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23 Things Only Maine Coon Cat Slaves Understand

If you are owned by aMaine Coon cat you will totally understand this post. If you are not yet a Maine Coon slave, you will totally want to be one about 5 minutes from now- once you have finished reading.

1. A Maine Coon Will Steal Your Heart

When you own a Maine Coon you will fall in love with everything about it and your love will grow stronger every day. Being apart from your Maine Coon will cause you heartache and you will look forward to seeing it every day.

Things only maine coon owners understand

2. There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Maine Coon Photographs

Things only maine coon owners understand

Everyone will know how gorgeous your Maine Coon is because you will share photos of it on social media, with your family, friends and work colleagues. There won’t be an un-photographed angle of your cat. There is no such thing as too many Maine Coon photos. So keep your camera handy so as not to miss any photo opportunity!

1Things only maine coon owners understand

3. You Will Hold Conversations With Your Maine Coon

You will talk to your Maine Coon as if it can understand you. Your Maine Coon will reply and you will understand what it is saying. You may even find yourself singing to your cat, changing words to popular songs to include its name or to be about it … or is this just me I’m describing?

Things only maine coon owners understand

4. You Will Never Feel Alone

A Maine Coon loves people and company and likes to hang out with its humans. It will try to help with whatever you are doing: unpacking boxes, sorting washing, cooking. It will even keep you company in the bathroom if you let it.

Things only maine coon owners understand

5. The Wind Drives Them Wild

A Maine Coon will act like a cat possessed in windy weather. If you let yours outside it will gallop around at full speed as the wind picks up and even attempt to run all the way up tall trees. It will then come in and race about the house like a daemon and sound just like a herd of elephants as it thunders about. Then just as quickly it will stop and act as if nothing has happened.

Things only maine coon owners understand

6. They Love To Sleep

After a hard day’s hunting, wandering and helping you out, a Maine Coon loves to snooze. If you like a cat to keep your feet warm in bed, a Maine Coon will oblige. You may eventually get cramp but won’t want to move for fear of waking the cat.

If your Maine Coon sleeps a lot, it may be bored. Make sure it gets enough exercise every day by encouraging it to play with you and by making sure its environment is stimulating enough, especially if it is an indoor cat. Here are a few lovely cat beds to ensure your cat gets a decent night sleep

Things only maine coon owners understand

7. They Play Fetch

As well as playing with standard ca toys, Maine Coons are often partial to a game of fetch. Some like balls for this others small toys. Mine likes a hair band and steals all of mine from my bathroom so I have to get down on my knees an hunt under beds, chairs and rugs whenever I need one.

things only maine coon owners understand

8. They Are a Tail With A Cat Attached

Maine Coons have ultra-long fluffy tails, quite often longer than their bodies. The average Maine Coon tail measures 20 inches. They forget we can see their tails and often leave them protruding from hiding places. they are also very adept at dangling them in your drinks or food.

things only maine coon owners understand

9. They Own You

Most people make the mistake of calling themselves a Maine Coon owner when in fact they are owned by their Maine Coon. The sooner “owners” get this straight in their heads, the better. Maine Coons make good human owners as they dote on us so much.

things only maine coon owners understand

10. They Drink From The Faucet

things only maine coon owners understand

Maine Coons often prefer to drink from a running water source. They will perch next to the kitchen sink waiting for the nearest slave to appear and turn on the faucet. Or they will sleep in the bathroom basin awaiting the next visitor who will have to wait until the cat has finished drinking before they are allowed to wash their hands. Why not get one of these excellent cat drinking fountains?

things only maine coon owners understand

11. They Can Be Adventurous Given The Chance

People who allow Maine Coons outside will probably have experienced their cat not coming home at the expected time at least once. Maine Coons are nosey do love a little adventure. They can’t resist the call of an open door to a shed, garage or outbuilding. Our white Maine Coon had a favorite garage which he got shut inside of on numerous occasions.

12. They Are Never Aloof

Many people think of cats as being aloof. Maine Coons are definitely not. They are sociable and friendly, even with visitors. They revel in attention and will do what it takes to attract it. Yes, they can be independent at times, but most of the time they would much prefer to be in your company.

13. They Are Goofy

Maine Coons are more often than not, not cool cats. They do silly things such as miss their footing, misjudge distances, squeeze into minuscule boxes and other spaces. They often make you chuckle.

things only maine coon owners understand

14. They Headbutt You

A Maine Coon gently headbutts people it knows well and loves. This may be on your legs, hand or even your head and is a sign of true affection. When a cat does this it is leaving scent from the glands on its face on you, so marking you as part of its family.

15. They Are So Affectionate

things only maine coon owners understand

Apart from the headbutting mentioned above, they have many other affectionate ways. One way a Maine Coon shows how much it loves and trusts you is by slow blinking at you. It will also lay on its back and show you its belly. Only a Maine Coon’s human knows their Maine Coon well enough to know if it is safe to touch a displayed belly. It is not actually an invite to tickle, it is a display of love and trust.

16. Their Tails Are like Sails

things only maine coon owners understand

A Maine Coon has a tail to be proud of. When the wind catches it, it shows off just how long the tail fur is. Wind does have a weird effect on their behavior: they definitely get the wind up their tails, as mentioned earlier, and tear about like crazy creatures.

17. They Are Dog-like At Times

Maine Coon people often say they are the most dog-like cats in existence. Maine Coons rush to greet you when you arrive home and almost sulk when you go out. Some people even walk their Maine Coons in harnesses as you would a dog.

18. They Make All Sorts Of Sounds

Things only maine coon owners understand

They do meow and purr like most cats but Maine Coons also make all sorts of other sounds. Over time, humans get to know how to translate each different noise their Maine Coon makes, whether it’s a trill, a mow, a chirp or a long drawn out meeoooww.

19. They Love To Be Near You

A Maine Coon’s favorite place is on your lap or very close by. The lucky person who gets the cat on their lap can use this as an excuse to sit and do nothing while any other people in the house cater for their every need – cook dinner, make tea or coffee, fetch beer, wine, snacks etc. It’s a great life.

20. They Are The Best Hunters

Things only maine coon owners understand

Those owned by outdoor-going Maine Coons may have ‘little presents’ lavished upon them on a regular basis. And they know they must act grateful as this is their cats way of saying, “Thank you for looking after me and feeding me.” Maine Coons possibly believe that when their humans leave the house they are hunting for food and so every now and then they reciprocate by bringing home the evening meal.

21. They Have Mega Personalities

Each Maine Coon is unique and has its own personality. Maine Coons can inherit their temperament from their parents but their personalities develop according to how they are raised. So if you take time to bond with a Maine Coon, play with it on a daily basis, make sure it doesn’t get lonely and that it has plenty to keep it occupied, you will find you have a wonderfully friendly, loyal and entertaining cat.

things only maine coon owners understand

22. They Have Fluffy Paws Concealing Sharp Claws

Maine Coons have the most adorable paws. They are chunky and extremely tufted. Hidden within are rather sharp claws. Though Maine Coons are gentle, their humans know how to take care during enthusiastic play so as not to get scratched.

Maine Coons love to scratch at things too and need lots of scratching posts and patient training from their humans on how to use them from a young age. Even then things you don’t want scratched occasionally get scratched. You can’t be too precious about your belongings when you own a Maine Coon.

23. Cat Hair Everywhere

Buy lint rollers and keep a cordless vacuum cleaner handy (I have this one and can thoroughly recommend it). Maine Coons shed fur. A Maine Coon’s humans know that it’s best to start a grooming regime when their Maine Coon is a kitten even if it doesn’t seem to need brushing. This is the best way to be sure it will always let you groom it. Never let knots build up as they are a nightmare to remove.

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