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Do Cats Like Blankets? These 21 pictures are a clue

With their built-in fur coats, you would think cats never feel the cold, yet they do seem to jump at any chance to snuggle. If you can’t find your cat, the chances are it has found a cozy spot to conceal itself. When it comes to feeling warm and safe, do cats like blankets?

Cats don’t just like blankets, they love them. Most types are acceptable but a cat does prefer a blanket that belongs to someone else and usually at the same time that they want to use it. Blanket placement is important, and a cat more often than not likes the one that’s on your bed the most.

Do cats like to be covered by blankets?

We think of cats as predators but don’t forget they were once also prey. You know your cat is safe from its enemies in your house, but its instincts still kick in to persuade it to seek a protected, concealed sleeping spot.

Burrowing under a blanket gives a cat a satisfying sense of security, allowing it to sleep more soundly. It’s as if concealing its face makes a cat feel as if it’s invisible from anything or anyone. The fact that its tail is in full view of the world is neither here nor there!

Do cats like blankets? I can see your tail!

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cover your cat with a blanket. A cat will decide if it wants to get right under and will know how it feels comfortable. So leave the burrowing up to your cat.

What type of blankets do cats prefer?

Cat under a fleece blanket

There are so many types of blanket that it’s hard to mention them all. You would think a cat would prefer a light-weight fleecy blanket but this is not always the case.

Cats will sleep under just about any type of blanket given the chance. Here are some perfect examples:


Do cats like blankets? These kittens do

Knitted blankets are appealing to cats and kittens alike. They are soft and light and fall around their bodies snuggly. Natural fibers such as cotton or wool are ideal.


cat asleep in a woolen blanket

This cat is enjoying a woven woolen blanket. These are slightly heavy so not ideal for kittens. The fringing offers something to play with when he decides to wake up.


Cat in a green fleece blanket

Cats like fleece blankets because they are soft and light-weight. It is easy for a cat to burrow under a fleece to become totally ensconced within it.


Cat with a felt blanket

Felt blankets have a smooth, soft surface that many cats love. Their tightly woven texture means they are super-warm.


Cat under a quilt

There is one quilt that all cats find irresistible – the one on their owner’s bed! If the said owner is in the bed, even better. There are many reasons why cats love to sleep with their owners and the cozy quilt is one of them.

Tufted blankets

Cat in tufted blanket

Tufted blankets seem to get cats very excited. They are excellent to knead as their claws can get a really good grip on the fibers. The tufts get into every curve of a cat’s body to keep it extra warm.


Cat in a fluffy blanket

A fluffy blanket is very comforting to anyone, cats included. This little kitty loves this one because it matches her eyes.


Cat in a boucle blanket

Bouclette is just so chic, as is this black kitten. This fabric is so attractive to cats because it’s easy to get their claws into.


Cat asleep in a towel

This is definitely more like a towel than a blanket. Because it sees you wrapped in one of these regularly, your cat will want to copy.


Camouflaged cat

There’s nothing better than camouflage to a cat. This cat can lay on this bed and nobody knows he’s there. He can surreptitiously lay there all night and no-one will be any the wiser.

More Camouflage

Chameleon cat?

Cat? What cat? I see no cat …

Blanket substitutes

When there are no blankets available, a cat will happily find an alternative. Here are some of my favorite photos of cats borrowing something to snuggle up in


Catfish: Cat in a mermaid tail.

My Maine Coon, Charlie, stole my mermaid tail. I never did get it back.

Homemade scarf

Cat in a knitted scarf

This cat loves her owners scarf, probably a Christmas present knitted by her granny.

Roll neck chunky knit

Two cats in a chunky jumper

The ultimate place for two cheeky cats to snuggle.

Fringed shawl

Ginger kitten with a green shawl

Are your sure this was your favorite? I’m certain you said I could have it.

Daddy’s sweater

cat in a jumper

You’re cold? You want your sweater back? But then I’ll be cold.

Baby’s teddy sleep suit

Cat in a fleecy sleep suit

Baby gets so much attention when he wears this so I thought I’d try it on for size.

Woolly winter scarf

This had my name on it!

Why cats knead blankets

Cats learn to knead from an early age. As kittens, they massage their mother as they suckle to stimulate milk production. A happy association between kneading and feeling content develops and stays with a cat for life.

As cats mature, they knead at soft surfaces in preparation for sleeping – it’s almost like they are creating a nest. During the whole process, they purr happily.

Any area a cat kneads becomes marked as its territory because it releases pheromones from glands in its paws. In a multi-cat household, each cat tries to claim certain areas as its own, particularly those it sleeps in. Cats may knead blankets for this very reason.

Intact female cats knead as a signal that they are in heat, which is usually obvious anyway because of the cries they make at this time. A queen will knead to prepare an area for the birth of her kittens.

Do cats need blankets

Cats don’t actually need blankets but they do like them. A cat without a blanket will seek out the warmest spot in the house if it feels cold.

There are many blankets designed for cats but you have can be allocated to a cat – just follow our safety tips, coming up next.

Blanket safety

Here are a few safety tips to consider if your cat loves blankets:

  • If your cat chews things beware of allowing to gnaw at blankets with fringing, tassels, bobbles or any other loose items as these could present a choking hazard.
  • Make sure your cat cannot get tangled and trapped beneath a large blanket by ensuring it is on a large flat surface and not in a small space such as a box.
  • Do not let your cat use an electric blanket as it could claw or bite through he small electrical wires within it. A cat could also become entangled in the power cord itself.

Do cats like blankets? Conclusion

I think it’s safe to say cats like blankets. If you ever can’t find your furry friend, it will probably be safe under one of these!

You don’t need to buy your cat a special blanket and I’m sure if you do, it will prefer to use anything else but that – a bit like it prefers a cardboard box to a posh cat bed.

Cute kitten in a scarf
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