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Are Maine Coons Friendly?

If you’re a cat lover looking for an amiable cat, the Maine Coon might well be perfect for you.

Friendly, sociable, and loving are just three of many Maine Coon attributes. In fact, these large, loveable fluff balls are renowned for being extremely friendly towards adults, children, dogs, and even other cats.

A friendly Maine Coon cat sitting on a stair case.
Our friendly Maine Coon, Rosie

At one time, a cat’s survival depended on it endearing itself to humans. Now, everyone wants to own a Maine Coon because of their affectionate nature. A Maine Coons friendly way makes it the ideal family pet.

Maine Coons are not aloof cats, far from it. They can be quite goofy and entertaining at times. They have gentle natures that make them perfect for families with babies and children.

The affable Maine Coon actively seeks attention and hates to be left alone or ignored.

Having owned two Maine Coons for 14 years I can honestly say they are the most endearing cats I’ve ever known. But friendliness is only one of their many amazing characteristics.

Read on to find out everything you could possibly want to know about the mega-personality of these fabulous felines.

Maine Coons like to be around people

Maine Coons are definitely people cats which is why they are so friendly.

Sociableness is a large part of the Maine Coon temperament which probably stems from the days when they ingratiated themselves with the farming community in Maine, North America – the place of their origin.

Their friendly behavior enabled them to hang around people and who fed and looked after them. In return, they kept the vermin at bay.

At this time, Maine Coons learned to be friendly toward other cats, dogs, and animals as there was always a variety living at each smallholding. Of course, their sheer size gave them confidence too.

A friendly Maine Coon having a cuddle with her owner.
Maine Coon Rosie is very cuddly

You need a good breeder to ensure your Maine Coon is friendly

As long as you get your Maine Coon cat from a reputable breeder who has socialized it properly from the start, you will find it is a friendly addition to your home. If not, have a little patience while it gets used to sharing your life.

The friendly Maine Coon will be sociable with all family members and loves company. It is no wonder this cat is referred to as dog-like. One will integrate itself into your family, just like one of the pack.

A Maine Coon will soon recognize its name and will come when called. You will find it comes to wake you in the mornings and greets you when you come home at night. It will welcome your guests too and you’ll find them remarking on how friendly a cat it is.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?
Our son with our Maine Coon Charlie

Maine Coon Cats are Loving and Affectionate

Your Maine Coon may or may not become a lap cat but will always show you affection in one way or another.

It will follow you from room to room, rub against your legs, sit next to you while you watch TV or perch on your desk while you work. It will try to jump up onto surfaces to be at your level. 

Your Maine Coon will also demonstrate its love for you by:

  • Staring at you and slow-blinking – this shows extreme affection for you. It’s the equivalent of a cat kiss and you should return the gesture.
  • Gently head-butting your head – you are being marked with its scent, it is claiming you as part of its family.
  • Laying upside down with its front paws curled to show you its belly – you should feel honored as cats don’t do this for just anyone. You are really loved and trusted as your cat is happy to render itself defenseless at your feet.
  • Kneading your legs – the more it digs its claws in the happier it is. Try to tolerate the pain and remember the sentiment behind it.
  • Bringing you a present  – a toy if you’re lucky, a dead mouse if you’re not. You should always act pleased and say thank you.
  • Purring – this is definitely another sign of love for you.
  • Nipping – a gentle nip means ‘I love you’, it’s a bit like a love bite.
Two Maine Coons being friendly together.
Our Maine Coons Mona and Rosie met at 4 months old and became friends immediately

Maine Coon Cats are Gentle

A Maine Coon is naturally gentle-natured and will never scratch or bite unless really provoked. It will give clear warning signs if it is not enjoying a specific treatment.

So if a Maine Coon wags its tail, puts its ears back or growls just leave it alone until it relaxes again. When it comes to babies and small children Maine Coons seem to recognize their vulnerability and extend more patience with them than with adults.

Just to be sure though, as you should with any family pet, it’s best to supervise children around a Maine Coon cat at all times. Ensure you teach children to always be kind and gentle towards cats.

Maine Coon Cats are Sociable

Maine Coons are definitely sociable creatures. If you’ve ever owned a different breed of cat and found it aloof at times, rest assured you won’t find yourself thinking that of a Maine Coon.

Maine Coons prefer to be where you are in the house and are positively pleased to see you when you return home. They will seek you out wherever you are in the house.

One of our Main Coons hates it when we shut the bathroom door and meows incessantly to be let in. He also likes to play the piano with his bottom!

Are Maine Coons Friendly?
Maine Coon Harry helping me with my piano practice

Maine Coons Like a Friendly Chat

A Maine Coon cat makes a range of sounds from a very well-pronounced “mee-ow” to a deep “mow” and a whole variety of trills, chirrups and purrs too. Our two have soft purrs, tuneful purrs and deep purrs that sound like engines rumbling.

Maine Coons can seem to hold a conversation with you. If you talk back when one meows you will often get more meows back. One of our cats seems to call us at night from downstairs. It’s like he’s wondering where we’ve gone.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?
Brothers, Harry and Charlie

Maine Coon Cats are Always Playful Kittens at Heart

Mane Coon cats love to play so always have a selection of toys to hand. A Maine Coon isn’t truly mature until it’s 3 or 4 years old.

But get down and play with one and it will revert to kitten-like behavior no matter what age it is.

Our two are 14 years old and love to chase string, laser pointers, and catnip toys still. In fact, you should always make time to play with a Maine Coon on a daily basis as this is good for the health of their minds and bodies.

It is also a great way to bond with your cat. Here’s a nice selection of toys to keep one entertained.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?
Harry and Charlie playing

Maine Coon Cats are Amusing Companions

You will find a Maine Coon does the oddest things now and then that will really make you laugh.

One of mine has a hairband fetish. He steals them from my ensuite bathroom. If one isn’t to hand he uses his paw to root through my makeup basket until he finds one.

He then brings it to me to play fetch, just like a dog. He skids about like a lunatic and these skids are avoidable but he does them on purpose.

From time to time our Maine Coons run about the house like excited children. We will suddenly hear one race up the stairs and run heavily from one end of a corridor to the other.

He then speeds back downstairs into the living room and across the coffee table, knocking everything flying. This is often accompanied by weird meowing sounds.

I believe each Maine Coon has its own set of quirky behavior so you’ll have to wait and see what sort yours displays.

A Maine Coon about to yawn.
Oscar, mid yawn

Maine Coon Cats are Stunning

All Maine Coons are breathtakingly beautiful. Their eyes large almond eyes are clear and engaging. They have tufty ears and paws and a lion-like mane. Their coats are long and silky to the touch.

They have a majestic air about them and are the most photogenic cat I have ever known. I can just stare in awe at my two for hours.

Even people I know who claim not to like cats can’t help but make complimentary comments about them. A Maine Coon is definitely a cat you will fall in love with.

Maine Coon Cats are Curious

If you leave a cupboard door or a drawer open a Maine Coon will be in there having a nose. An open garage door seems to beckon them in.

One of ours was locked in a garage for two nights once while we were frantically searching the neighborhood for him.

They can’t resist an open car door so be sure your one doesn’t stow away with a delivery driver.

If you ever bring anything new into the house your Maine Coon will be there to investigate. Open a parcel and it will be trying to see what’s in the box before you can.

Christmas presents under the tree are irresistible to a Maine Coon. Though some people prefer to keep Maine Coons indoors, if you let yours outside you will witness it exploring high and low and responding inquisitively to a whole raft of stimuli.

Two Maine Coon sleeping in a dishwasher.
Harry and Charlie in the dishwasher

Maine Coons are Friendly Family Pets

Maine Coon cats are very laid-back. Their calm and patient personality makes them the ideal pet for families. They are incredibly patient with young children and will tolerate a lot of attention from them.

They are more likely to remove themselves from the room than retaliate against the annoying behavior.

With adult supervision, they are the ideal cat to have to teach children how to treat an animal lovingly. We had our two Maine Coons before we had our son.

They were fantastic around him from the start and now he is 11 years old and dotes on them. Having our cats has helped him to become a real animal lover.

I can’t vouch for this as I don’t have a dog, but people say they successfully raise Maine Coons with dogs and other cats in the same household.

Our two are Maine Coons are brothers from the same litter and though they are now 14 years old they are still lovely together.

Are Maine Coons Cuddly?

Maine Coons can be cuddly as long as they are well-socialized as kittens. If a breeder handles Maine Coon kittens from about 2 weeks of age on a regular basis, they will get used to people.

Well-socialized kittens grow into confident Maine Coons adults who trust humans. Not all Maine Coons are lap cats but many will tolerate being picked up for a cuddle.

Two Maine Coons on a bed.
Harry and Charlie snuggling on a bed


Maine Coons are friendly cats. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one (or two) as the ideal family pet(s) who will provide you with years of fun, friendship, affection and entertainment.

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