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Best Toys for the Siberian Husky

All owners of the Siberian Husky will know that this breed of dog has an excessive amount of energy. The Husky would happily spend all day outside, if it could. However, as a pet, the most that an owner can usually provide is a couple of good walks a day.

Sometimes this just isn’t enough though and that energy has to be released in some way. Often, how it will manifest itself, will be in a destructive personality when you have to pop out and leave it alone for 10 seconds. So, what a lot of people do is try to use up as much of that energy during the day.

This can be done a number of ways but the most popular is to interact with the Husky with some toys. As you well know though, some toys work better than others and I have lost track of how much money has been wasted on stuff that has lasted barely five minutes before being discarded.

So, what you see here is a small selection of toys that actually work. What do I mean by this? Well, I have bought many over the years that they either just aren’t bothered about, get bored with after five minutes or break. The toys I list here are ones that, at least for us, have worked.

Best toys for the Siberian Husky

The Classic Rubber Kong Toy

By far, the most popular toy has been the Kongs. The manufacturers of this just seem to get things right and although they have many different types, I’m going to list one here that really, genuinely just work. May I present the classic Kong rubber toy.

It’s simple and your Husky will keep coming back to it – there are a few reasons why I like this:

  • Helps keep teeth and gums healthy.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Used by professional trainers, if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.
  • It’s cheap!

What a lot of people do is smear peanut butter inside and they’ll go crazy over it. Do make sure though that you use a dog-safe Peanut butter, one that does not include Xylitol as an ingredient.

If you’re going to buy just one toy for your Siberian Husky, make it this one. You won’t be disappointed. It’s conveniently available on Amazon. Here’s a link to see all the details.

Rope Toys

I’ve found that most dogs just love the texture of these and it has the added advantage of being strong and durable. A rope toy can last a long long time and tend to cost next to nothing, in fact, if you’re good with your hands (unlike me) then you could always just make yourself one for practically nothing. However, considering they are so cheap, most people just buy them.

So, next on my list is this assortment of rope-base dog toys.

What I like about this product is:

  • You get 11 rope toys.
  • I love the colors!
  • Non-toxic so will not harm your Husky.
  • Great price and well-received in the market (awesome reviews).
  • Machine-washable.

Outward Hound Squeaking Dog Toys

Not only do these things look hilarious but your Siberian Husky will love them. I’m never sure whether it’s the look of them, the feel of them or the sound that they make when they grab them that makes them so happy, but who really cares? Something about this is doing the trick and not just with me so I simply had to include it here. Here are the things I particularly liked about this:

  • As there are multiple elements to the toy there is less chance your Husky will get bored.
  • Each squirrel squeaks.
  • Despite being soft and furry, these have proven to be extremely durable.

When I went back to Amazon to do a bit of research on this product I was surprised, to say the least. I didn’t want to recommend something that, despite being liked by myself, was hated by everyone else.

The reason why I was surprised was due to the sheer volume of positive reviews. Please do check this toy out yourself on Amazon to see what I’m talking about and how cheap this thing actually is!


So, the above are my 3 favorite toys for the Siberian Husky at the moment. Yes, I’ve about loads of toys all over the house but if someone asked me what are my best 3, well – these are them.

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