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The 12 Best Scratching Posts For Maine Coons

Anyone who has ever owned a Maine Coon cat knows how much they love to scratch things around the home. It’s just something they all must do and you shouldn’t try to stop them. You should, however, try to protect your furniture by providing them with something you don’t mind them getting their claws in to. What are the best scratching posts for Maine Coon cats?

Sturdy and strong are best when it comes to choosing scratching posts for Maine Coons. A light, flimsy post will topple as it is scratched and will be shredded to pieces too easily. This guide reviews 12 scratching posts that are all capable of standing up to a thorough hammering at the mercy of a Maine Coons claws.

Best Scratching Posts for Maine Coon cats

  • Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
  • The Original Scratch Lounge
  • Feline Be Mine Cat Scratcher
  • Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed
  • SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
  • Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed
  • Kitty City Premium Woven Sisal Scratching Post
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree
  • Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree
  • Feandrea 67″ Multi-Level Cat
  • SnugglyCat Ripple Rug
  • Bergan Turbo Scratcher

When people think of cats scratching they often have an image of one reaching up with their claws dug into a vertical surface such as a favorite couch. In light of this, traditional scratching posts are vertical and usually wound with sisal string.

But there are so many different shapes, sizes, and styles of ‘scratching posts’ available these days to cater for the various positions that cats like to adopt when they stretch, flex muscles and claw. These are 12 of the best available and as you will see, they are not all tall posts but are a variety of shapes and sizes.

The 12 Best Scratching Posts For Maine Coons

Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This scratching lounge suits cats that love horizontal scratching. It also doubles as a comfortable place for your cat to snooze. It’s constructed from recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue, so is environmentally friendly too. the curvy design is attractive and won’t look out of place in any home.

The best bits

  • At 34″ long, 10.5″ wide and 10.5″ high it is ideal for large cats such as Maine Coons.
  • It comes in three different colors which means it will fit in well in any home.
  • Cats seem to love the cardboard feel and should prefer scratching this to your furniture.
  • The curvy design is cool looking and offers all sorts of angles to scratch at.
  • It can be turned over to ensure all areas are well used.
  • The superior corrugated cardboard means it lasts longer than other scratchers.
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty which covers any manufacturing defects.
  • 87% of customers give this 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • Little pieces of cardboard are shredded off as your cat scratches so it is a bit messy.
  • It is just cardboard and though it lasts longer than cheaper versions it has a limited lifespan depending on how much your cat uses it.

For full details, the current price and photos, click here.

The Original Scratch Lounge

This scratching lounger is a bit cheaper than some but is still made of the same durable corrugated cardboard. All the cardboard scratch pads are reversible so your cat can make full use of every surface. And once it’s exhausted itself scratching, it can settle down on this lounger for a nap.

The best bits

  • It’s a scratcher and bed combined.
  • All inserts are reversible cardboard to extract maximum uses.
  • At approximately 21″ x 13″ it will hold a large cat.
  • The super-dense honeycomb construction of the scratchpad and sides makes it last longer than many other scratchers.
  • Corrugated cardboard is the best material for cats to scratch.
  • It is 100% recyclable and contains no harmful materials.
  • 88% of customers give this 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • Pieces of cardboard shred off and make a bit of a mess
  • It won’t last forever but the price reflects this

Click here for more details, photos and the current retail price.

Feline Be Mine Cat Scratcher

This is a great value cardboard scratcher, ideal to introduce a Maine Coon kitten to the delights of scratching cardboard rather than your furniture. It’s designed like a little couch so makes the ideal spot for your kitten to sleep off the tiring effects of a good scratching session.

The best bits

  • It’s a scratcher and a bed.
  • The cardboard surface is an ideal scratching surface.
  • It’s made from durable, premium pressed cardboard, dense enough to be able to withstand intense scratching.
  • It’s 17″ long, 11″ wide and 3″ high.
  • 90% of customers give this 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • The cardboard shreds and makes a mess.
  • It won’t last forever but the price reflects this.

You can see the details, price and photos here.

Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed

Here’s a very cute scratcher bed. It’s available in two sizes so make sure you buy the larger size for a Maine Coon.

The best bits

  • Cats who love to scratch and curl up to sleep will love it.
  • It will look lovely in any home.
  • Durable cardboard
  • Safe, corn starch glue ensures this is a chemical-free item.
  • The larger bed is 17.7″ in diameter and 5.9 ” high.
  • 83% of its reviewers awarded it 5 stars

The worst bits

  • As per most cardboard scratchers, expect some mess.

Click here to see all the details and the current retail price.

Maine Coon scratching.

These are great for cats who like to really stretch up tall to scratch. Here are three of the best.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Scratching post.

This post is ideal for Maine Coons that like to stand tall and stretch. It has a sturdy wooden base and a chunky scratching post.

The best bits

  • The sturdy 16″ square wooden base eliminates tipping and wobbling.
  • 322 height allows large cats to get a good stretch.
  • 6″ durable woven sisal post naturally inspires scratching.
  • The top of the post makes an ideal perch.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great to train vertical scratchers away from scratching furniture.
  • Neutral-color scheme to blend in with any home decor scheme.
  • 90% of customers have given this 4-stars and over.

The worst bits

  • Post can’t be turned upside down on the base once the top section has been worn out.
  • It only comes in one color.

If you’d like to see the full details, more photos, and the price please click here.

Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

I love this because it combines tall and medium scratching posts with comfortable perching places. It is handmade and solid so cats can safely climb the posts. The posts are solid pine and covered with natural sisal rope. But, it is a piece of furniture meant to be scratched – just what kitty ordered. It stands 35″ tall on a sturdy 19″ x 21″ base.

The best bits

  • Large beds will hold Maine Coons.
  • Covered with durable carpet.
  • All-natural thick sisal rope.
  • No assembly required.
  • 37 inches tall on a 19″x 21″ inch base.
  • Comes in different shades of beige to suit all interiors.
  • 83% of its reviewers have given it 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • Sometimes the carpet shreds a bit.

To see photos and price information, just click here.

Kitty City Premium Woven Sisal Scratching Post

Scratching post.

This scratching post will blend into any home and is sturdy enough to withstand the abuse from any Maine Coons powerful claws. It has a stable design and is extra-tall. The sturdy post is covered with natural sisal which is irresistible to cats. Its base is size is 15.75″ square and it stands 32″ high.

The best bits

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Attractive and neutrally toned to blend in with any decor.
  • Extremely stable.
  • 32″ tall.
  • Sturdy 15.75″ square base.
  • Includes jingling ball toy.
  • Premium woven sisal and carpet scratching post.
  • 88% of customers give this 4 star or higher reviews.

The worst bits

  • Some have said this isn’t as durable as they expected it to be but it’s good value for the price. 

To see more photos, a video and the price, click here.

Maine Coon in cat tower.

Scratching trees are excellent to give indoor Maine Coons plenty of exercise and keep them entertained. Be sure to check the height of your room before you buy one. The most important thing to check is that the base is larger enough to keep it stable with a large Maine Coon leaping about in it.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

I love this one but it is just too tall for our low ceilings, otherwise we would definitely by one. It has so many large platforms, posts and two great hiding places, making it ideal for Maine Coons.

The best bits

  • It’s a great design.
  • It’s sturdy.
  • It comes in a neutral color to suit any home.
  • It has natural sisal posts.
  • It comes with the tools required for assembly.
  • At 72″ high it is excellent for large cats.
  • The base is 28″ x 24″ making it very stable.
  • 80% of reviewers awarded it 4 stars or higher.

The worst bits

  • It might be too large for smaller homes.
  • The color will show up dirt.

To see this fabulous tree in its full splendor, along with the retail price, simply click here.

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree

This is another supersized tree for large cats. The largest is 74″ high.

As well as platform, scratching posts and places to hide it has a cozy hammock. Sisal posts and faux fur covers provide plenty of areas to scratch.

The best bits

  • There’s plenty of space for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.
  • It includes toys for your cat to bat.
  • The color will suit ay home.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • Assembly tools are included.
  • 80% of buyers give it 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • It takes up lots of space.

Have a closer look and check out the price here.

FEANDREA 53″ Multi-Level Cat

This multilevel tree has plenty of platforms, hiding places, scratching posts and a ramp. It comes in two shades of grey faux fur. There’s plenty of space for a Maine Coon to get lots of exercise.

The best bits

  • It’s spacious.
  • It’s 53″ high so will fit lower ceilinged homes.
  • There are plenty of natural sisal scratching posts
  • It’s stable enough for large cats and has anti-topple fittings.
  • It comes with a 30-month warranty.
  • 88% of reviewers give it 5 stars.

The worst bits

  • It only comes in grey.

To see photos and more details, click here.

SnugglyCat Ripple Rug

This multi-function activity center is perfect for Maine Coons. As well as making an excellent scratching mat, it can be a bed, play space, a place to stretch and lounge, and somewhere to tunnel, hunt and hide. It’s the perfect way to distract your cat away from your rugs and furniture. It is versatile and can be used to create a variety of shapes for your cat to explore. You can leave your cat to entertain itself or you can get down on the floor and join in the play. Your cat will never tire of this award-winning product.

Best bits:

  • Eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Thermal base 47″ x 35″.
  • Non-slip rubber backing to prevent excess movement when your cat pounces.
  • Versatile top section that velcros on and can be arranged in a variety of ways to keep your cat it fresh and interesting.
  • Can be used to hide toys and treats for your cat to hunt, stalk and pounce on.
  • Easy to clean – just pop it into your washing machine.
  • Tough and durable fabric that can withstand claws and teeth.
  • Pet-safe non-toxic material.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Mold, mildew, and stain-resistant
  • Slits allow holes to expand so your cat can pass through without getting stuck.
  • Non-fraying design.
  • Easy to fold away for storage.
  • 81% of reviews are 4-stars or above.

Worst bits

  • Some reviewers complain that they can’t make the tunnels stay up. The creator of this rug has personally answered every negative comment and recommends that all buyers watch the instructional video carefully to get the most out of this rug.
  • There are some initiations on the market, so make sure you purchase the patented version.
  • Some people complain that their cats don’t like it – we all know how fickle some cats can be!
  • It may not be suitable for particularly large Maine Coons.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

This simple scratching toy has literally thousands of 5-star reviews so I thought I’d investigate to see what all the fuss is about. It a simple circular toy, 16″ in diameter, with a scratch pad in the center and a small ball in a track that runs around the perimeter. Having watched a few customer videos I can see just how much cats seem to love this combination. They love the cardboard centerpiece.

Best bits

  • Cats can’t seem to resist these.
  • It’s a scratch pad and a toy combined.
  • The center pad is durable and replaceable.
  • There are plenty of Turbo Scratcher accessories available to add to the original toy.
  • The Turbo Scratcher encourages exercise and distracts cats from scratching where you don’t want them to.
  • 86% of the reviews of this product are 4-stars or above.

Worst bits

  • Cardboard inserts don’t last long
  • You can’t choose the color you receive – it’s random.
  • It’s a little noisy
  • It’s OK on carpets but slides around on smooth floors

To see the purchase price, photos and more information please click here.

Why Do Maine Coons Scratch Furniture

Maine Coon upside down.

They are simply partaking in natural cat behavior. There are several reasons why cats must scratch things and they must be allowed to do it for their health and happiness.

Shedding the outer layers of their claws

Just as our fingernails and toenails keep growing, so do cat’s claws. Periodically, they must shed the blunt outer layers to reveal new sharp claws beneath. This is achieved by scratching at things that their claws really cling to. You may notice the husks of claws in and around the places where your cat loves to scratch.

Stretching and flexing muscles

As a cat claws it gives its shoulders and front leg muscles and ligaments a good workout. This helps to keep them strong and flexible, ready for use in stalking and hunting when necessary.

Visibly marking territory

The claw marks your cat makes when scratching serve as a visible reminder to any other cat that may pass by that they have entered your cats kingdom.

Scent marking territory

A cat has scent glands in its feet and as it scratches it leaves behind a clear smell that any other passing cat will pick up on. It will know that another cat frequents that location and that it should make itself scarce.

Vertical vs Horizontal Scratching Posts

Some cats prefer to reach up high to scratch, some prefer to stretch forward and some aren’t fussy either way. It’s as simple as that. You should learn your cat’s habits and provide scratching posts to suit.

The Construction of a Good Scratching Post

Wide and Heavy Wooden Base

This is important if the scratching post is for a large cat. You don’t want one that topples when a cat gets a little boisterous as this will probably put it off using it and drive it to scratch somewhere else, such as your couch.

Tall post

If your cat is a vertical scratcher, you need a post to match its height otherwise it won’t be satisfied. For Maine Coons, look for one that is at least 30″ tall.


For cats that are horizontal scratchers, make sure the pad is long enough for your cat to really get a good stretch along.


Scratching posts are made from a variety of materials. Make sure you choose one that simulates the things your cat loves to scratch. These include:

  • Carpet
  • Sisal
  • Fabric
  • Rope

If your cat is into curtains, try nailing some curtain fabric around the perch of a scratching post to satisfy that urge. Make sure the nails are secure so they can’t come out and injure your cat.

Training a Maine Coon Not To Scratch Your Furniture

If you put in the effort to train your Maine Coon where it can and can’t scratch it will pay off for you and help to preserve your furnishings. Provide plenty of different scratching posts wherever your cat spends the most time. For much more information on this subject here’s an article you might like: How To Stop Your Maine Coon Scratching Your Furniture.

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