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25 Reasons NOT to BUY a Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are extremely popular. As owners of four beauties, we understand exactly what their appeal is. We’ve been smitten with the breed since our first Maine Coon joined the family 30 years ago,

So why on Earth would we tell you not to buy a Maine Coon? You’d better keep reading to find out!

Here are 25 reasons that will make you want to own a Maine Coon:

1. They Are Too Beautiful As Kittens

Reasons not to buy a Maine Coon

Surely you agree? I mean, just look at those innocent expressions, not to mention those fabulous pointed ears. You will not get anything else done because you will spend all day admiring a Maine Coon kitten

Buy a Maine Coon kitten and you will not want to go out. You will find yourself making excuses to friends. You will call your boss and pretend you are sick so that you can stay at home.

If you buy a Maine Coon kitten, you will need a set of starter toys so you can play with it all day long. With a tunnel, a cat dancer, and a whole variety of smaller toys, this kitten toy assortment is great value for money.

2. They Grow Into Amazing Adults

Maine Coon looks only improve with age – they grow more beautiful by the day. You will not be able to concentrate on anything else in your life – be warned. You’ll continue to get nothing done.

Because of their stunning appearance, many people fear that Maine Coons will be stolen if they are allowed outside.

If you feel your neighborhood is not safe for a Maine Coon to roam in, make sure your home is suitable for a large indoor cat to expend its energy.

Adult Maine Coons require regular grooming to keep their coats free of knots. Their fur also picks up all sorts of things, especially if you allow them outside. This slicker brush works really wells for us.

3. There will never be a quiet moment

You will not find a more vocal cat than a Maine Coon. If they are not purring, they are trilling, meowing, and making other noises that they know you will find cute and irresistible – and you will.

A Maine Coon will have you talking back as if you understand it. You will act as if you know exactly what it is saying.

4. Their tails are a trip hazard

Maine Coon tails get under your feet; they stick them out to try to trip you up. You will also have to be careful all the time not to trap this furry appendage in anything.

Maine Coons tails are also a health hazard because they dangle them in your food and drink whenever they get the chance.

One more thing, if you tread on a Maine Coon’s tail, you will feel absolutely awful! So, you will need to take extra care if you ever own a Maine Coon not to step on its tail.

Maine Coon Tail

The other thing about their tails is they think they are hiding but often you will see a piece of tail protruding. They seem blissfully unaware of this! Very amusing.

Can a Maine Coon have short hair

5. You’ll waste hours grooming their manes

Maine Coons are like mini lions with their fancy neck ruffs. You will waste many hours trying to keep these looking pristine to find your cat licks itself afterward and ends up looking a scruffy mess again.

What is the personality of a Maine Coon Cat

A Maine Coon’s neck ruff is just another thing to get matted and knotted which spoils their appearance, especially if they also get food stuck in it.

This area needs particular attention when grooming a Maine Coon.

6. People Might Think You Own a Lynx!

Why do Maine Coons have ear tufts and Lynx tips? They are strange, aren’t they? Most people find them endearing and they do look cute.

Not all Maine Coons have these Lynx-like tips on their ears. So don’t be disappointed if you get a Maine Coon and it turns out to be lacking somewhat in the ear fur department.

7. They Have Weird Fluff Between Their Toes

Maine Coons have tufts of fur sprouting from between their toes and these are adorable but if your Maine Coon goes outside it will also track in a lot of wet and dirt.

This is obviously soon cleaned off by your carpets or your crisp white bed linen … convenient for your Maine Coon, not so convenient for you if you’re house proud.

Maine Coon Paws

8. They Wear Mad Furry Britches

Maine Coon Britches

Just look at that furry rear end! it really does look like an old-fashioned pair of britches. Owners often need to intervene with keeping all this fur in order and it isn’t always easy.

A regular grooming regime is a must and is best started when the cat is young or it may not ever let you do this.

9. Their Eyes Will Bewitch You

They will mesmerize you with their eyes. Some have odd eyes that are even more hypnotic.

Be careful or you will find yourself doing exactly what a Maine Coon wants you to with no control over your actions. Here’s a complete guide to Maine Coon eyes.

Top 20 Maine Coon names

Could you trust a cat that looks at you like this?

10. Children Find Them Irresistible

Are Maine Coons friendly

Maine Coons are patient cats and show a great tolerance of babies and children. However, you should supervise kids and cats at all times.

The majority of problems with Maine Coons and children arise when children are too rough with them. If you were pulled around or tormented relentlessly you would probably lash out eventually.

Maine Coons are gentle cats but they are not saints and do have a limit to what they will tolerate. it is important to teach children to be gentle with them and treat them lovingly.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Children

11. They Prefer To Live With Other Cats

If you’re getting a Maine Coon it’s actually best if you can get two. This can work out quite expensive. If you can’t afford two Maine Coons, consider having another cat of any breed for it to socialize with.

You’ll often see genuine affection between two Maine Coons.

Are Maine Coons friendly

And Maine Coons are happy mixing with another breed.

Can Maine Coons Be Small

12. They Adore Dogs

Maine Coons tolerate dogs who understand their place. They will be in charge of any dog and will only like one if it does as it’s told.

13. They Think They Own You

Maine Coon Lap Cat

It’s funny how you think you are going to be a Maine Coon owner. Let’s get this straight – a Maine Coon will own you. I’m sure they have all carefully read a Cat’s Guide to Owning a Pet Human.

You will be a slave to one from the moment it moves in and takes over your house. “Other human in the house, bring her more wine … she is not allowed to move from this spot until I decide to move.”

14. They Steal Your Bed

Your bed will no longer be your own. A Maine Coon generally wants to sleep with you or keep you awake. It will lay on your legs and you will be stuck in an uncomfortable position because you don’t want to disturb the cat.

Sleeping in on your day off will become a distant memory … Maine Coons like to breakfast early.

An excellent way to ensure you get a lie-in is to invest in an automatic feeder. This will also come in handy if you occasionally spend a night away.

15. They Steal The Best Seats In The House

Top 20 Maine Coon names

There’s a well known saying among cat owners: “If you want the best seat in the house you’ll have to move the cat.” You will find this is true if you own a Maine Coon.

You probably shouldn’t waste your money on an expensive cat bed but if you can’t resist buying one, here are our favorite cat beds reviewed.

Just recently, I spotted this fabulous heated bed which is perfect for chilly days and saves you having to leave your central heating on for your cat all winter.

16. They’re Not Always Lap Cats

As it happens some Maine Coons are lap cats and some aren’t. If you want a cat that is always on your lap you may be disappointed.

On the other hand, you might be lucky and find yours is a cuddly cat.

Our last two didn’t sit on our laps for over a year but our patience paid off and eventually, they chose to sit on our laps once we stopped trying to persuade them.

17. They Might Never Leave You Alone

Some Maine Coons love to cuddle. You’ll be pinned down all evening and will be forced to watch TV whilst everyone else in the house runs around doing things for you such as fetching you wine, tea, coffee, and snacks.

So annoying! You’ll be surprised at how long you can hold on when you need to go to the bathroom!

Reasons not to buy a maine coon

18. They Always Want To Play

You will be worn out if you get a Maine Coon. They never tire of playing, even in their senior years. There will be no more lounging around doing nothing for you.

Oh no, you will be on all fours with a piece of string, rolling balls, and teaching your Maine Coon how to use a scratching post.

If you want an idea for a toy to entertain your Maine Coon, there’s one that has worked consistently over the years for us and that’s a Cat Dancer. It is inexpensive and easy to use – you can even stay in your chair!

reasons not to buy a maine coon

19. They Think Your Boxes Are Their Boxes

If you ever have to unpack a box, a Maine Coon will be there waiting to claim it the moment it is empty. Like all cats, they love boxes.

And you will not be allowed to have it back even if you need to return the item. That box will no longer be available for your use. Don’t ever expect to have it back.

Can Maine Coon cats be left alone

20. They’re Expert Hunters

Maine Coons are often accomplished hunters. This is actually normal not naughty cat behavior. You can’t really stop it and you shouldn’t punish one for doing it.

Of course, indoor cats don’t get to hunt unless your house happens to be full of mice.

So bear in mind this particular skill before buying a Maine Coon. Can you cope with having an accomplished hunter in your home?

21. They Sleep Quite A Lot

Top 20 Maine coon names

This cat is not asleep, he is having a long blink.

Many people wonder why Maine Coons sleeps so much and if it’s normal behavior.

As Maine Coons get older they can become quite lazy and seem to sleep all day long.

It will be your job to keep your cat active and therefore healthy. If you don’t see yourself doing this, maybe a Maine Coon is not for you.

If a young Maine Coon sleeps a lot, this is a sign of boredom – entertain it more!

22. Their Stuff Will Clutter Up Your Home

Maine Coon

Maine Coons have lots of energy and if you are planning to keep one as an indoor cat you will need to provide it with plenty to keep it entertained.

The end result is a lot of extra cat stuff taking over your home: many toys, scratching posts, a fabulous cat condo indoor tree, and so on.

So decide if you can live with cat clutter, because if you can’t maybe you should rethink buying a Maine Coon!

23. They Are Often Funny

They are funny, so if you want a ‘normal’ cat, a Maine Coon is not for you. Maine Coons will have you in stitches so if you don’t have a sense of humor you may not appreciate one of these comical cats.

Top 20 Maine Coon names

24. They Have Amazing Personalities!

They have huge personalities. You may have heard people say Maine Coons are almost dog-like. This is true.

They display many characteristics usually associated with dogs. Some play fetch, some greet their owners at the door.

They often announce their arrival in a room with a trill. They almost sulk when you go out and will show you how much they have missed you when you return.

25. They Like to Join In Your Activities

Are Maine Coons friendly

Maine Coons are always in the way. They will sit on your keyboard (computer or piano). They love to sleep in basins which creates a problem when you want to wash your hands.


We adore Maine Coons. We treat ours like children. They are extremely rewarding cats to own. We just want everyone who wants a Maine Coon to be prepared and be absolutely sure they are ready to be good Maine Coon owners. Hopefully, you are.

If you own a Maine Coon or any other pet, don’t forget to consider pet insurance to cover any unexpected vet bills which can soon mount up.

We’ve used Petplan for over 15 years. Visit their website where you can see all the benefits, get a quick quote, and compare their service to other providers.

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