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Orange Maine Coon: first-hand facts!

An orange Maine Coon has a bright, vibrant-colored coat. Though this color is often called ginger, it’s a lot darker than the average ginger coat. When humans have this color of hair, they’re known as redheads, and red is the color class that orange fur belongs to.

Are orange Maine Coon cats rare?

Orange Maine Coon cats are rare because they only occur when a cat has specific amounts of two pigments: pheomelanin which produces shades of ginger and eumelanin which is responsible for dark fur. When the balance is just right, a bright orange Maine Coon is the result.

Orange Maine Coons are not classified by cat clubs because cats with vibrant orange fur are actually known as red.

What does an orange Maine Coon kitten look like

An orange Maine Coon kitten looks like a short-haired version of an adult orange Maine Coon. It will often have shorter fur during the first 6 months of its life, meaning any pattern in its coat is easy to spot. An orange Maine Coon kitten’s fur often turns darker with age.

Like all Maine Coon kittens, the orange variety are energetic and playful. They possess all the traits of other color kittens and develop at the same rate. Some are larger than others because Maine Coons have quite a size range.

In 2005, an orange Maine Coon kitten joined our family and we named him Harry. In the photo below he is 5 months old and his classic tabby pattern is clearly visible. You can see how he looked when he was fully grown further down.

An orange Maine Coon kitten.

Orange Maine Coon cat

Orange Maine Coons cats are technically red. The pigment pheomelanin that produces various shades of red color in human hair, is also responsible for the various reds seen in cat fur.

In order for a Maine Coon to have a vivid orange coat, the level of pheomelanin has to be just higher than the dark pigment known as eumelanin. The higher the levels of pheomelanin, the paler the ginger fur becomes.

Orange Maine Coons patterns are classified as one of the following:

  • Red classic tabby
  • Red mackerel tabby
  • Red ticked tabby
  • Red tabby and white
  • Red smoke
  • Red and white (bi-color)

Solid orange Maine Coon

A solid orange Maine Coon has vibrant orange fur of one shade. This means it should have no hint of a pattern and definitely no white fur.

Because the tabby pattern is dominant in red fur, you will rarely see a solid orange Maine Coon. hey almost always have different shades of orange.

Orange tabby Maine Coon

The orange tabby Maine Coon is the most common of the orange-colored set.

The tabby Maine Coon pattern has three forms:

  • Mackerel or striped
  • Classic or blotched
  • Ticked or agouti

The next photo is of our orange classic tabby Maine Coon, Harry, at 4 years of age. He’s sitting on a bird box – fortunately, no birds were living there at the time!

An orange tabby Maine Coon adult.

Orange and white Maine Coon

Maine Coons can have bi-colored coats so it is possible to find an orange and white Maine Coon. There is no set pattern for this coloring so the amounts of orange and white can vary, making each cat unique.

The white markings of an orange and white Maine Coon include a white muzzle, bib, belly, and paws. Its nose, lips, and toe beans are generally pink or rose-colored.

An orange and white Maine Coon seated.

How much does an orange Maine Coon cat cost?

Expect to pay anything from $1000 to $2500 for a purebred orange Maine Coon kitten.

This price range is governed by how experienced the breeder is, what is included with the purchase and how much demand there is for an orange and white Maine Coon cat at the given time.

A new breeder may charge less for a Maine Coon until they feel experienced enough to charge more.

Some breeders spay or neuter kittens before selling them which adds to the price.

If a breeder receives a lot of interest in orange Maine Coon kittens, they may increase the price simple because they can.

What is the rarest Maine Coon color?

The rarest Maine Coon color is solid orange (also known as solid red). This is followed closely by solid black.

Of course, at times, other colors can be rare because breeders can never guarantee the colors of their kittens. They can aim to produce certain types but cat genetics are quite complicated and not easy to manipulate.

Is there an Orange Maine Coon: the conclusion

Though some Maine Coons are referred to as orange they are not the bright color of the peel of the popular fruit. This vivid color is really just a shade of red.

Orange Maine Coons, are just like any other Maine Coons in size, personality and health. They are particularly stunning and happen to be a favorite of many people.

If you ever own an orange Maine Coon, don’t be fooled – it is actually you who will be owned by the cat!