Are Abyssinian Cats Cuddly?

There are many reasons why we want cats in our lives. It could be for companionship or perhaps you think it’s a good way to teach children about caring for other species. Or perhaps you just love cats or indeed maybe it’s because of all of these reasons and more. Whatever the reason, different breeds of cats have different personalities and it’s important to know before you start your long relationship that you are mutually compatible. Also, what you are looking for in a cat might not be a trait that this specific breed actually has!

Whatever your reasons are, they are all equally important. Once such trait many people look for is how affectionate and cuddly a specific breed of cat is. The Abyssinian has many, many qualities – but is cuddling one of them? Let’s find out…

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly? The Abyssinian cat is not the most cuddly of cats but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t love you. The Abyssinian is an intelligent, complex cat that will show you it cares in other ways. Find out exactly what those ways are here!

Are All Cats Cuddly?

No, not all cats are cuddly. Not by a long shot. Let’s take a breed like the Ragdoll for instance. If you have one of these then you’ll be spending a lot of time with it on your lap. The majority of the cats within this breed will typically do this, however, with a breed like the Maine Coon – the chances of them wanting to get onto your lap are roughly 50/50 (source of this info here).

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly

Then, you have the Abyssinian. Trying to cuddle one of these can be like cuddling a slippery eel sometimes! It’s not that they don’t love you (more on their personality below) – it’s just that they don’t particularly want to be prevented from doing anything. When you’re holding them, it means they can’t do exactly what they want so they may wriggle like anything to get down. It can be the same story when it comes to your lap. There are many breeds that will happily get comfy if you pick them up and place them gently on your lap. Not so with the Abyssinian usually. As soon as you release your hands from them – they will be off.

So, the Abyssinian is not the most cuddly cat on the planet. In fact, it’s one of the least cuddly. But don’t think for a second think that this means you aren’t the world to them.

What Is The Abyssinian Cat Like?

Many compare the Abyssinian to a dog but then again, a fair few breeds of cat are compared to dogs so this is nothing new. The Abyssinian is also regarded as an intelligent cat and this is something that I can actually see. It’s hard to describe why but it’s like they are properly aware of what’s going on around them. Don’t for a second think that you’ll be able to trick them into going to the vets or hide the fact that you’re packing to go away for the weekend and leaving someone else with them. They will know. They will know…

The Abyssinian, as far as I’m concerned, is possibly the ultimate cat. It’s all subjective I know as a breed of cat that suits my personality may not be best for another owner. This breed though will give absolutely everything to you during its life. It’s playful, gentle, good looking and requires not much more than your affection. It is also a cat that not only loves your attention but needs it. In fact, this is not a breed you should consider if you’re going to be out of your house for long periods of time, leaving it by itself. The Abyssinian does not do well by itself. It should not be left alone for anything more than 2 or 3 hours and this is the level of commitment it will need from you for the entirety of it its life (usually somewhere around 13-15 years, but often more).

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly

One option is to buy more than one Abyssinian cat! The pair of them will keep each other company but do bear in mind that double the cats and you double the mischief! This is a lot of mischief, but that’s what you love about them, right?

Can I Make the Abyssinian Cat More Cuddly?

You can make the Abyssinian less likely to bite, for sure – but making any cat more cuddly is a big ask. Some cats just aren’t like that and the Abyssinian falls into this category. But then again, so do many other breeds. I’ve had two cats of the same breed before, they were brothers and we brought them up in exactly the same way. They’ve always been different though and whereas one of them was most definitely cuddly and used to love spending time on my lap – his brother did not. I could give him as many cuddles and bribes as physically possible but as soon as I put him on my lap, he’d be off. It would be the same if I picked him up. I could see he was always looking for an escape route!

The only thing you can really do to give yourself the best possible chance of your Abyssinian cat being cuddly is to be kind to them. Spend as much time you can with them and allow them to bond with you. The more relaxed they are with you in their presence, the better. There is one great trick you can do if you’re looking for a way to get quick results. Check out my article here on how to do this (opens in a new window) – it definitely works, believe me!

If A Cat Doesn’t Sit On My Lap Does It Mean They Don’t Like Me?

It certainly does not mean that they don’t like you! Cat’s just have different ways of showing they love you. For instance, if they are willing to just be in the same room as you then they’re pretty comfortable with you! There are several ways that a cat will show you affection, for instance:

  • Following you around the house.
  • Slow-blinking at you or yawning in your presence.
  • Rubbing themselves up against you.
  • Rolling onto their back when they see you.
  • Meowing when they come into a room with you in it.

Amongst other ways…The point is that just because your cat doesn’t cuddle you, doesn’t mean anything. I bet there are other ways they show their affection for you!

Could There Be Another Reason Why They Don’t Want To Cuddle?

As I mentioned earlier, all cats are different and have different ways of showing they care. However, if you are trying to cuddle them and they appear in pain – well, that’s something else and shouldn’t happen. They could be in discomfort around their belly or other areas. If you suspect this then don’t mess about, have a word with your vet. Remember, cats are very good at hiding problems, unlike us who have to tell everyone as soon as we get the common cold!

Are Abyssinian cats cuddly


So, hopefully, it’s pretty clear that although the Abyssinian isn’t the most cuddly of cats, this doesn’t matter though as it doesn’t mean it doesn’t like you any less. It’s just that the Abyssinian has a different way of showing you how much it thinks of you. Which, if you are able to give them your time, will be a lot.


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