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How Fast Can A Maine Coon Cat Run?

Maine Coons are world-class sprinters among cats and they don’t even have to train. The secret behind their speed is a pair of powerful hind legs. This feline is certainly capable of super acceleraion, but just how fast can a Maine Coon cat run?

The Maine Coon is a fast, athletic cat despite its size. On average, a Maine Coon cat can accelerate to speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour. Maine Coons can run extremely fast in short bursts such as in pursuit of prey but don’t tend to run long distances as a rule; and there’s a good explanation for this.

Is the Maine Coon Faster Than Other Cats?

The Maine Coon isn’t the fastest domestic cat. Actually, it’s not even close to the top. However, it can still be categorized as a fast runner.

Remember, the Maine Coon is a born hunter and if it was more sleuth than predator then it wouldn’t be so notorious in this regard! I’ve seen these things move – admittedly it’s happening a bit less these days and when they do run, they may not have the top speed they used to, but our two 14-year-olds can still run fast enough to bring things through the cat flap!

Does The Maine Coon Size Impact Their Hunting Skills?

The size of the Maine Coon does impact its hunting ability, but I would suggest positively. Yes, its extra mass will mean it might not be quite as nimble as a lighter

cat. But, that extra weight is partly muscle and the Maine Coon is strong compared to the other breeds. Also, its size helps in other ways.

During hunting, the Maine Coon will run towards its prey and at the last moment will jump to finally capture it. As it is in the air it will extend all its paws to give itself the maximum chance of connecting with its prey.

It has longer legs than other cats so it has more chance of making contact with its sharp claws into some part of any prey that is trying to escape.

How Fast Can A Maine Coon Cat Run?

Is The Maine Coon A Good Athlete?

Yes, the Maine Coon is a good athlete, however, it can be a bit clumsy at times! Our cats have a habit of running up to a table at high speed, jumping on top of it, knocking everything off it as they slide on it before falling off the other side. They don’t seem to learn. They can look, well, just a bit cumbersome at times.

So, despite them being quite agile, despite their large size, they are certainly also clumsy. This clumsiness will follow them outside as well when they try to hunt.

Often, their sheer size gives them away and they look on incredulously as their prey runs off, after seeing them from 50 feet away!

Can I Make My Maine Coon Faster?

No, your Maine Coon will run as fast as it is designed to run, no more and no less. It is very unlikely that anything you do will have any impact on this whatsoever.

The very best thing you can do is to ensure that your Maine Coon is fed well but doesn’t become overweight. Don’t think that trying to bulk your Maine Coon up will enhance their speed as it certainly won’t!

How Fast Can A Maine Coon Cat Run?

You also might think that by applying a bit of training you may be able to increase their speed. Well, good luck with that. The Maine Coon is classed as an intelligent breed of cat and indeed, in my experience, this is true.

People say that because of this that the breed can be trained. It indeed might be possible that you can train your Maine Coon to do the odd trick but don’t think you’ll be able to train them to run fast.

The Maine Coon likes to do what it wants when it wants. Yes, it likes your company but you must abide by its rules of course.

Why Is My Maine Coon So Lazy?

They’re most likely not lazy all the time and actually the Maine Coon is probably one of the least lazy cats around. They are not known to be a lap cat and although they will want your company, they will want it in on their own terms.

There are many breeds of cat that will happily lounge around all day, such as the ragdoll, but the Maine Coon isn’t usually one of them.

Our two, Harry and Charlie, are 14 and still run around and want to play whenever we give them a chance. Charlie is a bit lazier these days than he used to be but he’s happy and will still occasionally play if he’s in the mood.

How Fast Can A Maine Coon Cat Run?
Harry, wanting to be tickled.

So, if you have a Maine Coon that’s not too old and is spending most of the day lounging around then maybe yours is an exception. If this is the case then try and spend some time each day playing with them more, maybe you need to initiate the play rather than them.

What’s The Fastest Domestic Cat?

The fastest domestic cat is certainly not the Maine Coon! It is believed that the fastest cat is the Egyptian Mau, which can (allegedly) run up to 30 mph.

The Mau has very powerful hind legs which enable it to jump long distances as well as jumping up onto high shelves. This is indeed pretty fast but it’s never really sustained for very long.

The cat utilizes its fast speeds in bursts, when it’s required, usually when it’s chasing something!

What’s The Laziest Domestic Cat?

This is a difficult question to answer. In many surveys, the Maine Coon is actually regarded as lazy but I have to disagree. I think this is the classic example of some authority site, for whatever reason, suggesting it and then loads of other sites copying it. Well, I disagree. Having Maine Coons for 25 years perhaps puts me in a good position to answer this.

The Maine Coon is not a lazy cat. You can make it lazy though. If you don’t let the Maine Coon out (which is part of its natural habitat) then it may indeed get bored, depressed and just give up, becoming lazy. I know, I know – it’s not always that easy. It totally depends on where you live.

There are some locations where it just doesn’t make sense to let them out and that’s fair enough. However, in these locations, maybe you just need to play with them a bit more 🙂


The Maine Coon can run fast, is agile and due to its strong muscles will be able to jump long distances. It is not a particularly lazy cat as many commentators have suggested.

The Maine Coon will surprise you in many ways. Mainly due to its unusual behavior but if you haven’t experienced the Maine Coon before then its speed, despite the size of this cat, will undoubtedly surprise you.

How Fast Can A Maine Coon Cat Run?
Our Charlie
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