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10 Reasons To NOT Buy A Siamese Cat

Okay, okay – I realize this post may have initially triggered you. It’s a bit of fun though – I love this cat. There are so many redeeming features I thought it would be a bit of fun to jot down a few of them. The first point (below) might just relate to me!

Anyway, without further ado – here are the <ahem> 10 best reasons why you should absolutely, definitely, unquestionably not get one. Don’t even think about it.

Best Reasons to NOT buy a Siamese Cat

1) Your Siamese cat might be more intelligent than you

The Siamese cat is known to be one of the more intelligent breeds of cat. I used to wonder how people could determine whether one breed is more intelligent than the other. However, having spent a lot of time with a lot of breeds, it’s initially just a feeling’.

The Siamese cat just seems to be more aware of things going on around them. Some cats, for instance, won’t respond to their name. You could change it every couple of weeks and you wouldn’t get a different response from them!

You’ll also notice they play just a little differently to a lot of other cat breeds. Sometimes you think there are more similarities to a dog than other breeds of cat!

For instance, it’s not unusual (in fact, I’d say it was actually common) for your Siamese cat to play fetch with you! You’ll throw something and they’ll scamper over and fetch it for you. They’ll not always give it back though!

2) If you enjoyed being lonely then you’re going to be sad

The Siamese cat thrives on human company. Actually, a lot of people say this for a lot of cat breeds but surely it can’t be more accurate than it is with the Siamese.

Whilst you’re living with the Siamese in its home (formerly yours) it will want to spend the vast majority of its time with you. If you want to watch a nice film on the couch, they will be with you. If you want a nice, perhaps passionate evening with your other half, they will be with you.

You may think they’re asleep but as soon as you get up, their ears will twitch and an eye will open just a fraction. They will want to know what you’re up to and whatever it is – they will want to be part of it.

You will never be lonely again if you have a Siamese cat.

3) You enjoy the peace and quiet

If you’re someone who enjoys a quiet life then make the most of it before the new arrival starts living with you. They like to chat. It’s like they’re having a conversation with you sometimes. Actually, it’s not ‘like’ they’re having a conversation with you – they are having a conversation with you!

best reasons to not buy a Siamese cat

You’ll notice the Siamese cat wants you to know when they’re around. They’ll make a little noise when they come into a room where you’re sat and their tail will lift up as soon as they see you.

Food times can be a particularly noisy affair. Well, that is until they get stuck into it. Don’t take too long preparing their food otherwise not only will you get constant meows but you’ll also have them climbing up your leg!

4) You enjoy being sad

We all get a little sad sometimes but what I mean is that it’s hard to be sad all the time when you have a little Siamese cat who wants to play with you all the time.

You’ll find the highs are higher (and more frequent) and the lows aren’t perhaps so low (and they won’t be so frequent). This little bundle of mayhem wants nothing else but your company (err and some food now and then) and when something is so dependent on you, and so happy – it makes it easier to forget some of the less pleasant things that are going on at that time.

You certainly won’t have as much time to think about all the stress in your life when you have a Siamese cat curled up on your lap. All it wants in life is this one person’s love – how perfect.

5) You don’t need to lose any weight

A Siamese cat will keep you active. There’s no way around that I’m afraid and they’re perfect for someone who wants to lose a few pounds! They’re not great for someone who wants to get nice and fat. The Siamese cat does not want to calm down!

If I’m honest, I’m not quite sure how they have so much energy. Considering their size, you have to wonder if they are extra-terrestrial and have access to some kind of special-energy that only the Siamese cat knows how to harness.

best reasons to not buy a Siamese cat

It’s part of the package, you see. When someone buys a Siamese, they also sign a contract where they agree to play with them every day – and not just for five minutes! Your cat will need a lot of attention to stay mentally healthy and that attention has to come from you.

If you’re not prepared to sign that contract, this cat is not for you!

6) You enjoy living with mice

If you enjoy living with mice free-roaming around your house then it is not a great idea to have a Siamese cat also! They are a particularly talented hunter and specialize in errr well, they specialize in getting anything that moves basically!

So, if you have a mouse problem then you’ll soon be able to talk about it in the past tense. Of course, as far as your cat is concerned, they’re not really doing you a favor here. It’s just a game to them and you’ll find that once they’ve actually ‘got’ them, they get a bit bored.

What your Siamese cat likes is the chase. Whilst it’s moving and running around it’ll be chased all over the house, they don’t find it quite as much fun when it stops!

7) You want a well-behaved, sensible cat

The Siamese cat is far from sensible. I think this is the reason why they get on so well with kids. They’re both as sensible as each other (not). In fact, the Siamese cat is like the mischievous, naughty brother.

The child loves them because they know they can be so naughty and get up to so much trouble – yet they always seem to get away with it! Leave a door open with some nice treats inside – they’ll be in it. Leave a little loose thread hanging off a jumper and it’ll be a long loose thread hanging off a jumper after your Siamese sees it!

For an apparently intelligent cat, they can certainly act quite silly sometimes. It’s like they are permanently stuck in kitten-mode and will want to play with you for the entirety of their days.

8) Plants are precious to you

Now, here’s the thing. If you value your plants quite highly in your home then you may want to surround them in some kind of protective case. I’m sure the Siamese cat knows that you love your plants and just for a bit of fun, they choose to chew on all the leaves, do a wee in the soil and sleep on the herbs.

So, you will need to make a decision. It’s either your plants or them. If you do think you’ve been lucky then don’t assume it’s going to be okay for the whole of their lives. They may decide to wait until your plants have just about reached peak-beauty before choosing to initiate mass-plant-destruction.

9) You value your privacy

Your privacy is a thing of the past. Everything you now do must be shared immediately with your Siamese cat. Everywhere you go must now be first pre-approved by your cat. Regardless of this approval being granted, they may choose to follow you wherever you go.

best reasons to not buy a Siamese cat

Particularly the bathroom. They will wait until you’ve gone in, shut and locked the door and you’ve just started to err do whatever it is you are doing in there. It is then that they will announce they are ready to come in and must be let in immediately.

Failure to stop whatever it is you’re doing and let them in will result in continual crying and disappointment from your somewhat impatient Siamese. Once you decide to let them in and you continue with what you’re doing, they will sit right in front of you and just stare at you. They know it’s putting you off, they know…

10) You should adopt and not buy!

Finally, one of the best reasons to never buy a Siamese cat is that ideally, you should rescue one instead! My advice would always be to go down this route first if you can. Of course, not every rescue center is going to have a Siamese cat available.

Also, some people want to know that their cat hasn’t any genetic health problems that are going to cause them problems in the years to come and also, they may just want them as a kitten. These are all good reasons but I always say if you don’t mind the above – please rescue one!


The best reasons to not buy a Siamese cat? Nah…I hope you took this post the right way. It was just a bit of fun and obviously, the Siamese cat is awesome – what is there not to love? There is certainly something very special about this breed and you should consider yourself very lucky if they’ve chosen you to look after them for the entirety of their little lives…

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