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12 Ways to Tell That Your Siberian Husky Loves You

Siberian Huskies are a very special breed of dog. Their looks set them apart from anything else on the planet. Their personality is also quite unique and they are certainly not a pet for the ‘beginner’ owner.

They need a lot of attention, a lot of exercise and shouldn’t be left alone for anything more than a couple of hours. However, what continues to surprise a number of owners is how affectionate this breed is. It surprises many new owners just how much love a husky has to give.

But how does the Siberian Husky show that affection to you? Some people think that a Husky wagging its tail is a sign – it’s not, it just means the dog is happy!

There are actually a number of ways to tell though, as it happens. Take a look below at 12 ways to tell that your Siberian Husky loves you…

1) Physical Contact

As the bond grows between you and your Husky, you will notice a few subtle changes in how your dog acts around you and the things it does in your presence. One of these things is physical contact between the two of you, initiated by your Husky.

This can be seen in many forms such as rubbing against your legs when they are walking alongside2) or leaning on you. The latter usually happens when you get down to the Husky’s eye level and sit with it.

They will often look at you briefly, before literally flopping themselves onto you. This is a sign that your Husky feels absolutely comfortable and safe in your company and if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face then I suspect you are not human 🙂

Another time you will notice this behavior is typically in the evenings when you’re relaxing and curled up on the sofa. Your Husky, not wanting to miss out on some cuddle-time will join you.

I would argue that this is when they are at their most content – when you are relaxed and they are lying on you curled up whilst you watch a film or something.

Believe me, if you’ve had a bad day then this is the ultimate way to forget about stress, switch-off for a bit and just relax with someone who loves you purely for being you.

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you

2) Behavioral Changes When The Husky Sees You

If you have to go out for a bit without your Siberian Husky then look at how they react when you come back in. If they have properly bonded with you (this may take a little time) then the excitement you see in their faces when you walk back into your home is tangible.

Your Husky doesn’t have any kind of agenda and won’t try and hide anything, it is pure emotion and absolute happiness that you have come back into their world again.

Sometimes I wonder if they think when you leave you’re not going to come back again, we don’t really know of course but the sheer pleasure you see from them during this time is incredible.

What some people have done is invested in a dog-camera. The footage captured by these can be quite interesting to look at as you will see what they get up to whilst you’re away and you’ll probably be surprised at how early they sense your return.

I guess they can maybe hear familiar noises or patterns and end up associating these with your return.

Pet cameras are usually very good quality nowadays and you can get them quite cheap. Here are my recommended pet cameras.

Any Husky owner knows they are usually quite a quiet breed and they tend to howl more than bark. However, their excitement can peak when you return to such a point when they see you that they start howling.

This is most likely a combination of them being happy to see you and also that they want to play so don’t want you to think about sitting down!

3) The Husky Plays With You

The Siberian Husky has a lot of energy and it is very unlikely that you’ll be able to wear it out outside during the daily walks. So, it is a requirement that they have to spend quite a bit of time inside using up that energy and they do this via play.

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you

First, let’s get this out here straight away – the Siberian Husky will play with anyone. As long as they are getting some attention they really don’t care. However, I’m not talking about general play here, I’m talking about more of the close-contact stuff you do inside.

Also, when the husky wants to play they will come and find you! They will sit there, impatient, sometimes howling, not understanding why you’re not up on your feet already playing. As soon as you get up they will start moving around, obviously excited, knowing that something fun is about to happen!

Get down to their level and crawl around on all fours playing with your Husky and its toys for 20 minutes is a great way to bond with them as well as losing a few lbs of weight whilst you’re at it 🙂

If you’re looking for a toy that is GUARANTEED to drive your husky crazy, check out this Squeaky Hide and Seek dog toy (opens in a new window).

If you’d like to see my top 3 toys for the Siberian Husky that definitely work (I have a lot of experience) then check them out by clicking the link(opens in a new window).

4) They Will Look for You When You’re Not in the Same Room

You will be their world for the entirety of their lives and without you, they will be lost. The Siberian Husky, as we know, is not a dog that likes to be left alone. It is incredibly sociable and can suffer from separation anxiety in only around 30 minutes of being left alone.

You will find that as the bond between you grows the more time your Husky will want to spend around you. Also, the greater the bond, the less time they will want to be away from you.

Your Husky will typically want to be in the same room as you. Not always on top of you (although a lot of the times they will) but just in a place where they can see you. If you just get up and walk out to go into another room they will wonder what the hell you’re up to.

I mean, how dare you leave them! They’ll give you a few minutes for you to think about your decision and then start trying to find you. When they do find you they may pretend they weren’t actually looking for you but their mannerisms will give them away. They will then most likely settle down in this room so just don’t think about moving again, ok?

One way you can prevent them from worrying and following you around is to make noise! Okay, this might make you look a bit weird but just make sure they can hear your voice if you’re popping into the next room or to the toilet. Just do a bit of singing or whistle or something, sorted 🙂

5) Your Husky Will Bring You Its Favorite Toy

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you: It will bring you its toys

Your Siberian Husky will have lots of toys. Most of them will have cost you a small fortune and these are the ones your Husky probably likes the least, of course. It will be the cheapest, nastiest, dirtiest toy that they choose to claim as their favorite.

This, they may protect with their life and growl when anything or anyone gets anywhere within 5 miles of it. However, you know you’ve really made it when they decide to share this prized possession with yourself!

If your Husky does this then consider yourself very lucky, it doesn’t happen to us all. Do make sure you make a big fuss of them when you see this and whatever you do, definitely don’t ignore them!

This is a big deal for them. Dogs can be very possessive about things that they believe to be theirs and for them to share this with you means that they consider you part of their family.

If you haven’t quite got to this stage yet then you probably just need to give them more time. However, maybe you haven’t as yet bought them a toy that they think that much of.

If you need any help with finding a toy that is perfect for you Husky, check out my recommended toys. I’ve spent many, many years buying a lot of toys for a lot of different dogs and I’ve also spent (and wasted) a lot of money. The ones I’ve selected there have been hand-picked and have always worked with me before, do check them out.

6) Your Husky Will Make Eye Contact

If you look at two dogs fighting, the one that is losing the battle and is feeling suppressed will look anywhere but at the other dog’s eyes. Sustained eye contact, between dogs and indeed, between dog and human, can be a sign of trust.

Not just a fleeting glance but prolonged contact that signifies a completely relaxed dog when in your presence. Your Husky should respect you, look up to you and love you – they should not fear you. Since the Siberian Husky can form bonds quicker than other breeds you typically only see this fear if they are being mistreated.

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you

So, this is where things get a bit cloudy. There is a difference between looking longingly into each other’s eyes and staring at each other. To a dog, staring can be construed as a threat.

For instance, if you meet an aggressive dog outside and stare at its eyes then it will see this as a challenge and may react accordingly. Staring at its nose, ears or somewhere nearby will not have the same effect. So, how you act around dogs you don’t know against how you act around your Husky are two entirely different things.

When your Husky sits there just staring at you, look back, smile and also occasionally blink. This will emphasize that you are as comfortable to be in their presence as them and will help to build that bond.

7) They Respond To The Sound of Your Voice

Your Husky, after only a short time, will recognize your voice as much as they recognize your physical appearance. Arguably, they will be able to learn more about your emotions through your voice than through your appearance, mannerisms and how you articulate yourself.

Your voice will be your most powerful tool in controlling your Husky throughout its life, so use it wisely.

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you

Whether it’s used to praise them for being particularly good (rare for the Siberian Husky) or whether you use it to discipline them for being particularly naughty it is something that will take time to perfect.

However, your Husky will be comforted by your voice and will ultimately know (via association) that when they hear it, they are safe. You will talk in a certain way at certain times that will mean different things.

For instance, they will know that when you talk in a certain excited manner, you’re about to tell them that it’s time to go outside and have some fun!

The signs that you’ve really bonded with your Husky when you talk to them are quite obvious. You will see their ears prick up and although they may pretend to still be asleep their tail can’t be fooled and it will soon start wagging, uncontrollably.

Eventually, the head will come up and they will look at you, just to make sure you know that they heard you and that they’re ready for any adventure you wish to embark on.

8) They Love Your Smell

Also after a while, your Siberian Husky will become familiar with your smell and you can use this to your advantage. The best way is to use your scent to help keep them calm in otherwise stressful situations. The idea is simple really.

Wear a shirt or t-shirt for a bit without washing it or using deodorant. Leave this item of clothing (that you won’t be getting back) in a place where they sleep and/or their crate. You will see them sniffing it quite a bit and then, most likely, curling upright on top of it.

There are other uses for this though. Whenever you have to take your Husky to the vet, pop an old top of yours into the car with them when traveling. It won’t totally eradicate the stress but it will help just a bit.

The point here though is this and it’s quite simple really. They love your smell as it reminds them of you! This triggers feelings of security, friendship, and well-being.

Again, this is something that can take a bit of time – giving them an old t-shirt after you’ve just been introduced will do nothing. However, form a close bond and see the difference for yourself.

9) You Will Get Cuddled – A Lot

The Siberian Husky can be an extremely affectionate dog. A lot of people are surprised when they hear that this dog is so friendly as it certainly looks more aggressive than it actually is. Just ask anyone who’s tried to use their Husky as a guard dog!

I said earlier that this dog wants nothing more than to spend time with you and you’ll soon realize this (if you haven’t already) when you properly bond. The Husky will jump up onto the couch with you and curl up either beside you or, quite literally, on top of you.

If you were lonely before getting a Husky then you will soon forget what that felt like. No more being curled up on the sofa by yourself!

10) Huskies and Face Licking

Ways to tell your Siberian Husky loves you

Some people are perfectly okay with this, others far from it. But whatever camp you’re in, there’s no getting away with it when you have a Husky. How else are they meant to show you how much they love you?

Okay, well there’s a number of ways but this is most definitely one of them! So, why does your Husky lick you? Well, there are a few different reasons:

  • They just love us – this is the most common reason why your Husky will lick you. Actually, you might not know this but your dog releases endorphins within them when they lick that helps them to calm down and feel secure.
  • We taste nice – it may be because we have been sweating and they like the taste of the salt of perhaps they can just smell the food we’ve eaten and there are little bits of it still stuck to our mouths!
  • It’s grooming – your Husky will actually want to be clean (despite what you may think) – they may be just returning the favor for when we groom them.
  • A type of communication – there are a few different ways that your Husky can try and communicate with us and giving us a lick may be a way that they are trying to tell us something. It is usually food-related, of course, so check to see if there are any problems in that area.

Whatever the reason though, don’t reprimand your Husky for licking you. They don’t mean you any harm. If you don’t like it (I wouldn’t blame you) then there are ways to prevent it but telling them off is not one of them.

11) Your Husky Will Follow You

The Siberian Husky is, as we know, incredibly sociable and does not like being left alone. Not for an hour and not really for a minute. Therefore, as far as the Husky is concerned you are no longer allowed to leave them. Ever.

Also, they won’t want to miss out on whatever interesting things you’re thinking about getting up to without them. Like going to the toilet. You can forget about any personal privacy from now on. If you try and shut the door on them and quickly run in then they will sit outside and howl. Not sure what’s best really!

As lovely as this is, don’t become complacent and think just because they follow you around inside they will do the same outside. When the husky goes outside they become a totally different beast.

Rather than follow you they will try and escape any surrounding they are in if they feel trapped and they’ll be off. So, keep them on a lead at all times!

12) The Siberian Husky Will Yawn With You

A yawn is a sign of husky love

We all know that when we’re talking to someone and they yawn, it makes us want to yawn also. In fact, just the thought of it is probably making you want to yawn right now, right? Well, interestingly – this behavior can also be seen between a Husky and its owner!

If you yawn and your Husky yawns back then you’ll know the bond is complete, you have succeeded. However, it is probably more likely that they will yawn and it will set you off, rather than the other way round!

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