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Cats Crying At Night Superstition: The possible origins

Cats are the subject of many superstitions so it’s no surprise that a cat crying at night is considered a bad omen. When a cat cries at night it can only mean one thing, according to the cat crying at night superstition.

What is the cats crying at night superstition?

The cats crying at night superstition is a fearful belief that a cat crying outside a sick person’s house after dark signifies their death is imminent. In general, superstitious people are certain that a cat crying at night can only bring bad luck.

Cats have long been linked with witchcraft and evil spirits which might explain how this superstition originated. Is it an old wives’ tale or is there any basis for such a belief?

There are many variations of the cat crying superstition. One is that the cat must be on the roof whilst crying. Another states the ill person must be lying in bed at the time.

All variations have two things in common: a cat that’s crying and someone who’s not in good health.

What is the Cats Crying at Night Superstition?

Is the cat crying at night superstition true?

The cat crying at night superstition probably arose because of a coincidence when someone died at the exact time a cat began crying outside their home.

From that point on, a cat crying may then have been perceived to be a bad omen.

If you look at this logically, cats cry at night outside quite often. They might be yowling at another cat or searching for a mate.

Many people believe that cats are spiritual and that a cat crying at night has a spiritual meaning. A cat crying at night when someone is near to passing away can make it seem as if cats are spiritual creatures.

At the time this superstition originated, there were more cats roaming free so it’s hardly surprising that some were heard crying when people died in their beds.

Another superstition suggests it’s bad luck if you hear a cat crying just before you set out on a journey.

The origin of many cat superstitions seems to be China but the exact origin of the cat crying at night superstition is unclear.

What Are the Facts Of The Cats Crying At Night Superstition?

There are many reasons why a cat is crying at night and if you have one that does this regularly, try to understand why.

Don’t automatically think someone is about to die! A little investigation will help you solve the mystery.

If your cat isn’t crying because it is hungry or fighting, there may be a psychological reason for its behavior. Let’s examine the possible causes.

Cat crying at night: spiritual meaning

There are some who strongly believe a cat crying at night has a spiritual meaning: they believe there is a specific reason for a cat’s nighttime crying.

If there is a spiritual meaning attached to a cat crying at night this suggests that cats possess an inner knowledge or a sixth sense.

Cats being associated with spirituality began with the ancient Egyptians. They were closely linked to goddesses Mafdet and Bastet. Mafdet was represented with a cat’s head and cats were believed to be the Earthly embodiments of her spirit.

Today, many people sense a spiritual presence around cats. It may be because they quietly observe and often seem to fixate on objects we cannot see.

Anxiety In Cats Can Cause Crying

If you haven’t had your cat for very long or if you just bought a kitten then the reason for its crying at night could be separation anxiety.

A cat may cry because it has been separated from its mother and/or littermates. It may be confused and have feelings of loneliness associated with this separation.

As sad as this may seem, and it is certainly sad, you can do something about it and it shouldn’t last long. Give them your love and attention.

Yes, this may mean at 3.30 am on a Tuesday morning when you have to get up for work in a few hours.

But your little kitty doesn’t know this (although knowing cats as I do, I’m not sure they’d care if they did know it).

Talk to your cat and comfort it. Create somewhere warm and safe near you where it can curl up and sleep at night.

Cats crying at night superstition: cat meowing

A good suggestion would be a simple box with an open top. Cats love to feel protected and often if you put a box down they’ll jump right into it, they love the four ‘walls’ around them when they get in, it makes them feel safe.

Similar feelings can occur in cats that have recently lost a sibling or a friend they’ve spent a long time with. You may find they cry for a long time, waiting for an answer, but never getting one.

It’s sad, yes, like the above but this is life and it’s fixable. Using the above caring nature and attention will soon cheer your cat up and the crying will stop naturally.

You may find a cat cries if it’s not getting enough attention from you. Cats are quite astute. If they cry and you give them attention, they know what to do to get some another time.

I know this contradicts the earlier statement about giving them attention when they cry but it’s a very delicate balance.

If you give a cat lots of attention during the day, play with it, and feed it just before you go to bed, then it’s less likely to cry during the night for your attention.

Why do cats cry at night

If your cat is crying at night it is much more likely to be because it is lonely, confused, or even bored when everyone has gone to bed and left it on its own.

A cat might also cry at a window at night if it sees a strange cat pass by, though this type of cry is more like a yowl.

Cats commonly cry at night for attention. If you react to a cat crying at night for no particular reason other than it’s lonely, fancies a snack, or just wants to play, you may well turn this particular behavior into a habit.

Is Your Cat Unwell?

What is the Cats Crying at Night Superstition?

There can, of course, be other reasons why your favorite little kittie cries at night and one is it may not be feeling very well.

Your cat may be trying to communicate to you that something is wrong and it needs your help.

If your cat is crying and this is accompanied by a loss of appetite and/or not drinking then you shouldn’t waste any time and get it checked out by your vet.

There could be numerous reasons why your cat doesn’t feel well. Is it moving around as normal? Limping? Examine it to see if you can spot any obvious problems with its limbs.

When you stroke it, it should be obvious if there are any areas where it would prefer you not to touch.

Females In Heat

If your cat is female then are you sure she’s not in heat? Or if your cat is a male then maybe he wants to mate and can smell a female in heat.

There are some tell-tale signs that your cat is in heat, but they aren’t definitive.

For instance, if your female cat is rolling around on the floor and purring a bit more than usual then this could be a sign. Alternatively, she could make very loud crying noises, known as caterwauling.

She may be more affectionate than usual. If in doubt, it’s a good idea to take her to the vets to find out for sure!

Male cats may hang around nearby making quite a din because they can sense even indoor cats in heat from quite a distance.

Cats Crying In Old Age

When a cat becomes old it can experience changes in its senses. It may start forgetting things and become confused in certain environments.

These feelings can understandably unsettle a cat and it may simply be crying out of confusion or for no apparent reason. If a cat has cognitive issues it’s best to keep it as an indoor cat for its own safety.

Despite what you might hear, there are things that you can do and some therapy that can be provided. Have a chat with your vet about this.

It might be possible to alleviate the symptoms but the results can be a little unpredictable.

Hunger Causes Cats To Cry

What is the Cats Crying at Night Superstition?

Could it be true that the answer is as simple as this? Your little (but very loud) bundle of fur is just hungry? It’s unlikely maybe but definitely possible.

Give your cat some food just before you go to bed. Otherwise, you may find that after a few hours they go for a snack and there’s nothing there.

So, they tell you about this in the only way they know how! Which is going outside, getting on the roof, and meowing as loudly as they can.

Hmm now I think about it, this probably isn’t very likely, is it? Surely if they were hungry they’d just meow in your face just after you fall asleep?

Black cats and witches

Whether you associate cats crying at night with good luck or bad luck, it’s hard to ignore the fact that there has long been an association between witches and black cats which stems from the middle ages.

An illustration of a witch is not complete without a black cat and a broomstick. There’s a popular belief that a witch’s black cat is her familiar or spirit creature. a witch’s black cat is her familiar or spirit creature.

The good luck black cat

If a black cat crosses your path you are in for some good fortune, or at least one black cat superstition claims. If that cat happens to be crying, it is quite likely after some attention.

Black cats tend to get bad press and certain people fear them. In reality, they are not a bad omen at all. The only difference between a black cat, a white cat, or one of any other shade is the color of its coat.

What does a crying cat symbolize?

Sometimes there isn’t an obvious reason why a cat is crying. Common reasons include attention-seeking, loneliness, confusion, or being trapped on the wrong side of a closed door.

A cat in a new home might cry because of the lack of familiarity. As a cat owner, you’ll get used to why your cat cries and learn how to deal with it.

Reasons why cats cry like a baby at night

Adult cats communicate with each other using quiet trills. When a cat meows loudly or cries like a baby, it is generally after the attention of its human.

Cats know that we react to their noisy vocalizations and soon learn how to get what they need from us by making loud meows. A baby-like cry from a cat usually provokes a fast reaction and they remember this – always.

Cat crying in the morning superstition

Seasoned cat owners know cats cry in the morning too and usually, this is a demand for breakfast. Superstition has it that if you ignore a cat crying in the morning, you will get to lie in bed a bit longer!

Another reason for early morning cat crying is the desperation to get outside to answer a call of nature. In this case, the superstition might be that if you ignore a crying cat in the morning, you should be prepared to clean something off your floor!

Cats crying at night superstition – Conclusion

If you hear a cat crying at night don’t panic! It is highly unlikely to signify someone’s end is nigh and generally does not signify bad news.

It’s more likely to be a neighborhood cat causing a bit of a din for its own reasons rather than signifying the expiration of a sick person.

How the superstition surrounding cats crying at night originated is unclear. Despite the many claims, there is no definitive answer, just speculation, none of which can be confirmed or disproved.

A cat’s cries at night don’t usually last long and typically the reason can be easily discovered, rectified and peace will reign again.

You’ll be getting that much-deserved sleep once more in no time! Excessive meowing can be quite disconcerting. Look out for signs of something more serious and if in doubt, get your cat checked out by the vet.

If outdoor cats are allowed out after dark, they may make more crying noises than they do during the day. Sometimes the crying may be from a stray cat wandering past.

If you’ve heard of the Cats Crying at Night Superstition, more often than not, there’s nothing to worry about! Just work out what your cat wants – break up the fight if that’s the cause!

One final thing, maybe a cat cries at night because it is feeling bored. Make sure you play with it more during the day and hopefully it will fall into your nighttime routine and sleep peacefully when you do.

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