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When Will My Siamese Cat Calm Down?

Firstly, you’re not alone in asking this question! It comes up time and time again with this breed of cat – so don’t worry as there’s a common theme here. Especially true with cat owners who are not experienced with the Siamese cat who may think that this behavior is quite unusual. Well, in a way it is. But only because the Siamese cat itself is rather unusual!

When will my Siamese cat calm down? The Siamese cat does not want to calm down. This spectacular breed enjoys to play and many owners have discovered that they will continue to want to play throughout their lives.

When do Siamese cats calm down?

Still A Kitten?

All bets are off during the first six months. Technically, your Siamese cat is still a kitten during this time and therefore it may well be acting like a completely crazy thing during this time. This is actually quite normal for all cats, not just the Siamese. It’s hard to predict their behavior during this time. Everything is potentially a game to them and if something small moves it is an invitation to be pounced on!

When Will My Siamese Cat Calm Down?

This is an important time though for both your cat and for you. You will be (hopefully) spending a lot of time with them and bonding with them. The usual expectation is that after around six months they slowly start to calm down and indeed for most cats, this is what happens. Most cats will still have their mad moments and these will continue throughout their lives. After a couple of years or so though, you’ll be watching your Siamese cat jumping around the house and you’ll be scratching your head wondering what’s happened.

Of course, what’s happened is that you’ve got a Siamese cat and things will never quite be normal for you!

The Siamese Cat Is Unusual

If you have one then you probably already know this, right? In fact, I am yet to experience another cat quite like it. The Siamese cat seems to have an extra hidden area where it stores bucketloads of energy as sometimes it seems like this supply is endless!

But not only that. Just when you think the Siamese cat should be slowing down a little, it continues to act as if it’s still a kitten! This is a cat that needs to be entertained for long periods and certainly isn’t one that does okay if left on its own all day. The Siamese cat is for people who are going to be around if not for the whole day then for the bulk of it.

You will end up spending a fair amount of money on toys as you try and find new ways of entertaining them. You will end up with their toys scattered all around your house as you try new things. What they really want is a dedicated room, full of their toys and climbing trees. Actually, what they would really like is a dedicated house but maybe that’s not as feasible!

So, whereas most cats will slow down over the years, the Siamese cat just seems to keep on going, which is lovely to see and is a big reason why they are so popular. Kids love them. I think this is because the Siamese is similar to them in several ways. They are both cheeky and they are both naughty and will both definitely get into trouble. Probably the big difference is that kids grow up – the Siamese does not!

More Interaction Required?

We’ve already made it quite clear that this breed of cat needs to be entertained. It wants (and needs) interaction and this usually will come from you or your family. It doesn’t have to always be just people and we’ll talk more about this later.

When Will My Siamese Cat Calm Down?

The Siamese cat is for a family that is prepared to commit a good chunk of their lives to it. You know who you are! It takes a special type of person to cater for this breed of cat. You need to be someone with lots of energy, lots of patience and a fair amount of time and be prepared to give all of those things to them.

Ideally, you will have more energy than them. If you play and interact with them enough you will use up a lot of their energy. By doing this there is even a chance that at some point they will have enough and decide they need to have a nap! So, if your Siamese is continually running around like a loony, jumping on tables and getting into mischief – then maybe you need to spend a bit more time wearing them out!

The Siamese Cat Likes To Have A Friend

Not all breeds of cat are good with other cats but if there is one exception to this rule, it’s with the Siamese cat. We’ve spoken already about this cat’s requirement to be entertained and the importance of being around in the same house as it for the best part of the day.

When Will My Siamese Cat Calm Down?

However, if they had another cat to play with (preferably another Siamese) then they can, at least in theory, keep each other company. Also, in the majority of occasions, they will get along just fine but it certainly helps if you can get them introduced to each other at the earliest age possible. So, if you are considering acquiring a Siamese cat as a kitten – consider buying two at the same time perhaps from the same litter?

This doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to leave them at home alone all day (check out my article about that here) but it certainly does help (and gives you peace of mind) if you have to pop out for a few hours.

You will find that if you do this they will spend a lot of time together. Not only will they play together but they will clean each other and sleep together, it’s sweet. However, don’t just jump into this without doing the research as Siamese cats can be expensive. Not only to purchase but to keep and insure. If you’d like to know exactly how much the Siamese cat is going to cost you, not just in purchase price but in lifetime costs – check out my article here (opens in a new tab).

Conclusion – So when exactly will your Siamese cat calm down?

The Siamese cat is a unique breed, not only in its looks but in its personality. It is not a breed for everyone though as it needs interaction from us continually throughout its life to keep it happy.

This breed will usually keep active and retain a desire to play from the moment it enters your life to the moment it leaves it. Although in some ways it does of course, mature – it never seems to grow up and it’s this that’s the reason why so many people can never switch to another breed once they’ve spent time with a Siamese.

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