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17 Ways to Tell That Your Maine Coon Cat Loves You

Some owners are lucky because their Maine Coons are super-cuddly and some know Maine Coon love is displayed in other ways.

Along with their enchanting personalities, Maine Coons are notorious for being affectionate. If your Maine Coon loves you, it will make it obvious in a variety of ways. Some signs of devotion are less obvious than others and can be misunderstood.

If your cat holds affection for you, you’ll soon realize. Here are 17 ways to tell that your Maine Coon loves you.

1) Your Maine Coon will follow you around

Sometimes I’m sure they deliberately try and trip you up as you’re coming down the stairs but a Maine Coon will often want to follow you wherever you go. They are a very inquisitive breed of cat and will want to know what you’re up to all the time.

This may be as you walk into the kitchen as you prepare your dinner, hoping whilst they are in there you give them a little treat. Or, the bathroom which can actually be quite off-putting.

Our Harry (ginger Maine Coon) has a morning routine which means as soon as I get up he will follow me into the bathroom. I will then do what I went in there for whilst he just sits there, staring at me, meowing.

It can be quite distracting, believe me. Anyway, as soon as I turn on the shower, that’s his cue to meow at the door and be let out, where he will then go back to bed whilst I have to go out into the cold and on to work!

2) You’ll notice your Maine Coon blinking at you

A cat will blink deliberately and slowly at another cat to show that it is not a threat. They will do the same to you but in an affectionate way but here’s the really cool thing about this – you can (and should) do it back to them. Honestly, you must try this.

If there is a cat that hasn’t fully taken to you, when it is looking at you, do a deliberate slow-blink (keep your eyes closed for about a second during this) then slowly open them.

Turn away slowly before turning back to it and repeat. This will have the effect of the cat feeling less anxious in your presence as you are telling it that you don’t perceive it as a threat, and are not likely to attack it!

You will notice this behavior in cats that you’ve had for years also though. For instance, our 14 year-olds still do this and it’s just their way of saying how comfortable they feel in our presence and we do it back to them also.

We’ve also since convinced other people to do this with theirs and it has had the same positive effect on them.

3) Your Maine Coon will stare at you

Maine Coon Staring

There are several ways a Maine Coon can stare at you and it is not all about its eyes. Often, our Maine Coons will just sit there staring at me, purring. I don’t quite know what they want but they’re obviously quite happy.

A Maine Coon does have a few similarities to a dog personality and not wanting to be left alone is definitely one of those traits. The Maine Coon can become anxious if left alone for long periods and will always want to know where you are.

They don’t always want to be sitting on you but typically they will want to be in the same room as either you or another member of the family.

I believe they stare at you because it just makes them happy that you are still there. This is a great time to do the slow-blink routine as I mentioned above to really make them feel content.

4) Your Maine Coon will talk to you

Although some Maine Coons are more vocal than others, most will want to talk to you. An interesting fact is that Maine Coons (and cats in general) won’t talk to other cats, only to us humans!

My Maine Coons, when they follow me to wherever it is I’m going, will just sit and start talking. You will be able to say something back and they will then respond in kind. I have no idea what they’re actually saying but they only do it with people they know and trust.

I believe they just want some interaction with you. If you ignore them, they will stop but if you look at them, pay them a bit of attention and chat back then they will do it more.

5) Your Maine Coon will sit on your lap

Maine Coon Lap Cat

The Maine Coon isn’t traditionally known as being a lap cat but a recent poll performed by this site on social media suggested that maybe that’s not the whole picture.

Out of a hundred people surveyed, 66% said they categorized their Maine Coon as a lap cat who would happily spend all day on their laps if they could. Then, 10% said that their Maine Coon’s would sometimes sit on their laps (this is like ours). The remaining 24% said that their Maine Coon was not a lap cat.

So, although not all will do it – most will. If they do, then it is a sign that they feel totally comfortable in your company. Sometimes they may do this whilst kneading your lap (which can be rather painful!) but this is also a sign that they are incredibly relaxed with you.

What I’ve noticed with one of ours is that although he doesn’t sit on my lap much, he will sleep as close to me as possible, occasionally opening an eye to be sure I’m still there. Or, he will walk onto my belly (which is probably more squidgy than a cushion these days) and lay his paws on my shoulder, facing me.

What I love about our Maine Coons sitting on my lap though is that it means that whilst they are on my lap, I’m unable to get up so Jane has to get me drinks all night until they get off. Bit awkward when you want to go to the toilet though!

6) Your Maine Coon will greet you

When I come home after a few hours away, our Maine Coons will be waiting for me: either just inside the door or looking out of the window.

As I walk in, they trot over in a friendly manner and rub around my legs. They then turn and lead me to the kitchen or the garden door.

I usually pick them up (one at a time, I’m not that strong) and give them a little tickle on the head. They start purring and head bunting and it’s obvious they have missed me.

7) Your Maine Coon will play with you

The Maine Coon is a playful cat and this won’t stop just because they are no longer a kitten! Our two Maine Coons are now over 14 years old and although one of them has certainly started to slow down a bit recently, the other one (Harry), despite being old in cat years, still thinks he’s a kid (I know the feeling).

We have all their toys permanently laid out in our Dining Room (see picture above) and often when I come down the stairs into this room I will see Harry just sitting there, amongst his toys, looking at me.

If I start picking up a bit of string or something he will yawn (they always seem to do this before playing) and maybe have a long stretch. Then, they will spend as much time as you can give running around, usually ignoring the expensive toys you bought them for Christmas and just playing with the bit of string they’ve had for five years!

By the way, we’ve tried all kinds of toys with our Maine Coons over the last couple of decades and the vast majority they couldn’t care less about! So, if you’re wondering what toys really do work then do take a look at ‘What are the best toys for a Maine Coon?‘ (opens in a new window) – they’re not expensive and all I guarantee they will love!

Playing with your Maine Coons is great for several reasons but primarily because it creates a tighter bond between you and your cat(s), reduces their anxiety and also reduces your anxiety. There are literally no downsides.

8) Your Maine Coon will nose-nudge you

This means your Maine Coon will walk up to you slowly when you’re at their level, or if they are on your lap, and head-butt you. Not aggressively, but gently. This is most certainly a sign of affection. It allows them to impart their pheromones onto you, claiming you as rightfully theirs.

This behavior isn’t as common in the Maine Coon as perhaps others and indeed, one of my cats has never done this whilst the other has only done it occasionally, so don’t be disappointed if you haven’t seen this yet!

9) Your Maine Coon will bring you presents

Maine Coons like to hunt. Occasionally one of ours brings me in a vole or a mouse, trying to meow as it holds it in its mouth – such a funny sound. It will drop it at my feet and wait for my praise.

In my previous house, I used to leave the window open at night sometimes, to let in some fresh air whilst I slept.

As a reward for being such a great owner, my Maine Coon at the time (Oscar the 1st) would come in through the window and drop a mouse he’d caught in my bed – usually still alive.

I decided to open the window just a crack in future so it was not quite wide enough for Oscar to fit through. One night he was so desparate to give me my gift, he somehow threw a mouse through the gap – it was a rather good throw!

It landed on my pillow, a couple of inches from my mouth, and this time was dead. Not something I particularly wanted to wake up to at 3 am.

As we spend a lot of time feeding our cats, they feel they should reciprocate in some way. Bringing us in a little furry half-dead creature from outside is their way of trying to feed us for a change.

Don’t scold your Maine Coon for doing this, it won’t understand what it’s done wrong. Give it an extra special tickle and say thank you – like you mean it!

If you want to buy your cat a lovely present in return for its kindness, here’s an excellent toy that will definitely satisfy its hunting instinct (click the link for more details and reviews on Amazon)

10) Your Maine Coon will want to spend time with you

This is especially the case with the Maine Coon as some cats, to be quite honest, don’t really care if we’re here or not. As long as they’re provided with food each day, they will be happy.

The Maine Coon is different though. They want and need human company and attention. This doesn’t always mean they will be sitting on your lap or indeed, next to you. As long as they are in the same room as you and are able to see you, they will be happy.

You’ll notice if you get up and leave they’ll open an eye just to see what you’re up to and where you’re going. Expect them to come looking for you if you’re gone for too long.

11) Your Maine Coon will lick you

Why does my Maine Coon lick me

A Maine Coon licking you is a sign of affection. It is a way that your cat will form a bond with you and you typically see this behavior between cats. They are sharing their pheromones with you and marking you as part of their family.

We don’t really know what’s going through their little heads when they do this of course. It could even be related to when they were kittens and are trying to show you how to groom yourself. Don’t take it personally though, they’re not trying to tell you that you could do with a wash, I think.

12) Your Maine Coon will sulk when you’re packing

Maine Coon on case

Every year we get this when we go away for a week on vacation. We hate leaving our little boys at home and we actually have a couple of friends stay in our house throughout this time to look after them. They look after the house also of course but the main reason is to make sure the Maine Coons are okay!

When we’re packing to go away, their behavior changes. They seem to become sad and less likely to want to play. Either (or both) will get into the suitcase as we’re packing as if he’s coming along also. Honestly, it makes it very difficult to go away and if we didn’t know for sure that they were in good hands, we just wouldn’t go.

The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that thrives on human attention and they are not stupid. They recognize this behavior and they know what’s going on. They don’t like it and boy do they sulk when we eventually return.

They don’t like it as you are part of their lives, integral to their routines and that routine changes when you go away. They don’t like change and it can cause anxiety-related problems.

Their behavior changes when we’re packing is a sign that they love us and they don’t want us to go!

13) Your Maine Coon will wake you up

The Maine Coon doesn’t know or care that I have to get up in 3 hours’ time. If Charlie is hungry he will jump onto our bed, crawl onto my belly and then lie on my head. Basically, I will have him as a pillow. It’s a noisy pillow though as it purrs loudly. He will do this until I eventually decide it’s time for me to get up and give him some more food!

Your Maine Coon, previously hungry, will find comfort in knowing that the provider of this food is being slept on and they won’t be able to get far without them knowing about it. I think it’s also an association thing.

They know that when they do this there is a reaction. Usually, that reaction is for me to get up, go downstairs and give them some more food. So it works.

14) Your Maine Coon will block whatever your view

Maine Coon in front of tv

I usually notice this behavior whilst I’m working from home and quite busy. My Maine Coon (Charlie usually) will get bored of not getting attention and jump up onto the office desk and just sit in front of the monitor.

I then have a view of a big Maine Coon rather than my work. After giving him some attention, picking him up and putting him on the floor the cycle will repeat if I don’t pay him any further attention.

I’ve actually tried to shut the door so he’s in another room and can’t get into the office when I’m particularly busy or on an important conference call.

Don’t feel too bad for him as he literally has the whole house then, I just have a small office. Anyway, it doesn’t work as he will just sit the other side of the door meowing until I let him in. Which is usually about five minutes after I’ve shut the door.

Another time they do this is when my wife and I are sitting in the Living Room watching something good on television. We have a coffee table in the middle of the room and, usually, when something good is about to happen, this is the time one of them jumps up onto the table and just stares at what we’re looking at (picture of Charlie doing just this above).

There’s no point moving them as they just come back. The only option for us at this point is to keep moving chairs so we can see, which is what we do.

15) Your Maine Coon will roll onto its back

Maine Coon on back

When a Maine Coon rolls onto their back (see our Harry in the photo above) it is not a sign for you to tickle them! By all means, try it, but if you want to use your fingers again, then I would advise against it.

About a tenth of a second after you touch their belly-fur, their claws will extend and they will wrap all four legs somehow around your hand, before biting you. That’ll teach you.

So, why do Maine Coons lay upside down? A Maine Coon will roll onto its back to show you that they feel extremely comfortable in your presence. They are demonstrating a submissive posture that indicates they feel no threat when they are in your company.

What’s strange is that out of our two current Maine Coons, only one of them does this. I have no idea why as we treat them the same but don’t worry if you don’t see this behavior as some obviously just don’t want to do it.

16) Your Maine Coon will walk with its tail up

If your Maine Coon walks with its long tail held vertically and rubs against you, this is a sure sign that it is very happy and comfortable.

They may be rubbing their pheromones on you to mark you as theirs. Sometimes their tail will be stuck up so high (and the Maine Coon tail is so long) that it will loop all the way forward and touch their heads!

17) Your Maine Coon will purr

Although it’s an obvious sign, I couldn’t leave it out. This is something you want to hear a lot and I’m sure it subconsciously has a positive effect on us humans.

More often than not purring is a sign that your Maine Coon is very happy and you will usually hear this when they’re lying down getting a tickle or little stroke from you.

Don’t ignore it – pay them attention, give them a fuss and tell them how much you love them. I’m sure they recognize a smile from us and, similar to the slow blink, it makes them feel relaxed and at ease.

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