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10 Reasons to NOT adopt a Chinchilla Persian Cat

With its fabulous fluffy coat, piercing eyes, and face filled with expression, the Chinchilla Persian is a cat that’s easy to love. Its ever-playful and loving personality make it appear to be the perfect cat to share your life with. Don’t be fooled!

Mother nature is on the Chinchilla Persian cat’s side. She has created a cat to melt the heart of many a would-be-owner. But this dreamy little feline will turn your life upside-down. So if you are considering adopting one, read our 10 reasons why you should really think again!

1. You’ll never be allowed to relax

Chinchilla Persian cat deciding whether to play or not

Drop all plans forever. Don’t think you will be able to sit and watch your favorite show on TV whilst the cat entertains itself with a ball of wool.

The only thing you’ll be allowed to watch is your Chinchilla Persian as you play with it. Your role will be chief toy shaker and entertainment manager.

2. There’ll be no ignoring those emploring eyes

Chinchilla Persian cat using its eyes to get its own way

Chinchilla Persian cats use their eyes to get their own way. Just look at how persuasive they are. You will not be able to ignore this cat … ever. One emploring look will have you running around like a cat slave.

You will definitely be owned. In fact, your cat will absolutely need to read our cat’s guide to owning a pet human as soon as you get it.

3. You’ll be living in a world of fluff

Fluffy Chinchilla Persian cat

Shedding goes with the territory when you own a Chinchilla Persian. But I can’t think of any nicer fluff to have to clear up.

Your days of wearing black will be over unless you want random people asking if you own a cat wherever you go.

Fluff will miraculously get into your food, between your teeth and in every nook and cranny of your home.

Don’t worry, you can eat quite a lot of cat hair and never develop furballs – unlike your cat who will successfully learn how to throw them up as noisily as possible at exactly 3 am every morning.

4. They can be scary and mean!

Chinchilla Persian showing its teeth

How frightening is this! You’ll have to install a ‘Beware Of The Cat’ sign and warn all visitors to take care.

5. They’re a ‘cat’ above the rest

Chinchilla Persian on a cat tree

Chinchilla Persians like to think they are the ‘Top Cat’ of the household. Any other cats (or dogs) must learn their place. Of course, you will be bottom of the pile – always.

6. You’ll find them all boringly similar

Once you’ve seen one Chinchilla Persian, you’ve seen them all.

7. They are far too adorable as kittens

Cute Chinchilla Persian kitten

Chinchilla kittens are too ridiculously cute for words. You’ll never get anything done with one of these around. You’ll probably lose your job when you phone in sick every day for 6 weeks.

8. They always look like they’re up to mischief

Chinchilla Persian with house plants

This is the classic, “It wasn’t me!” look that you’ll always get from a Chinchilla Persian cat. This cat was not biting the cheese plant moments before it was photographed. It just wasn’t, OK!

9. Nothing in your home will be safe again

Chinchilla Persian cat  asleep in a plant pot

Any plant you grow will belong to your cat. It will never sleep in any bed you buy it but your plant pots will be fair game. Your chair will be its chair. You can sit on the floor.

10. It will break your heart one day

Chinchilla Persian cat licking its nose

D’you still want one? Thought so! The final reason not to get a Chinchilla Persian cat is you will fall hopelessly in love with it and inevitably one day (later rather than sooner I hope), it will pass over the Rainbow Bridge and leave a massive hole in your heart. Ensure you are ready to give your new cat the best life ever.

Here’s how to adopt

Of course you do – who could really resist. These reasons not to get a Chinchilla Persian are obviously reasons why you should get one.

From a shelter

Before you dash off to your nearest breeder, check out your local shelters and rescue centers. You never know, you might be lucky enough to find one there. You might even fall for one of the other residents – a cat just as deserving of a good home!

From a registered breeder

If you prefer to buy from a breeder, please use a registered breeder with a good reputation. Yes, their kittens might seem expensive but there’s a good reason for this: ensuring cats and kittens are healthy and free from genetic disorders is a costly business, not to mention registering them with a recognized body.

You are about to fall in love with your little bundle of fluff and want it to have a long, healthy happy life with you, don’t you?

Not from a backyard breeder!

If a kitten is cheap, there’s usually a bad reason – the breeder isn’t registered and doesn’t adhere to strict breeding standards. You’ll usually know something isn’t quite right.

You might:

  • Be offered a kitten under the age of 3 months
  • Not be able to meet the mother
  • Not be allowed to have a good look around the premises
  • Not be shown proof of the parents’ health
  • Find the kittens are not registered
  • Notice the kittens have runny eyes and noses

Basically, if you are unsure – walk away.

How to hook up with good breeders

In this day and age, good breeders are well-publicized and have long waiting lists.

Look on social media, such as Facebook, for those with popular pages, where the breeder interacts with lots of followers every day, posts pictures of their cats and kittens all the time, and has lots of positive feedback from lots of different people.

Good Luck

I hope you find a beautiful Chinchilla Persian and it gives you lots of pleasure.

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