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15 Reasons Why This Dog Breed Is Considered to Be the Best!

A controversial subject I know because we all have different opinions but there are many reasons why the canine subject of this article is considered to be the ultimate companion for us humans. Here are just 15 of them!

15) They Are Fast Becoming the Most Popular Breed in the Us!

It wasn’t that long ago that if you looked at the top 20 most popular breeds of dog in the US that you wouldn’t even see this particular one listed. However, in the last decade, things have changed. This little (there may be clues throughout this post) dog has captured the hearts of families across the US and the rest of the world. There was a time when a lot of people thought that the Labrador would forever be the nation’s favorite canine and indeed, at least for now, it still is. However, that crown could easily be on another dog’s little head soon!

14) They Won’t Give You a Headache

There are many lovely doggies out there and they all have their positives and negatives but one of the biggest complaints people have about certain breeds is how noisy they can be! Whenever someone knocks on your door, if they get too excited or if they are left alone for more than a few minutes – the barking can start.

Complaints from the neighbors are only the start of your problems as you’ll soon wish you had a mute button on your remote control for them! However, this isn’t usually the case for this little bundle of fun. Although they are well known for having conversations with you in their own special language, this doesn’t manifest in barking….usually. Generally, the dog that I am talking about here is pretty quiet.

I’m going to post a few teaser pictures in this article so you can try and guess which breed of dog I’m talking about!

Can you guess which dog we’re talking about?

13) Perfect for an Apartment or Those That Can’t Exercise Much

Most dogs don’t like apartments. Or is it that most apartments don’t like dogs? I’m not sure but whatever your take on it, it is not usually a combination that works particularly well. Except of course, if your dog happens to be this breed of dog. They are perfectly happy with spending the majority of their wonderful little lives inside – as long as you are there to keep them company, of course!

Yes, it is always good to get them outside occasionally (and to get yourself outside) for some fresh air but this is a dog that does not require much exercise. In fact, and I’m giving another clue here, you have to be very careful when you do exercise them as they can overheat very quickly. So, if you are keeping them inside and exercising them inside by playing with them, they’ll be quite happy with this. It’s best if your apartment has air conditioning or is well ventilated though.

12) They Will Be Your Best Friend for the Next Decade

All dog breeds are different and indeed, all dogs within a breed have slightly different personalities – but this dog has a personality trait that seems to be consistent across them all. They will devote their whole life to you, unconditionally. You will be their whole world for the next 10 to 14 years (another clue) – although in my experience they do seem to live longer than this.

They may decide to latch on to just you or your whole family but there is nothing quite like seeing their tiny little tails waggle when they see you first thing in the morning. This all leads quite nicely onto the next point.

11) You Will Struggle to Be Sad When You’re with Them

You will realize after just a few months that the highs you had previously are now higher and the lows you used to have aren’t so low – or even non-existent. You see, it’s hard being sad when something is so happy to see you and so loving. I defy any animal-loving person to just try and be down for long when they see those large, dark eyes staring back at you from down below!

You may be surprised…

There’s a reason why these dogs can be used as a therapy dog (see point 5, below for details). Their personality just lends itself to making us humans happy and this in-turn seems to make them happy. It’s not a vicious circle but some kind of happy circle where everyone wins!

10) They Are Great with Kids

You have to be very careful and perform due diligence when introducing a dog into a family. Even when you find the gentlest, loving breed of dog in existence, they are still animals and as well as doggy socialization, which occurs in the first few weeks of its life, children need to be taught also how to behave around them.

If you want a dog that will be playful, cheeky and occasionally naughty (all three of the key requirements for a child) then you will struggle to find a more perfect fit for your family. They are gentle and will occupy the kids until they get tired, and they will get tired before this little doggy I promise. I sometimes wonder where they get all their energy from!

9) They Are…Quirky

This breed of dog is unusual. Its personality is exceptional but it does have some rather quirky properties about it. For instance, its physical dimensions and bone structure mean that it is somewhat front heavy. This means that when you pick them up they will naturally flop forward so you need to be careful when you do this to support their head! This can have other implications – for instance, related to water. This dog doesn’t swim, it can’t swim and it shouldn’t be anywhere near water at any point!

This is just another reason which makes it a little different from other breeds. Also, it can’t usually breed naturally – it just wasn’t built for it (I won’t go into details!) but reproduction occurs artificially. This is not your run-of-the-mill dog, that’s for sure.

8) They Will Give You Celebrity Status

There’s a reason why celebrities like to be seen with this breed of dog! It makes them look better 🙂 Not the dog, by the way, the celebrity! Famous people who have been known to own (and be seen) with one of these cuties are:

  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Madonna
  • Michael Phelps
  • The Rock
  • Lady Gaga
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • David Beckham

…amongst many others. In recent years, owning one of these dogs has become the ‘in’ thing to do for many celebrities and they just love to be seen with their little bundle of furry naughtiness! Whatever the motives are of these celebrities (as I’m sure being photoed with a cute dog does them no harm) – it’s nice to see the breed in the public eye as it boosts their profile.

Is it becoming clearer yet?

7) The Cost of Them Ensures They Stay Unique

Well, you get what you pay for, right? If you want quality it’s not going to be cheap and this is definitely the case for this special breed of dog. Not everyone can afford them and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…hear me out. This dog needs a special type of owner to look after them. Someone who knows and understand thems. The owner needs to take care of their particularly unusual set of requirements and ensure that they are treated the way this breed needs to be treated for the entirety of their lives.

This dog needs an owner that is prepared to commit to them for a long time and ensure they are not left alone for long periods of time. They must guarantee they don’t overheat (another clue) and get some exercise but not too much. The high price ensures that (hopefully) only people who understand this dog and their requirements take the plunge.

6) They Tend to Win…Everything

I’m not sure if there’s a breed of dog who has won more competitions than this. I’m not talking about baseball or football I should probably state, they are quite a clever dog (although certainly no mastermind) but they haven’t been able to learn these sports just yet, but give them time. What I mean is that they tend to do well in dog-based competitions. There’s a simple reason for this, they are awesome – there’s no other logical explanation.

5) The Perfect Therapy Dog?

I mentioned this earlier but they have a personality that lends itself to helping those in need. They are a dog that will want to spend as much time with you (or their owner) as possible. Actually, I say that but this dog will happily spend a lot of time with anyone who shows them some interest! They are inquisitive and loving. They will sit and sleep in your lap and they will occupy your time by playing with you and interacting with you in any way you like (as long as it’s fun).

There are many reasons why you would choose this dog to help someone who needs company of this type. They have a particular set of skills that lend itself to performing this task, without fail, day after day.

4) They Have a Distinctive Personality

It’s easy for an owner to be biased to their breed of dog but I’ve heard this too many times from people who have owned different breeds of dog over time. This particular breed is unique in so many ways and seems to offer so much. Their personality is everything. They sulk. If you upset them or if they’ve done something wrong (and they know they’ve done something wrong) – they will sulk. They’ll do it in the same way that we do it also and you can recognize it just from the look they give and how they hold themselves.

Personally, I think this is why kids get on so well with them. For them, it’s basically like having another child to spend time with and for the dog, it’s like having another naughty dog to play with 🙂

Is it coming into focus?

If you haven’t ever spent time with one of these dogs, find someone nearby who has. Ask them nicely if you can pop over and see them as you’re thinking of getting one. I won’t say any more than this – you’ll understand once you do!

3) They Can Be Trained Well

Although all dogs can be trained to an extent, especially if they’ve had good socialization at an early age, not all of them can be trained well. Not only can this breed of dog be trained, and well, but it appears they actually enjoy being trained! That’s like your son or daughter coming back from school and saying they wish they could have stayed longer – it’s unlikely and unusual, right?

I think what it is though is that this breed of dog doesn’t see it as ‘school’. They see it as fun. It’s a time when they are getting lots of attention, which they crave. It’s a perfect combination really and it’s probably this that makes them so malleable.

2) They Will Get on With Other Dogs (mostly)

I think if you’ve read all the other points you would be surprised if anything else was true! Of course they get on with other dogs – they get on well with everything and everyone. You could introduce them to the devil itself and it would wag its little tail and give it a big lick.

It always helps if socialization has taken place but even if not, this dog is well known for accepting dogs and cats which is great if you already have animals in your family and want another dog for whatever reason. As far as your dog is concerned, anything else moving is just another potential play-partner!

1) You Will Never Want Another Breed

Many people, once they’ve had one of these breeds never even consider another. Because, well – why would you? This dog gives you everything you could ever need but mainly – unconditional love and patience.

The last clue!

If you’re going to spend the next 10 to 15 years with a dog, I don’t know how you could do any better than this one.

So…which dog breed are we talking about?

Enough already! If you haven’t guessed already, the dog breed I’ve been talking about is the:

The French Bulldog!

There is only one breed of dog that the above could possibly relate to. The French Bulldog is an extremely popular breed of dog at the moment and has so many qualities associated with it. There are some that argue whether this breed should even exist if it can’t reproduce naturally and yes, perhaps they have a point. However, that’s not the French Bulldog’s fault – right?


If you’d like more information about the fabulous Frenchie – then check out my Complete Guide!

Now, find below the images I posted above – but not blurred!

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