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Do Siamese Cats Drool?

Do you find cat dribble off-putting? You’re not alone! Siamese cats are certainly not exempt from this watery little habit. Any cat can be happily purring on your lap when you suddenly realize there’s a damp patch forming just beneath its mouth! But let’s find out why the Siamese cat is prone to this drooling behavior.

The most common reason for Siamese cats to drool is when they are relaxed and happy, therefore drooling is generally nothing to worry about. Occasionally a Siamese cat might drool because of an oral issue or because it is teething.

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Siamese Cats Drool When They’re Happy

Most of the time a Siamese cat drools because it is happy and content. This is by far the most common reason for a Siamese to dribble. You may also notice it as they are kneading – it could be your lap or any object really – as obviously this means they are feeling happy too.

Siamese cats tend to drool the most when they are sitting on your lap as this is their happy place! It’s awkward because you want to cuddle your cat but you don’t want that wet patch! Dribble usually develops then hangs and gradually drips from their mouth. Keep tissues at the ready to solve this problem. Or even better, place an old towel on your lap first.

A Siamese cat purring and drooling happily on your lap doesn’t usually have a health issue. It’s just a sign of happiness – and maybe it’s getting old too!

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Siamese Cats Drool When They Smell Food

As you prepare your food or your cat’s food, your Siamese might salivate a little. This is in anticipation of having something nice to eat, just like our mouths start to water when we see something we know we love the taste of.

This is quite rare in cats and is really nothing to worry about.

Siamese cats drooling for other reasons

The majority of the time, you will only spot a Siamese cat drooling when it is relaxed, content and happy. If it drools and happiness doesn’t seem to be the case, here are some reasons why this might occur:

Do Siamese cats drool because of oral health conditions?

Not everyone brushes their Siamese cat’s teeth. There can be several reasons for this and unless you start doing it when they are young you may have problems introducing it at a later stage.

Older cats are a lot more resistant to someone putting a toothbrush in their mouth than cats who have had their teeth cleaned since they were young.

The success of brushing teeth very much depends on the individual cat. You will need to weigh up the health benefits of brushing your cat’s teeth against the anxiety and stress it might cause.

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Siamese cats can get a tartar build-upon their teeth which might make them drool. If you are able to, take a look inside your cat’s mouth for any redness where the teeth meet the gums and any obvious visible signs of tooth decay. If your cat’s teeth look unhealthy or drooling is constant, make an appointment with your vet.

Does Your Siamese Cat Drool in Transport?

Siamese cats can get quite anxious when traveling. If you notice your cat drooling heavily in its carrier or on any journey, anxiety is probably to blame.

Signs of anxiety in cats include panting and heavy breathing with their mouth open wider than usual.

Make transportation as stress-free as possible by ensuring you have a big enough cat carrier. Also, place something familiar in the carrier with your cat such as a blanket they like to sleep on or something that smells like you. Familiar smells are ideal to minimize anxiety.

Also, make sure you chat with your cat on the journey as hearing your voice will comfort it. Position their cat carrier so they can see you or have someone sit right next to them as this will also help.

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Illness in general

Occasionally, drooling is a sign of an underlying health condition. You should be able to tell from your Siamese’s body language if it is feeling unwell.

Siamese cats can suffer from certain illnesses and one is asthma. This shouldn’t cause drooling but does sometimes caus a dry coughing fit. A Siamese may drool as it coughs.

Is Your Siamese Cat Having Trouble Swallowing?

A Siamese cat likes to play and may chew its toys. Sometimes it is possible for them to get things trapped in their teeth or under their tongue. You may notice your cat rapidly opening and closing its mouth, pushing its tongue in and out, and shaking its head as it tries to remove a foreign body.

Take a look for obstructions and remove them with your finger. Often with our cat, it’s his own fur that gets stuck!

Your Siamese cat might be drooling and not swallowing because it has attempted to eat or drink something it didn’t like the taste of. If you’re sure it has no foreign object in its mouth, give it something to eat to take the taste away!


This is uncommon in Siamese cats because they often aren’t allowed outside. However, if you think your cat has spent too much time in the sun on a hot day and spot it drooling excessively, place it somewhere cool to lower its temperature naturally.

Laying on a stone floor is an ideal way for a cat to cool down. Gently rub it with cool, wet towels and encourage it to drink water. If you are at all concerned that your cat has heatstroke, take it straight a vet.

Respiratory or Other Infection

If your Siamese cat is drooling unusually, it could have a respiratory infection. This is difficult for you to diagnose so if you suspect this is the case, see your vet.

Treatment is easy and effective when applied quickly and usually involves a course of antibiotics. These kinds of infections are less likely in a Siamese cat that spends most of its time indoors.


Several common plants are poisonous to cats. There’s quite a list of garden plants and flowers that can be quite harmful to Siamese (and any other cats) and ingestion can at the very least cause drooling.

Here’s a list of plants and flowers you should avoid (opens in a new window).

Siamese Cats Need Annual Health Checks

Annual health checks for Siamese cats are so important. They are given necessary booster vaccinations and have their general health assessed.

It’s the best way to prevent many problems occurring or to catch developing conditions as early as possible.

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Do Siamese Cats Drool? – Conclusion

Siamese cats drool, just like all cats and generally, there’s no cause to be concerned. It’s unlikely that your Siamese cat’s drooling signifies a serious health condition.

However, check for other signs if you’re worried and it doesn’t do any harm to call your vet for reassurance.

It’s a good idea to consider pet insurance. It might seem expensive but vet bills can soon mount up to a frightening amount and its reassuring to know you have them covered.

Before you go, discover some interesting Siamese cats facts you might not know.

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