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The 5 Best Toys for Maine Coon Cats

We’ve owned Maine Coons for over 25 years, and in that time have learned through trial and error what does and does not entertain them.

One of the most notable traits of Maine Coons is it doesn’t matter what age they are, they are always kittens at heart. Our two boys are over 14 and yet still run around like mad things bursting with energy.

What are the best toys for Maine Coons?

The best toys for Maine Coons are:

  • Petstages Cheese Chase II
  • Bergan Turbo Scratcher
  • Catnip Banana
  • GoCat Bird Rod and Feather
  • Moody Pet Flink Ama String

The ratings we gave to these toys (and why) are below:

ToyBest FeatureCustomer Rating
Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Action-packed fun3.9/5
Bergan Turboscratcher Scratching fun4.6/5
Yeowww! Catnip Banana 100% organic4.6/5
GoCat Da Bird Rod and FeatherHones leaping skills4.4/5
Petstages Cheese Chase IIMentally engaging4.6/5

Having two Maine Coons is ideal because they entertain each other and keep each other company. As we live in a very safe location, ours have the luxury of being allowed outside to exert energy.

The best toys are those that keep a Maine Coon interested and active by offering plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. You should also invest some of your time encouraging play every day.

We have handpicked five toys which in our experience have always succeeded in holding out cats’ attention.

The Best Toys for Maine Coon Cats reviewed

1. Fling-Ama-String Toy

One of our favorites at the moment is The Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String. It’s so simple yet brilliant. Don’t just take our word for it click the link to read the Amazon customer reviews – there are almost 2000!

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice so be sure to watch the seller’s video to see it in action.

Anyone who has played with cats will know that pulling a piece of string until it disappears from their view drives them crazy – it kind of mimics how their prey moves.

This excellent toy basically does the same thing. You can sit back and relax while your cat is entertained for hours.

It is operated by three AA batteries so be sure to stock up on those. It has won many awards for its ingenuity and those of you who hate constructing things will be pleased to know there’s no set-up required.

2. Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy 

The best cat toys are ones that allow a cat to use its natural instincts and the one that a Maine Coon loves to put to good practice every day is its wonderful ability to scratch things.

Let me introduce to you the Bergan Turboscratcher. Click the link to see thousands of reviews on Amazon of which many get five stars!

Check out the seller’s videos of it in action too. What more could a cat want – a toy that it can happily scratch at for hours? What more could an owner want – a cat toy that will fully distract their cat from tearing their furniture to shreds? Win-win!

This is a toy that provides, exercise, play, and mental stimulation. And when your cat has worn out the scratchpad, you can simply buy a replacement.

3. Organic Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

What we liked about this is that the catnip is organic and unlike similar toys, the scent seems to last longer than others. There are people who have called it ‘weapons-grade’ catnip and for very good reason too!

If you buy this toy, show the box to your Maine Coon without opening it and I bet it will attempt to tear it open straight away. Ours both go a bit bonkers over this.

They will typically calm down after about 15 minutes when it’s probably best to give them a break for a bit before letting them have another go later in the day.

The Yeowww! Catnip Banana is larger than your average catnip toy, which suites the size of Maine Coons perfectly. Be sure to read all the happy Amazon customer reviews – 87% give it five stars which speaks volumes for the quality of this toy. In our experience, Yeowww catnip is stronger and lasts longer.

4. Rod and Bird Feather Cat Toy

If there is one thing that never fails to excite a Maine Coon it’s the GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy (be sure to check out all the happy customer reviews)

You could probably attempt to make something like this but it just won’t be quite as good. What’s the secret of this toy? It has a 36-inch rod so you can use it easily from the comfort of your chair whilst giving your Maine Coon a very good play session.

It uses real guinea feathers (and comes with two refills) so when you wave it around just above your cat’s head it not only looks quite like a real bird but it sounds like one too!

These are particularly good for indoor cats that don’t get the stimulation that stalking and chasing in the outdoor world provides. Our Maine Coon gives this his seal of approval!

5. Petstages Cheese Chase

This will provide hours of fun and owners’ testimonials back this up.

It consists of 2 balls on a fast track to bat and chase and a catnip-filled mouse to rub against. The non-slip base keeps it in place as cats play with it,

This is a stimulating toy that allows cats to use their instinctive hunting skills. It is certainly mentally engaging as well as a great form of exercise.

Click here to see Amazon customer Cheese Chase reviews and plenty more details.

There are plenty of other things that Maine Coons like to play with and ways to encourage reluctant cats to play

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