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Why kittens fart a lot (how to reduce bad kitten gas)

Just like us, cats and kittens produce intestinal gas. Generally, there’s no need to worry if your feline friend farts from time to time. In fact, you should expect the odd bottom burp wafting up to offend your nostrils, especially when your kitten uses their litterbox.

That said, persistent farts from a kitten do cause concern, especially for first-time owners, who might not know if it’s normal for a kitten to fart so much. Why do kittens seem to pass more wind than adult cats?

The majority of the time, a kitten farts a lot when it swallows too much air as it eats. It is also common for rich foods, a high fiber diet, drinking cow’s milk, and poor nutrition to lead to stomach disorders that result in a kitten farting so much. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to effectively reduce excessive flatulence in kittens.

However, if you are unable to determine the cause or reduce the amount your kitten farts, it is recommended that you seek advice from your vet.

A black and white kitten seated with its mouth slightly open, looking cheeky.

How to reduce kitten farts caused by swallowing air

When kittens are weaned, they have to compete with their siblings for food. They naturally eat as quickly as possible to ensure they get enough to eat – even though there is usually plenty to share.

Even when a kitten is in its new home, the habit of eating quickly can continue, especially if there are other household pets to compete with.

There are several ways to solve the problem of a kitten farting out air swallowed whilst eating too quickly. They all aim to make your kitten eat a little slower:

  • Divide their meal into small portions
  • Remove any source of competition from other pets so your kitten does not feel the need to rush
  • Use a slow feeder bowl designed to slow their eating. These have raised ridges so food settles between them to stop large mouthfuls from being easily consumed. There are many examples conveniently available on Amazon. Here’s a link to a slow feeder with little raised fish. We use this one with our cats so can vouch for it’s success.
A red tabby Maine Coon eating from a slow feeder bowl.
Fred loves the slow feeder bowl

How to prevent diet-related kitten farts

When you first get a kitten, it’s best to feed it the food it is used to eating for the first month. This is the best way to ensure it doesn’t suffer from diet-related farting. Sudden dietary changes coupled with a change of home can result in windy tummy upsets.

After the first month in your home, it’s fine to slowly transition your kitten onto different foods as long as they are suitable for its life stage and offer complete kitten nutrition.

Foods that are likely to lead to a kitten farting too much include:

  • Cow’s milk
  • High fiber foods
  • Dry food with a high grain content
  • Low-quality cat food
  • Food that’s out of date
A ginger kitten with its tail pointing upward.

The cause of the Kitten Stink

Kittens fart for the same reason we do: they develop excess gas in their intestines and it has to be released. It’s not uncommon for a kitten to suffer from bouts of gas and often these go unnoticed.

When a kitten farts out swallowed air, there isn’t much of an odor but when their expelled wind results from fermented food it can have quite a noxious smell.

Sometimes a kitten simply needs to poop to eliminate the cause of the odor!

Bad gas in kittens

Kitten farts are occasionally quite unbearable. If your kitten has really bad gas, an upset stomach is likely the cause. Bad gas is often an indication that a kitten has eaten something that disagrees with its digestive system.

If you’ve recently introduced a new food, try excluding it from your kitten’s diet to see if this resolves the problem. Choose grain-free food as much as possible. Avoid offering a kitten cow’s milk, and ensure your kitten is not sneaking food from the plates of any other household pets or from your garbage bag.

Scraps from your plate may give your kitten bad gas, so avoid feeding it these too.

If your kitten’s farts are accompanied by diarrhea that lasts for over a day, seek advice from your vet as kittens can dehydrate easily and become ill very quickly.

A cream kitten laying on the stairs meowing.

Why cat farts smell so bad

There is something rather odorous about feline wind. A cat’s farts smell so bad when they result from eating food they can’t digest efficiently. This triggers a fermentation process that releases foul-smelling intestinal gas.

Any gas that collects in a cat’s large intestines is expelled through their anus, resulting in farts that smell bad to the human nose. I doubt a cat likes the smell any more than we do!

When a kitten smells like rotten eggs

Occasionally a bad smell from a kitten is not actually a result of it farting. One smell that is comparable to rotten eggs comes from a gland located by a kitten’s (or cat’s) anus.

If a kitten’s anal glands are giving off a foul smell of rotten eggs, they may have an infection that needs attention. The smell alone should make you want to head straight to the vets – for the sake of your nostrils as much as your kitten’s rear end.

Should I be worried about my Kitten farting?

There are occasions when you should investigate the cause of kitten farting a little more deeply. If your kitten is using its litter box and farting more frequently and exhibits any of the following symptoms, consult your vet:

  • A dramatic increase in flatulence levels
  • Discomfort when their belly is touched.
  • Blood in their poop.
  • Diarrhea for more than 24 hours
  • They’re less hungry
  • A gurgling stomach
  • Lethargy.
  • Vomitting.

There are a few illnesses that are accompanied by symptoms such as farting. For instance, pancreatic issues, intestinal worms, viruses, and inflammatory bowel disease. Hence, it’s always a good idea to get signs that a kitten is unwell checked out as quickly as possible.

Treating kitten farts

If you’re wondering if there’s a specific treatment to stop a kitten from farting so much, the answer is no. Whereas humans can pop a pill to help reduce wind, with kittens prevention is the best solution.

You can control a kitten’s wind by:

  • Offering a high-protein, low-fiber diet
  • Ensuring your kitten eats slowly
  • Making sure your kitten drinks fresh water every day
  • Playing with your kitten to keep it active
  • Keeping garbage out of its reach
  • Restricting the amount of treats it eats
  • Ensuring your kitten doesn’t get parasites such as worms by administering trearments as advised by your vet
  • Not giving it milk to drink
A black kitten seated with its mouth wide open.

Why does my kitten fart so much? Conclusion

Like many creatures, kittens fart from time to time, and sometimes so much their owners find it surprising. You shouldn’t worry unless your kitten seems unwell or has persistent diarrhea.

Most of the time swallowed air or an unsuitable diet is the culprit behind kitten gas and both are relatively easy to rectify. If you notice a particularly odorous bad egg smell, don’t forget this could be an anal gland problem that requires attention.

Kittens are cute and fluffy and it’s no wonder the smell of stinky gas is unexpected from them!

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