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Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

It’s difficult to categorically say if cats do or don’t like as they are somewhat fickle creatures. What one appears to love another will loath. When it comes to liking water, there are many parameters to consider. Do they like playing with it, drinking it or getting wet?

Traditionally, cats aren’t thought to like water. You don’t often see them lapping it up as dogs do. Whereas you may struggle to keep a dog out of a fish pond, you are unlikely to see a cat springing joyfully into one.

Cats shelter from rain and generally detest baths. But not all cats are created equal. Some don’t conform to stereotypes. Is the Siamese one of those breeds?

Not all Siamese cats like water but of course some will appear to love it. You may notice your cat has a fascination with dripping taps or a longing to join you in the shower. But equally, you may find your Siamese has a total aversion to water and hates getting anywhere near it.

Do Siamese Cats Love or Hate water?

You might say your Siamese cat loves water for any of the following reasons:

  • It has a fascination with running water and will stare at it for hours.
  • You’ve noticed it often dipping its paw into its water dish and splashing it everywhere.
  • It loves to drink from a faucet.
  • As soon as you’re in the shower, it wants to get in there too.
  • There’s a stagnant puddle in your yard which it can’t resist drinking from.
  • You’ve put it in the pool and it swam like an Olympic athlete.
  • The bath was waiting for you but your cat beat you to it.
  • The toilet seat was left up and it was immediately there having a drink.
  • In a heavy downpour of rain, it couldn’t get outdoors quickly enough to sit there getting soaked through!

You might believe a Siamese cat hates water because:

  • It never seems to drink from its water dish or anywhere else, in fact.
  • You can’t get it in the same room as a bathtub of water.
  • It skirts around puddles because it loathes getting its paws wet.
  • The moment it spits with rain, it begs to come indoors or cowers under shelter.
  • When you turn on the shower, it runs a mile and hides.
  • You’ve never seen it go anywhere near the fishpond or the pool.
Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Siamese Cat Behavior Around Water

Generally, cats dislike getting soaked through – Siamese included. They have natural oils in their coats which are great at preventing a light shower of rain penetrating to their skin.

But once water gets through this barrier, the oil has the effect of making it difficult for that water to naturally evaporate and so a cat will feel cold and uncomfortable for some time. For this reason, many cats will avoid getting wet in the first place.

Many cats, including Siamese, are fascinated by running water, such as from a faucet. This has more to do with the way it catches the light and the sound it makes as opposed to your cat liking water itself. It may also be instinctive for cats to prefer running water because it is fresher.

If you let water flow gently from a faucet, you may notice your Siamese dab inquisitively at it with its paw. If you dislike cats on kitchen counters, this may pose a bit of a problem.

If you find your Siamese is a faucet drinker you could invest in a cat drinking fountain such as The Drinkwell (the link will take you to Amazon where you’ll see reviews from satisfied cat owners).

I prefer this style of fountain because the water flows as it would from a tap rather than sprouting into the air like a fountain and there is also a bowl of water to drink from in the traditional way.

Does Your Siamese Cat Like Water?

You’ll soon know if you have a Siamese that likes water as you’ll notice some or all of the following habits.

1. Siamese Cats and Playing With Water Bowls

When you put a bowl of water in front of your Siamese it puts its paw straight in and splashes water everywhere. If you have a light above shining on the surface, or the sun is causing the water to glisten this will make it even more attractive. If your cat does this, you may have to change its water more than once a day as it will get rather dirty.

2. Puddle Fascination

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

If your Siamese is allowed outside (take a look at this article if you’re not sure about this) you might notice it is attracted to puddles, and it seems to dirtier the better!

Be careful that it doesn’t drink from them as this could cause a stomach upset at the very least. It will probably also attempt to play with or drink from a whole variety of other outside H2O sources such as ponds, streams and stagnant buckets of water. Be vigilant!

3. The Kitchen Sink

Where there’s a sink there’s a faucet and where there’s a faucet you are likely to find a Siamese cat, usually in your way whilst you are trying to prepare food or wash the dishes. It is quite difficult to deter this behavior, especially if its the only time your cat seems to actually drink water. Again, I recommend you invest in a pet water fountain and use it to distract your cat.

4. Siamese Cats and Bathroom behavior

If you notice your Siamese cat showing an unhealthy obsession with the toilet don’t be surprised. To be safe, ALWAYS keep the lid closed to prevent it from playing with or drinking the water. It goes without saying that this is to be avoided.

When you’re in the bathtub, your Siamese might balance all around the edge, fascinated by the whole bathing process. A paw may dab at the water and if your knees are poking out, these make perfect stepping-stones. And if you have bubbles in there, your cat will have a field day.

Siamese cats have been known to jump into the shower, especially those with just a curtain or screen over the bath.

5. Bathing a Siamese Cat

Some Siamese cats like to be bathed and some don’t. Personally, I would never attempt to bathe a cat unless it’s an absolute necessity.

Siamese cats have such short fur and usually keep it adequately clean themselves. It is difficult to suddenly introduce bathing to an adult cat so if you insist on doing it start young and be very gentle. The water should be shallow and warm, never hot or cold.

A bit like when you bathe a baby, test the temperature with your elbow. Use a very good quality cat shampoo and avoid the face, eyes, mouth, and ears completely. When you have finished, wrap your cat gently in a soft towel and blot it dry.

If your Siamese doesn’t want to be bathed, don’t force it as you will distress it and spoil the special bond between the two of you.

6. Siamese Cats and Swimming

I’ve heard it claimed that Siamese cats enjoy swimming. I don’t believe any cat loves swimming as a rule … but there is always an exception to the rule.

So, resist the temptation to place your Siamese in a swimming pool to test out this theory. At the very least the chlorine will irritate its skin and eyes and at it could stop trusting you. And remember cats can struggle to find their way out of pools without steps.

Your Siamese Loves Water – What Should You Do?

Go with the flow (sorry couldn’t resist that one). The best thing you can do is allow it to indulge in its pleasure as this will make it happy. Anything that naturally entertains a Siamese cat is good for its mental wellbeing. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Preserve Your Floor

Keep your cat’s water dish or fountain on a waterproof surface so you don’t have to worry about water damage. Put a few ping bong balls into its water and watch the fun unfold.

2. Give Access to Your Bathroom

Your Siamese might enjoy playing in a damp bath or shower cubicle and make the most of any drips from the faucet or showerhead. Obviously, close the toilet lid! Hint for extra fun: add a ping-pong ball to the tub and watch the fun unfold.

3. Provide Water Toys for your Siamese Cat

Invest in a large shallow bowl (like this one), add an inch of water and fill it up with waterproof cat-safe toys (like these). Your Siamese cat will enjoy fishing things out. As long as you replace the water every day, it doesn’t matter if it drinks from this too.

4. Pond and Pool Safety

Ensure your cat has a means of escape from any deep water. Pools should have several ladders that are easy for cats to climb. If they are covered, make sure your cat cannot get beneath the cover. Any pond you install should have an area shallow enough for a cat to walk out from.

Conclusion – do Siamese cats enjoy water?

So, does your Siamese cat love water? Some cats love it and some just don’t. If your Siamese doesn’t embrace water as you had believed it might, don’t be alarmed. Your cat is not broken! It’s just not in its nature to adore water.