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Best Savannah Cat Names in 2024

The name you give your Savannah cat will not only live with it for its life but with you, also. Not only with you but with your family. It will be a name you will remember for the entirety of your life. It’s important but also, it’s fun.

It should be something that you get everyone involved in and should be a decision that everyone agrees with.

The Savannah cat is unique. But, I guess you know that already. You’re probably reading this as you already have one or are about to get one. The name should suit the cat but a word of warning about choosing the name before you actually get it. You may decide the name doesn’t fit your cat – which is absolutely fine.

We had chosen our son’s name before he was born but then he came along, and it just didn’t seem to fit. So, we changed it. The same may happen for your Savannah but know this is absolutely fine and if you decide to change it in the first few hours, days or weeks – there’s no problem with this.

That being said, the Savannah cat has some rather special qualities and there are some great names that match their personality and temperament.

Hopefully, with the below, I’ve given you some ideas and if you choose to use something else – that’s awesome too though. I chose these names carefully as I believe they match their personality down to a tee. Enjoy.

Best Savannah Cat Names

Mufasa (male)

I couldn’t help myself – I had to start here. It simply means ‘King’ and with its origins in Africa is a fantastic choice for the Savannah cat. Of course, most people know the name from the Lion King film as Mufasa played Simba’s father. It is (with the below) perhaps a bit of a cliche to include this here but it just seems to fit so well, I simply had to.

I think there are some kinds of name that just work really well with the Savannah cat that wouldn’t work with your regular domestic cat. This is definitely in that category – the name oozes power and strength, something the Savannah has in quantity.

Simba (male)

Of course, I couldn’t include Mufasa without including his fictional son’s name, Simba. The name also has its origins in Africa (Swahili to be precise) and translates to ‘Lion’.

The Savannah cat is strong, large and likes to dominate its environment (in a somewhat friendly manner) so when looking for names to suit its character we’re automatically drawn towards those that have these strong associations also.

Sarabi (female)

Another character from the Lion King movie, Sarabi was the Queen of the Pride Lands. Although she shows signs of fierceness occasionally, she definitely has a gentle side. Sarabi makes a great name for your female Savannah cat – particularly if they have a gentle side to their nature.

Best Savannah Cat Names

The name ‘Sarabi’ is another that has its origins in Swahili and means ‘Mirage’. I think this is very apt for the Savannah as one moment it’s there and the next – it’s disappeared.

Pumbaa (male or female)

Originally, the name Pumbaa derives from Swahili in East Africa and translates rather loosely to foolish, silly and careless. Well, think about your Savannah cat for a moment.

I think you’ll probably agree that either of those definitions could be used to describe this large cat at some point each day! Its cheeky, care-free and playful behavior lends itself nicely to this name. As it happens, Pumbaa was also a character in the Lion King film – a warthog!

Baobab (male/female)

The Baobab is actually a name for a genus of tree, often found in parts of the African savannah. It is very large (up to around 100 feet!) and is considered very important where it grows due to the natural resource and shelter it can provide.

The Baobab, like the Savannah cat, can have a very long life. It is said there is a tree in Africa that is over 6,000 years old! Although this is just a little more than the lifespan of the feline (which can be up to around 20 years) they both share longevity in their own way.

The Baobab tree is also known locally as the tree of life. Well, the Savannah cat is full of life and will bring life to anyone who spends time with it. For this reason and the other associations, I think it’s a perfect name for your Savannah cat.

Zeus (male)

We have all heard of the name ‘Zeus’ and of course, it means ‘King of the Gods’. The Savannah cat could arguably be called the ‘King of the Domestic Cats’ so I thought that the name was quite a nice fit.

The Savannah cat will dominate any environment that it chooses to find itself in. Not in a bad way but just in the way that it acts. They have confidence levels that would put Donald Trump to shame. Personally, I think this name is best suited for a family with just one Savannah in their household (actually, how anyone can afford more than one is beyond me!).

Ferox (male/female)

A personal favorite of mine, the word ‘Ferox’ is Latin and translates to ‘fierce’ in English. It basically means, ‘having the appearance of a wild animal’. Could there be any better description of the Savannah cat than this?

They have been mistaken for ‘big cats’ on more than one occasion and actually, due to their close links with their wild ancestors they are still banned in more than one state in the US!

Best Savannah Cat Names

The good thing about this name is that it can be used for either a male or a female cat and also – it will be unique. So, not only will you have a unique breed of a cat but it will have a unique name. I mean, let’s face it – everything about this cat is unique though really, right?

Tesla (male/female)

Something a little bit different here. As anyone who owns a Savannah cat will appreciate – it has a lot of energy. When it comes to playtime, it’s usually us poor humans that run out of the stuff before them. Where does it all come from and where do they store it?

Of course, the word ‘Tesla’ is now associated with the electric car manufacturer who continue to push the boundaries of energy storage and long-lasting release. The name originally comes from Nikola Tesla who, back in the late 19th Century, invented the Tesla Coil and Alternating Current.

Therefore, I thought given the associated the name has with energy and knowing how much this particular breed of cat has – it was a perfect match for either a male or female Savannah cat.

Boadicea (female)

Not many people, particularly outside of the British Isles would have heard of Boadicea but it’s such a good name for the female Savannah cat I thought you’d like it. Boadicea was a Queen of a British Celtic tribe, way back around the year AD60, during the time that the Romans were occupying Britain.

She successfully lead many uprisings against this occupying force and the defeats were so heavy the Romans actually considered retreating their armies from Britain altogether. Ultimately, she was defeated by a more disciplined Roman army (despite vastly higher numbers) but her name lived on and represents strength.

With the Savannah cat being full of power, strength, and courage – what better name for the female than Boadicea perhaps?

Leonidas (male)

There’s a theme throughout this list – the names are typically strong. Names that have an association with characters or things that show exceptional qualities of some sort.

Best Savannah Cat Names

You may be familiar with the name Leonidas. He was a Warrior-King of the Greek City, Sparta. He was the leader of the Greek forces that lead a last stand of the Spartans against invading Persian forces that was so memorably portrayed in the film ‘300’.

The name conjures up feelings of power that you can easily associate with your Savannah cat. Just bear in mind that every time someone comes round do see your cat and hears its name – you’re going to have to explain it. I guess at least you’re going to become an expert on the Second Persian War!

Thor (male)

The Viking God of Thunder. Which is possibly apt as you may wonder whether there’s a thunderstorm outside when your Savannah cat comes bounding up the stairs in the middle of the night. Although, kids will only be familiar with one ‘Thor’ and that’s the one from the recent Marvel films!

Your Savannah cat will be the King of any environment and will soon take over your home. They may not be paying the bills but they will pay their way in other ways. There’s never a dull day when you have a Savannah cat in the home.

The name ‘Thor’ is great for the large male Savannah and perfectly reflects not only their physical presence but their assumed dominance over their environment.


Finding a name for the Savannah cat is actually a lot easier than finding a name for your conventional domesticated cat. For many breeds, there is nothing particularly distinctive about them.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all breeds of cat. But there are few as individual and unique as the Savannah cat. Because of this, certain names just ‘fit’. These are names that suit their physical presence and personality.

The Savannah is a large cat that can live a long time with relatively few health issues. Its personality is as large as its physical size and because of these obvious traits, you can easily find names to match!

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll immediately know whether it’s right or not and as I said previously, don’t be afraid to change their name if it just doesn’t feel right (and they are still quite young).

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