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Top 20 Best Siberian Husky Names in 2024

The Siberian Husky is an awesome dog and, therefore, it needs an awesome name! If your mind has gone blank or you just can’t find a name that suits the new addition to your family then don’t fret.

One of these names may well be the perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy or dog. Here are 20 of the BEST names for Siberian Huskies (along with their origins of that name). Here are a few examples:

Best Siberian Husky Names

Here are a few examples of the best Siberian Husky names:

  • Aurora
  • Ghost
  • Iron
  • Jack
  • Miska
  • Apollo
  • Mia
  • Newton

Now, let’s find out more about these names and others.

1. Aurora

An aurora is an electrical phenomenon that is characterized by the appearance of strange lights in the northern (or southern) poles. It is actually caused by an interaction of particles (which are charged) from the Sun colliding with atoms located high in the upper atmosphere.

I liked this as, like the Aurora Borealis, it is something that is associated with the cold northern climates and it just seems to suit them.

Siberian Husky yawning

2. Ghost

This name is really popular these days as it was the name of the direwolf in the TV program ‘Game of Thrones’. A lot of people believed that this dog was actually a Siberian Husky but it was, in fact, a Northern Inuit breed of dog and nothing to do with the Husky at all! However, I rather like the name and suits the white Siberian Husky rather well.

3. Iron

An unusual name, for sure, but then the Siberian Husky is an unusual dog. I think ‘Iron’ matches the personality and strength of the Husky. This doesn’t mean it’s aggressive in any way, because as you know – it isn’t. However, it is strong and quite comfortable pulling sleds all day long.

4. Jack

I like this one and it’s really quite popular at the moment. ‘Jack Frost’ is another name for all things snowy, cold, winter-related and frosty so it seemed to fit perfectly the origins of the Siberian Husky.

5. Miska

This can actually be used as both a male and a female name. Depending on who you ask it may have a different meaning and a different origin, it has roots in Norway and Russia amongst other places – but whatever the origin is, I rather like it!

6. Apollo

The name Apollo oozes strength and power and in ancient Greek means ‘to destroy’ – which is exactly what your Husky will do if you leave it alone for too long!

7. Mia

This has become more common in recent years and is a great name for your female Husky. The name has numerous origins but many translate it to be ‘mine’.

8. Newton

Now, this is a name that I think is both appropriate and also a bit tongue-in-cheek. ‘Newton’, after Sir Isaac Newton as your Husky can be incredibly intelligent at times. However, it can then be as daft as a brush, in which case – it’s just funny. However you want to use it, I think it’s a good fit for the Husky.

9. Suka

A female Nordic name that is cute and catchy. I just think this really fits a Siberian Husky, go on – imagine calling for them to come inside using the name. Now imagine them totally ignoring you. Perfect and very accurate.

Husky running through water

10. Balto

Anyone who has researched a bit of Siberian Husky history will be familiar with the name Balto. A Siberian Husky that shared this name was part of a vital expedition in the 1920s to deliver urgent medical supplies to a remote town in Alaska. A fantastic name for your male Husky.

11. Olga

Another female name, Olga, has its roots in Scandinavia and Baltic states. Several Russian members of the imperial family in the 19th Century were called it and the name goes back over a thousand years.

12. Ivan

Another Russian sounding name but this time for the male Siberian Husky. Its origins are predominantly Slavic as it happens but also have a Greek influence and again, like Olga, can be traced back over a thousand years.

13. Blizzard

It might not be a traditional name but it is appropriate. The name ‘Blizzard’ can be applied to either a male or female Husky and suggests a fast-moving, destructive event. I think it fits quite nicely 🙂

14. Inga

This name has a Scandinavian background and is seen on females. There is actually a male equivalent called ‘Inge’ – but I still prefer ‘Inga’.

15. Saber

Used for the male Husky, ‘Saber’ is French for sword. This is a powerful name and I think easily associated with the strong (but equally gentle) Siberian Husky.

16. Mako

Pronounced ‘Mah-koh‘, this name can be used for both the male or female Husky and has Japanese origins. I think these short names suit the breed really well.

17. Charlie

Another name that can be used for both boy and girl dogs, ‘Charlie’ is a name that sounds just a little bit cheeky. I can just imagine saying, ‘Charlie – put that down!’ – it just feels right when linked with the Husky.

Siberian Husky in grass

18. Halo

These days it is more commonly associated with a computer game than anything else but I think ‘Halo’ has a feel to it that just works really well with the Siberian Husky, there’s something strong and commanding about it.

Husky face

19. Houdini

Well, I had to include this and yes it is perhaps obvious but how could I not? The Siberian Husky is well known for its advanced-level escaping skills so we had to put it in here and of course, this male name is based on the great escapologist Harry Houdini.

20. Kävik

Finally, the name Kävik has several origins but was used as the name of a Wolf in a novel written a few decades ago. Admittedly, the dog in the book was a Malamute (similar in some respects to the Husky but a lot heavier) but I still think it works.

So, there you go – I hope you got some inspiration from these names! If you decide on something else then I’d love to hear what you called them!

If you’d like to know more about the Siberian Husky, then please check out my Complete Guide (opens in a new window).

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