mouse, scare a mouse

I will not let it go now!

Fur will be a flying

everywhere you look now see!

Come to me (come to me)

Come to me (Come to me)  

Run to me now don’t you go,

Where’d mousey gooooooooo


Don’t be a bad cat my mommy tells me

He’s just a poor mouse with a mouse family

Spare him his life and I’ll give you your tea

A fluffy cat staring at a toy mouse.


If mice run

Let them go

Will you let mouse go?

Meow wow! No,

I will not let mouse go

(Let mouse go!)

Meow wow! I will not let mouse go

(Let mouse go!)

Meow wow! I will not let mouse go

(Let mouse go)

Will not let mouse go

(Let mouse go)

Will not let mouse go

Let mouse go

No no no no no no no


Oh kitty please, kitty please, kitty please, let mouse go

Your dad and I have a fishy put aside for you

For you

For yooooooo

A cat at the table with a large fish on a plate.


So you think you can stop me and mouse will survive?

So you think you can bribe me and mousey won’t die

Ooh, mommy

Don’t try stopping me mommy

Just gotta kill mice

Just gotta get kill mice that run here


Hunting really matters

Any cat can see

Hunting really matters

Hunting really matters to me


Any way the prey goes

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