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Are Siamese Cats Mean?

A Siamese cat should be a pleasure to own. However, many people have a preconceived idea concerning the Siamese temperament which might have something to do with their portrayal in a certain animated film …

Siamese cats are rarely mean towards people, despite what other websites may like to claim. Like all cats, a Siamese may put on a mean show if another cat enters its territory or towards anyone who appears to be a threat.

On the whole, Siamese are sociable, human-loving cats.

Although it’s not fair to label a whole breed of cat as mean, it is fair to say that some breeds are more feisty than others. A mean cat is either unfriendly, spiteful, aggressive, downright nasty, or all of these things.

When are Siamese cats mean?

I don’t believe any cat is born with a mean streak but poor socialization and treatment can cause anti-social behavior in Siamese cats. A very important time in a cat’s life is when it is first removed from its mother to live with a new family.

There’s a short window that can shape a cat’s whole personality. If it is not treated particularly well during this period or given positive experiences with people, it will not grow into a confident and sociable adult cat.

Some Siamese cats are unfortunately abused by their owners before being abandoned. Sometimes, these cats find their way into rescue centers, by which time a lot of the damage has often been done to their personalities.

It can take a lot of time (and patience) to undo this damage and build trust with a cat that has suffered so much previously.

Are Siamese cats mean? Kitten biting mum

Typical Siamese cat personality

The Siamese is thought to be one of the most intelligent cats. But what does that mean exactly? This means they are quite trainable. A Siamese can be taught to do many things most cats would simply stick their noses up at.

For instance, there aren’t many cats that will come out on a walk with you and not run away. A Siamese can be trained to do this. It can also be trained to perform certain tricks, such as fetching things for you.

A Siamese is loyal and many owners find that their cat chooses a favorite in the home and sticks with that person for life. However, a Siamese will follow anyone they take a liking to around the house, just because they want to be with them.

A Siamese won’t necessarily jump up onto your lap – but it will want to be somewhere that it can keep an eye on you. Expect one to follow you to the bathroom where it will sit and stare at you unblinkingly!

The Siamese is a cat that requires plenty of stimulation to keep it happy. One that doesn’t receive enough of this may become depressed which can quickly lead to health and behavioral problems.

A Siamese should not be left alone for long periods of time. For example, a Siamese will not fair well if you leave it home alone all day whilst everyone is at work.

Consider buying not just one, but two Siamese. They get along very well if they are siblings or are introduced at a very young age and will keep each other company and play with each other.

Can you make a Siamese cat more friendly?

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Siamese cat on a cushion

If you have somehow inherited a mean Siamese cat, then there are some things you can do which may make them a little more sociable. None of these ‘fixes’ is a quick solution though and you will need a lot of patience.

Firstly, check out my article 10 tips to calm any cat. These tips genuinely do work. The main thing you have to do is show a Siamese that you’re not a threat to it and that you can be trusted.

You can do this by acting calm whenever in its presence. Don’t move around too quickly, don’t approach it quickly and don’t make loud noises. As you can imagine, this is a challenge if you have children so you will have to educate them on how they need to act and behave around your Siamese.

Don’t follow your cat around the house. Let it come to you and never stare directly at it. Whenever your cat looks at you, slow-blink at it. After doing this, look away slowly and yawn.

Bribery can work. Give your Siamese chicken, fish, whatever it takes to make it happy. Give it toys and interact with it every day – if it doesn’t want to play, leave it alone.

If you repeat the above, day-after-day, you will see a change in your cat’s personality over time as it begins to trust you and realize that you’re not a threat.

What is a mean Cat?

Are Siamese Cats Mean? Cat spat

An example of a cat being mean might be when you go to gently stroke it and after approximately 0.1 seconds from the point when you touch its fur you find all of its claws extended and stuck into the skin of your hands. This is often followed by its teeth. Or, there may be a time when you walk past and find your ankles being attacked.

Are Siamese cats mean? – Conclusion

Occasionally, Siamese cats are mean but this is rare. You can usually work out the cause and train the meanness out of them – it just requires patience.

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