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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

We adore our cats and love their quirky little ways: the way they follow us around, those incessant purrs on our chests at 3 am, how they knead our laps into a perfect at nest. However, one thing many of us don’t fully understand is why our cats stare at us so intently at times.

A staring cat is usually an inquisitive one. Your cat will be naturally curious and intrigued by whatever you’re doing so will often watch your every move. Sometimes cats stare in hope of food or attention. A fixed gaze from a cat is like a silent command, willing you to take notice of its needs.

When a cat looks intently at you it’s as if it has the power to stare into your soul. It’s easy to convince ourselves that cats have superpowers and, as far as I can tell, they think we possess some too.

Never attempt to outstare your cat because you will most likely make it feel anxious or scared. The best response from you is to make eye contact and slowly blink then look away. Repeat this and your cat may slow blink back. This is a sign of ultimate love and trust.

Siamese cat staring

Why your cat stares at you

Could your cat want dinner?

When a cat is hungry, it generally meows and then stares at you intently, without so much as a blink. This stare will not let up until you do the right thing. The moment you head towards the kitchen, your cat will trot after you to make sure you go the right way.

You’ll probably be able to sense its eyes burning on your back as you prepare its dinner. It won’t take its eyes off you at any point. It’s like your cat’s stare controls your actions.

Is it curious to know what you’re doing?

As far as your cat I concerned, you’re the center of its universe. Everything revolves around it is naturally curious of everything you do. Therefore, your cat will often watch you closely as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Your cat would hate to miss out on anything, such as a treat or a chance to be nosey.

Have you noticed how you can’t pop into your kitchen without a kitty chaperone? Your cat could probably make you a coffee due to the number of times it has watched your every move as you prepare a cup.

If you visit the bathroom, I bet your cat goes with you and then just stares silently at you while you’re in there. One of our cats hated it if we didn’t allow him in. He would meow incessantly at the door if he arrived to find it shut.

He just sat in the basin and stared until we’d finished whatever we went in for. Then we’d have to wash our hands over the bathtub because he wouldn’t move from his spot in the basin.

Staring is a key method of silent communication for a cat. We all know how vocal a cat can be, but staring is a more subtle way that one lets us know it wants something.

Does it love and trust you?

When a cat stares and then slowly blinks, it is signaling real affection for you. You should return the compliment and blink back. When a cat blinks it is demonstrating great trust in you as it is momentarily letting its guard down meaning it feels totally safe in your presence.

Ginger cat staring

Other reasons why cats stare

Staring at an invisible object

Have you ever been freaked out by your cat suddenly becoming alert and appearing to stare intently at absolutely nothing? It really is as if it’s seen a ghost.

Many people find this really chilling and it’s even more disconcerting when your cat crouches and looks ready to stalk Mr Nobody.

What is this all about? I don’t really know. I’ve asked many cats what they are seeing and none of them have ever confided in me.

If you want to believe cats can sense and see paranormal activity, of course, that’s up to you. It’s not something I believe in. I think it’s more likely that a shaft of light or a reflection from a TV screen that has caught your cat’s sensitive eye.

The territorial stare

Cats are territorial creatures and dislike strange cats entering their space. When a cat stares at another cat it is exhibiting domineering behavior.

It’s conveying a silent message to the intruder to leave or else!. If a dominant cat doesn’t succeed in seeing the other cat off with a stare, a short spat or full-on fight might occur.

Why does my cat stare at me? Cats fighting

The dominant stare

Dominance in cats usually emerges at a young age when they test their boundaries, usually with other pets, to establish hierarchy.

If your cat stares at you without blinking, it could be attempting to assert dominance over you. If its eyes are narrowed, this could mean it is experiencing fear or feelings of aggression. This kind of staring is distinguishable from a loving stare and the stance of its body will give this way.

Cats can stare for a very long time without blinking. It’s hard to win a staring competition with a cat because our eyes need the lubrication that results from blinking whereas cats don’t. Cats use their ability to stare indefinitely to watch their prey like a hawk when hunting.

The vacant stare

This is something you may spot more in senior cats. One of our cats used to seemingly stare at us but in reality, he was just daydreaming.

If your cat is staring in one direction without reacting when you walk near, it’s probably reminiscing about bygone days,

 Old cat staring vacantly


Cats are excellent at staring. Whether it’s because they want food, attention, or are just interested in what we’re doing is something we learn to decipher over time.

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