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Best Brush For a Maine Coon in 2021

Having owned Maine Coon cats for over 25 years, I’m in a pretty good position to be able to recommend to you what brush you should buy for them. If you’re not grooming your Maine Coon regularly – then you should be and I will tell you exactly why below!

The best brushes for Maine Coons are:

  • Bikien Pet Grooming Glove
  • Hertzgo Grooming Brush
  • Furminator Comb
  • Japanese light-weight Grooming Scissors

More information on these and how you can easily buy them can be found in this article.

The Maine Coon coat and why you need a brush

This isn’t a post about the Maine Coon coat. If you’re looking for a brush for the Maine Coon then why would you want to know about their coat! It infuriates me when you read an article about something specific that you searched for and for the first half an hour you’re reading things that you really have no interest in.

Are Maine Coons outside
Harry, our ginger Maine Coon

So anyway, the Maine Coon has a big furry coat – done 🙂

Why You Should Brush The Maine Coon’s Coat

If you already know why you should be brushing your Maine Coon then just skip down a bit to my recommendations! However, maybe you’ve just acquired one or a lot of people you’re talking to tell you that you need to groom them.

In which case, here’s the reason why you need to groom them. If you don’t brush your Maine Coon’s coat regularly, then their coat can become matted.

White Maine coon laying on things
Charlie, our white Maine Coon after being shaved by the vet.

These knots that will form in their coat will grow quite quickly, matting more and more of the coat over time. Unfortunately, these knots can become quite painful to your Main Coon as they can start pulling at their skin.

If you look at a knot that’s been around for a while, you’ll see that it’s very tight to their skin and this can make it rather tricky to untangle. Therefore, the best solution is not to let it get to this stage! I know this advice is useless if they already have a matted coat but don’t worry, I’ll get onto this in a minute. I’ve been there with ours – several times! I guess this leads nicely onto my next point…

Start grooming your Maine Coon early to make life easier for yourself

You should start the day you get them. If you haven’t started yet then maybe that’s why you’re reading this article! But it certainly does help to start early. Which, is exactly what we didn’t do! And yes, we certainly did (and do) regret it.

We decided to start grooming when we first noticed our two getting knots, which wasn’t until they were a few years old. Of course, they didn’t like it, at all. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they acted as if we were their arch-enemies – with intent to kill.

Cats have quicker reflexes than me, unfortunately. I could never get my hand out of the way quick enough when a 5-clawed swipe came my way. We ended up with one of us feeding them their favorite treats whilst the other tried to get in a quick brush or snip!

So, based on my long, long experience – don’t wait until you need to groom them, do it early and do it frequently.

Use a grooming glove if your Maine Coon doesn’t lie to be brushed

Then you are in the same position that we were (are) in. If your Maine Coon doesn’t like to be brushed then one thing you can try is to use a grooming glove and stroke them (details on this glove below). This is kind of in-between a stroke and a brush – it might be enough to convince your Maine Coon that you’re not up to anything sinister.

The trouble is they don’t appreciate that you are doing it for their benefit! Persistence, patience and lots of band-aids (‘plasters’ to our UK friends) are key though – have plenty available. It’s not a case of if, but when.

Do Maine Coons need to be groomed
Above image: “Craig’s Lion Cut” by Brenna licensed under CC BY 2.0, shows Craig just after his lion cut.

You know, I’m not sure this little section on what to do if your Maine Coon doesn’t like being groomed has been much help but actually – there’s not much to say. Start brushing as soon as you can, do it frequently and if you’ve left it too long, like us, then expect to have problems and deal with it when you can – what else is there to say?

What Grooming Products Do You Need For Your Maine Coon?

That is a good question, thanks for asking. You see, although the brush that you’ll use to groom your Maine Coon is the most important component, it’s not the only thing you will need. In summary, you’ll need the following:

  • Grooming Gloves
  • Brush
  • Scissors

The grooming gloves will help familiarise your Maine Coon with how it will feel when you brush them. These are particularly useful if your cat doesn’t like to be brushed (like ours). They will also help to keep your cat’s coat in good order and may negate the need for brushing whatsoever!

A good brush is essential to really get at those deep knots without irritating your Maine Coon’s skin. The scissors are needed when the knots are established and your only option is to cut them out.

You can, if you wish, look at pet wipes to clean their ears (and other, more sensitive areas) and more extreme is an electronic shaver – when things get beyond control. More on this later…

Best Grooming Glove For Your Maine Coon

The best grooming glove you can get for your Maine Coon is the Bikien Pet Grooming Glove from Amazon (click on the link below to see why so many people love this thing!)

There are quite a few reasons why I like this glove and it’s obvious that I’m not the only one as the reviews are very good and there are a lot of them. However, the main things I like about this glove is:

  • The silicon tips that are found on the glove aren’t that big – this is good. You want a glove that’s just an extension of your hand but not as aggressive as a brush – this achieves that.
  • Perfect for the Maine Coon which has a long coat.
  • The gloves are made from silicone, which is non-toxic. They are obviously well made and are adjustable.
  • You will notice the fur is collected on the glove and is easy to remove.
  • Cheap for the exceptional quality you get.

What I also liked was that the material is very stretchy and so you won’t need to buy different sizes to suit all the members of your family. This is a universal grooming glove so don’t think it has to be reserved just for your Maine Coon. It can just as easily be used for your dog also!

Top Brushes for Grooming Your Maine Coon

There are a lot of brushes available to cat owners these days and I’ve bought a lot of them in my years! Caution – most of them just aren’t that good! So, here – I can recommend the only two tools you really need to consider. Actually – I’d recommend both as they serve two different purposes but either do work independently also.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Brush (click on the link below to see the latest price on Amazon) is a fantastic brush and one we can personally recommend as it’s our brush of choice for our Maine Coons.

What do I personally like about this one?

  • Really easy to use and clean – you can just hit the button and the fur will just fall out. You’ll be amazed how much fur comes out!
  • The brush needles aren’t sharp so as long as you’re gentle (and you should be when grooming a cat) you won’t hurt your Maine Coon.
  • Like the grooming glove, it can be used on a dog also.

Now, just a personal point. I have bought quite a few brushes and a lot of them do appear similar. However, for whatever reason, and I can’t tell you why – but this is the only brush that worked for us. I’ve had Maine Coons for over 25 years now and you never quite know what is going to work! However, this brush did – and that’s why I’m recommending it.


The Furminator (click on the link for the latest price on Amazon) is a different type of brush (it’s more of a comb) for your Maine Coon and is actually for a slightly different purpose.

The Hertzko brush, above – is really a daily grooming brush. The Furminator comb has fine teeth and can be used if knots have started to form, although it certainly can be used daily if required.

This is a product specially designed for larger cats. However, unlike the brush, a bit more care needs to be taken before using the Furminator. You need to make sure that you don’t hurt your Maine Coon by pulling the matted knots and therefore the skin also.

These more challenging knots need to be gently prized away and I can’t really say this enough but to get the best use of this brush is for either when knots haven’t formed yet (prevention) or when they are quite small.

Best Scissors For Grooming Your Maine Coon

There is only one pair of scissors that I can recommend and that’s these Japanese Pet Grooming scissors, click on the link below to see the latest price and terrific reviews on Amazon.

The scissors are light, made of stainless steel and come as a pair of two – one with a smooth blade and the other with a serrated blade. We have found these extremely easy to use and this combined with the fact that they cost next to nothing and get a ridiculously large amount of positive reviews means they are easy to recommend.

Scissors are best used on your Maine Coon when the brushes just can’t get into the already-developed knots. Sometimes, you just need to get a blade of a scissor in there and prize it free a little.

Pet Wipes

Sometimes you will notice that there is a build-up of dirt/debris around their ears and on difficult-for-them-to-reach places on their body. What a lot of people tend to use are Pogi’s Grooming Wipes (click on the link below to see the product at Amazon) – which are plant-based, organic wipes.

There are a lot of different wipes on the market but personally, I wouldn’t look any further than these. If you’re in any doubt, just take a look at the product reviews!

A Note On Electric Clippers

Just a short piece on these as they are commonly available but I wouldn’t recommend them so aren’t including any here. My experience has been that even if you get the quietest, most expensive electric clipper, they will still scare your cat.

I know not all cats are the same but I would not recommend using electric clippers on your cat at home – leave it to the professionals, which takes me nicely to my next point.

When Do I Need To Get The Vet Involved?

If you believe that the matting is getting out of control and your Maine Coon is becoming distressed when you try and free them using the above methods, then it may be time to get them professionally groomed.

Depending on the temperament of your feline, the vet can provide them with a sedative to calm them down. It’s traumatic enough for them going to the vets, let alone having someone hold them in place whilst another using a noisy clipper on them!

Sometimes though, this is the best (and only) option and it is something we have been forced to do a couple of times. It’s not the cheapest option but it may be the best option for your Maine Coon.

Conclusion – best brushes for Maine Coons

I hope this article has been of some use to you! We made the mistake of not grooming our Maine Coons when they were kittens and lived to regret it. If you have an opportunity to do so, groom them daily from the moment you get them.

If it’s too late though and knots have started to form, just bear in mind that these may be very tight to their skin and may cause them discomfort if you start tugging at them. If they’ve got just too many for you to deal with, then that is the time to consider calling your vet.

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