How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? (2020 update)

Siamese cats are rather special. They’re top of the range family cats. Is the Siamese cat price top of the range too? Sometimes!

You may have noticed how much a Siamese cat price can vary and have wondered why. You’re in the right place to find out. First, let’s look at the answer to a popular question.

How much do Siamese cats cost? A pedigree Siamese kitten typically costs $400 to $1000 from a reputable breeder. The price is considerably higher if both parents have championship status. Adult Siamese cats are generally more expensive than kittens depending on their pedigree, point markings, and show potential.

In this article, we explain why the Siamese cat price varies so much. We compare cat and kitten prices and how age, colors, and patterns can affect what you pay.

How much do Siamese cats cost: Siamese cat price

If you’re on a budget, Siamese cats and kittens cost a lot less from shelters and rescue centers so it’s worth registering an interest with some of these.

When wondering how much Siamese cats cost don’t forget to add in costs other than the purchase price as these are far higher – as you’ll soon see!

The Siamese cat price pales into insignificance a few years in to ownership!

Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

Siamese cats can be expensive to buy and then to care for. However, they are not the most expensive cats as they are not rare.

Siamese cats are a similar price to other purebred cats, such as Maine Coons, and a little cheaper than Sphynx cats.

On the other hand, they are a bargain compared to the price of Savannah cats which can command prices above $30,000!

Price Differences Between an Adult Siamese Cat and Kitten

It will not surprise you to know that kittens typically sell for more money than adult cats.

Although what might surprise you is that a Siamese cat up to a couple of years old can command a much higher price if it has show potential or is already a championship cat.

A champion-quality breeding cat may cost over $2,000.

How much do Siamese cats cost? Kitten

Does the Color of a Siamese Cat affect its price?

The color of the Siamese cat does affect its price but usually only if you’re purchasing through a breeder. The Cat Fanciers AssociationOpens in a new tab. (CFA) is a non-profit organization that has some very specific aims, particularly:

  • Promoting the welfare of all cat breeds
  • Improvement of recognized cat breeds

The CFA also manages official cat shows and their promotion. The point is the CFA dictates which colors are ‘approved’ for each cat breed and cats which don’t ‘comply’ can not officially enter cat shows.

Therefore, cats that have the correct colors have an associated uplift in their price.

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Young Siamese

The points of a Siamese cat are legs, tail, face mask, and ears.

The CFA approved Siamese cat colors in the order they were first accepted are:

  • Seal point – pale fawn body and seal brown, almost black points
  • Blue point – bluish-white body with slate blue points
  • Chocolate point – creamy white body with milk chocolate points
  • Lilac point – white body with pinkish grey points

A pedigree Siamese cat should only be one of the above colors. You will find other Siamese color combinations.

They are more common than the four colors mentioned above, are still Siamese cats, and cost a lot less.

Siamese Cat Purchase Price

After browsing many websites for the average Siamese cat price, I realized there were huge variances. I didn’t feel the results were reliable or of any help to someone looking for a realistic answer.

To establish a more accurate price, I asked 223 Siamese cat owners who had recently purchased their cat how much they had actually paid. Their responses were far more helpful.

Here is a summary of the answers:

  • 33% of all the people asked paid less than $100 for their Siamese cat and a large amount of these people actually got their cat for free as it was a rescue (more on this later).
  • 26% paid between $100 and $300
  • 23% paid between $300 and $600
  • 10% paid between $600 and $1000
  • 6% paid between $1000 and $1500
  • 2% paid more than $1500
How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Siamese on its back

Table of Siamese Purchase Price

Here is a table showing, on average, how much owners asked paid for their Siamese cat:

Price paid for
% of owners who
paid this
< $10033
$100 – $30026
$300 – $60023
$600 – $100010
$1000 – $15006

What Dictates The Cost of a Siamese Cat?

The major factor that dictates how much you pay for a Siamese cat is where you buy it from!

There are pros and cons for each purchase method with many people opting to buy online via Facebook or other social media platforms.

Buying through a social media group comes with risks. There’s the health-related risk.

You will have no real guarantee of health, vaccinations, or screening of the parents for genetic conditions. You will pay a lot less for your cat which is what attracts people to this option.

Some people prefer to buy from a breeder because there are more obvious controls in place and bigger guarantees of healthy kittens who have come from healthy parents with no genetically transmitted illnesses.

One-Off Costs When Buying a Siamese Cat

If we’re going to talk about the cost of buying a Siamese cat then we can’t just stop at the price of the cat itself! Honestly, introducing a cat into your life is a lot like bringing a newborn baby home.

In the days and weeks leading up to the arrival, there are many things you need to consider and the following table gives you a feel for how much this is going to cost.

Of course, you can easily add an extra zero to the estimate for toys!

This is the fun stuff though, right? So, really – it doesn’t count. Well, at least that’s what we tell ourselves…

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Cat on roof

I know some of this might not seem mandatory, and indeed it is not, but a microchip is something I really recommend. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you actually need it.

If you lose your Siamese cat then you’ll be glad you had one fitted.

Cat carrier$40
Neutering / Spaying $100
Food and water dishes$30
Grooming brush$20
Scratching tree/post$50

Regular Costs Associated with Siamese Ownership

You might have thought that the cost of the cat and the initial one-off costs were bad enough but it’s important that you get a real feel, before you buy, for how much your little bundle of fur is actually going to cost you over the years.

So, let’s have a look at the regular, annual costs. Again, like the one-off costs, these are estimates.

For instance, the insurance can vary dramatically, depending on how old your Siamese cat/kitten is and whether they’ve had any previous health problems.

Also, if your Siamese cat goes to the toilet outside then you can exclude the litter box/cat litter obviously.

ItemAnnual cost
Cat Insurance (depends on age and health)$350
Annual boosters / health check$150
Flea, worming, and tick medications$75
Litter box (new one annually)$25

So, just let that sink in for a moment. That’s $1,700 every single year of your ownership – and a Siamese cat can live until it’s 20 (and sometimes beyond!)

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Cat on lawn

Lifetime Siamese Cat Ownership Costs

Now I’ve scared you half to death (and I know you’re still going to get a Siamese anyway) – let’s really freak you out.

How much is a Siamese cat going to cost you, assuming it lives for 15 years (which is a little less than average).

ItemLifetime Cost
Initial Cat Purchase$250
Boosters / Medications$3,375
Litter Box / Litter$1,875
One-off costs$340

Yes, you did read that right. These are of course estimates and averages – they have to be as there are so many variables. But this figure is broadly correct.

$26k! Just think about what else you could buy for that kind of money. Then stop, as whatever you are thinking of you won’t get as much enjoyment and as much love as you would if you’d bought a Siamese cat.

The purchase price is almost irrelevant. Remember, this is over a long time and you’ll barely notice it. Also, when they have finally left you – you’d pay the same again just to get another day with them.

Can I Get a Rescue Siamese Cat?

Rescuing a cat is a great thing to do. You are giving a home to a cat that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have one.

Maybe it wasn’t treated well, maybe it ran away. Often you will never know what happened but whatever, re-homing a cat is wonderful.

Yes, you’ll save yourself some dollars when doing it (although do expect to pay a small donation) but as you can see from the above data, the purchase price is but a small part of the overall costs!

There are risks involved when acquiring a rescue Siamese. The cat may have issues caused by its previous experiences.

You can never really know what you’re going to get and you may need a bit more patience than usual!

A Note on Cat Insurance

Cat insurance is something that is often overlooked. This is understandable due to the extra cost, which depending on circumstances, can be sizeable.

However, I strongly believe that insurance for your Siamese should be factored into the initial costs.

You never, ever want to find yourself in a position where your cat needs a critical operation that you just can’t afford. Don’t wait until you need it!

Pop over to PetplanOpens in a new tab. for an instant quote and while you’re, their look at what’s covered and compare them to similar providers. We’ve used them for over 15 years and are happy to recommend them.

How much do Siamese cats cost? – Conclusion

A Siamese cat shouldn’t cost too much to buy unless you buy a pedigree via a breeder. Most people will spend less than $600 and on average you’ll be looking around the $300 price point. The true expense is the cost of ownership!

Before you go, here are some interesting Siamese cat facts you might not know and, apart from the cost, here are some surprising reasons why you might not want to buy one!

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Siamese with eyes crossed

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