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Are Siamese Cats One Person Cats?

Siamese cats are extremely sociable and will want to spend as much time with their owners as possible. It may not always choose to sit on your lap but will often sleep close to you.

It’s possible to develop a firm bond with a Siamese cat and then it will be as loyal to you as the most loyal dog. What happens though if there are two or more people to choose from?

Siamese cats tend to bond with one particular person but not to the exclusion of all other people. A Siamese cat is loyal to its owner but this doesn’t mean it won’t be friendly and sociable with visitors. You can develop a long-lasting connection with a Siamese cat.

Siamese Cat Qualities

A Siamese cat might seem to bond more with one person because of its extraordinary personality and arguably, its intelligence.

The Siamese cat is very sociable and for it to lead a happy life, it needs to have company. Let’s face it, many cats behave just like…cats.

Naturally, I love them all but many breeds are quite happy to spend their time eating and sleeping and show very little interest in what you’re actually doing (as long as you keep feeding them). The Siamese cat is not like this. It’s just different.

It will interact with you every day throughout its life. It wants to be involved in everything you do each and every day.

Are Siamese Cats One Person Cats?

Of course, every Siamese cat is different. Each one that I’ve known has been unique. I’m talking about their whole personality. They all have their own little quirky ways.

You will find some of them are much more extroverted than others, and this has quite a big part to play in whether they are likely to get on with one individual or not.

Personality of the owners

Cats, generally speaking, will prefer someone who is calm and relaxed rather than someone who is always lively and rather noisy. This is why they can often appear quite nervous around kids as they never quite know what they are going to do, they’re unpredictable and when they do actually do something it is often fast and noisy!

Do some types of cat need a certain type of owner?

I think it’s fair to say that some types of cat prefer a specific type of owner. If a cat is timid and a bit shy then it is going to prefer an owner who is calm and relaxed around them.

What you can say though is that regardless of its history, a Siamese cat (in fact, any cat) will feel more relaxed with people who are calm and composed around them.

You will notice that however much time you spend with a cat, they are always naturally ‘on edge’, just some will show less signs of this than others.

How to Bond With Your Siamese cat

These are tricks that dog owners use with a fair amount of success and although they are easier to use on dogs they can work with cats and they are definitely worth trying.

Spend time with your Siamese cat

It’s an obvious one perhaps but to get your Siamese cat to trust you more, you have to give them more reasons to do so. Fortunately, this is really quite easy. Just sit with them and play with them. Get down on all fours – to their level, but not too close and don’t make any sudden movements.

I’ve got a really great trick actually, there is one thing you can do that really seems to work and I wrote a whole article about it, do check it out (opens in a new tab).

Slow Blinking at Your Siamese cat

You have most likely noticed that sometimes when your Siamese (or any cat) stares at you, they blink slowly and then usually turn away for a second, before turning back. This is something they do to show they are not a threat to you.

Are Siamese Cats One Person Cats?

Therefore, what you have to do is copy this natural behavior of theirs and if you do you will find that they will then most likely blink back. It’s actually a fantastic way of communicating to your Siamese cat that you are not a threat to them.

I’ve been doing this with ours for years and really believe it really works – I have also got my son doing it now. Honestly – you really must try this, I have tried it on several cats and it has never failed to work once yet!

Another trick you can try is to do a big, obvious yawn and I usually combine this with the slow blink as mentioned above. When your Siamese is looking at you, perform the slow-blink, followed immediately by a really big yawn and then look away for a second, before slowly looking back at them.

This is also a sign to your Siamese that you pose absolutely no threat to it.

Be the one to feed them

An obvious one perhaps, but if you find your Siamese cat doesn’t seem to trust you as much as you’d like or doesn’t seem to want to spend that much time with you, do give the above tricks a go – they genuinely work.

Also though, keep doing the obvious things, such as being the person to feed them. When you do this, get down really low with them, onto your knees. Act like you’re going to eat some too! You’ll look stupid but so what?

All these things that you try will make the right signs to your Siamese cat that you are a friend, no threat and you can be trusted. It won’t work overnight but I am sure it will work, just give it sometimes.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why your Siamese cat might bond with someone else rather than you but I’m sure it will help you become that one person your cat adores.

It can genuinely be quite upsetting for someone who loves their Siamese so much to then find it acts wary of them, for no apparent reason. There are things you can do about it though as detailed in the above and these (I promise) can certainly work – the earlier you start on these tricks the better.

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