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Why Does My Siamese Cat Sleep So Much?

As you own a Siamese (I am assuming you do since you’re asking why your Siamese is sleeping so much) you will be aware that usually, this is quite an active breed of cat.

You may have noticed that your Siamese cat has started sleeping more than they used to or perhaps they’ve always been this way and you just think it’s strange. Well, firstly, in the vast majority of cases there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

Why does my Siamese cat sleep so much? It is most likely that your Siamese cat is sleeping so much for no reason that you should be concerned about. However, there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of and these are mentioned below.

How much sleep should a Siamese cat have every day?

If you look on-line, you’ll see many people stating quite confidently that cats should sleep between 12-16 hours per day. But in reality, it’s not this straight forward.

The point is, you’ll find that some days your cat might sleep for most of the day and other days, hardly at all. One thing to bear in mind also is that you don’t know (most likely) what they get up to at night. Remember, cats are primarily nocturnal – their habits only changing because we keep them inside with us most of the day!

Do Siamese cats sleep more than other cat breeds?

Well, if truth be told – the Siamese cat doesn’t usually sleep any more or less than any other breed. If anything, it may be a little more and this is purely because of the high-energy nature this cat is known for.

Why does my Siamese cat sleep so much

However, for any cat the length of time they spend asleep will vary depending on what stage of life they are at. For instance:

Siamese kittens

A newborn kitten will sleep a lot – around 22 hours of the day. This sleep is essential for the growth of the kitten as some hormones are only released whilst they sleep. If a kitten is asleep, I know it’s tempting – but try and let them sleep!

Siamese adults

As the kitten gets older, they will, of course, sleep for less. After a couple of years, they’ll be sleeping (on average) around 16 hours a day, but as I mentioned above, this can vary massively by the day. It can also depend on their anxiety levels and other things that I’ll touch on later.

An unstimulated Siamese cat will most likely sleep for longer periods of time if it develops anxiety-related disorders. Certainly, a Siamese cat isn’t a breed for someone who doesn’t have the time to entertain them for long periods of time. Similarly, they are not a cat for someone who’s going to be out of the house for long periods of time!

A Siamese cat that’s expecting

A pregnant Siamese cat will sleep for longer periods on average than one that isn’t. In fact, the length of time they can be asleep will match the kitten-stage! So, don’t be concerned if your pregnant Queen is sleeping for around 20 hours a day.

Older Siamese cats

Believe it or not, even the Siamese cat gets old and although they generally like to play for most of their life, they will slow-down when they reach older age.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to sleep more. It’s more than likely the reason for sleeping more (if indeed they are) is related more to the owner not thinking their cat wants to play anymore. Well, they do – but they may need just a little bit of encouragement!

What are the different stages of sleep in a Siamese cat?

When a cat sleeps it is unlike the type of sleep us humans have. You will have noticed that it’s very rare for your Siamese cat to be properly asleep. The slightest noise and their ears will twitch and their eyes will open just a fraction – it seems they are never really asleep!

Why Does My Siamese Cat Sleep So Much?

It’s actually around 75% o the time when your Siamese cat is asleep it’s really just having a ‘cat-nap’. It is, during this time, still fully aware of what’s going on around it.

The other 25% is when your Siamese cat is in a deeper sleep. This deep sleep actually only lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and is critical to the cognitive development of your feline.

If you’ve ever noticed your cat dreaming and twitching, moving it’s paws perhaps or even making little noises, then you know they are in this deep sleep period. Try not to wake them up during this time and explain this to any children in the house.

Why might a Siamese cat sleep for longer than average?

There are a few reasons why your normally-active Siamese cat is sleeping for longer than average. Here are a few of the more obvious reasons.

Your Siamese cat is bored

I touched on this above but your Siamese cat needs stimulation. It needs this stimulation from you and you really need to find time for it. If your Siamese cat is an indoor-cat, then it is more prone to boredom so you need to up your game and ensure you spend enough time with them.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Sleep So Much?

Also, have a think about your home – your Siamese will love a window to sit near so it can see out and look at all the wildlife outside. Even allowing them to do this will help relieve the boredom just a little.

If you’re looking for something new to play with them, may I suggest you check out this toy on Amazon (opens in a new tab), you won’t be disappointed!


You may notice that when it’s colder, your Siamese cat will sleep more. They will feel the cold and you’ll find they’ll curl up tightly with their tail wrapped around them.

Similarly, if it’s particularly hot they are less likely to be active. Even if they’re an outside cat, on sunny days you’ll find them seeking shelter somewhere and just sleeping for the best part of the day.

They are getting on a bit…

I mentioned it earlier but they will slow down generally as they get older. It’s up to you to keep them excited. Buy them some new toys 🙂


It’s unlikely it’s related to their health but there’s always a chance. I hate it when cat’s become ill. We lost two of ours in the last 12 months and the pain you feel when you lose them is almost enough not to want to get any more.

Most illnesses aren’t terminal though – but some can cause them to sleep more, I’ll list a few here:

  • Anemia – check for pale gums, important to detect at an early stage to prevent complications.
  • Arthritis – obviously more common in older age, obvious impact to joints which can slow your Siamese cat down.
  • Asthma – this can inhibit the amount of oxygen they can take in, resulting in lethargy.
  • Bladder related problems – if you notice problems with them urinating, get them checked out.
  • Cancer (yuk) – enough said, one day we’ll find a cure.
  • Depression – a lack of exercise or human interaction possibly leading to separation anxiety can see issues develop quickly.
  • Diabetes – more common in a cat that’s overweight and not as common with the Siamese but can be a cause for tiredness.
  • Heart-related – if you notice a complete reluctance to exercise and frequent panting, do get them checked out.
  • Kidney related – this is something that is common with most breeds of cat, little you can do apart from taking them to a vet urgently if you suspect it.
  • Obesity – you don’t often see an overweight Siamese – make sure it stays that way!
  • Poison – particularly if your cat goes outside, lots of sources of poison here potentially, including some plants.
  • Rabies – you can have your Siamese cat vaccinated against this – make it happen.

Conclusion – why does my Siamese cat sleep so much?

Hopefully, this will help you ascertain why your Siamese cat is sleeping more than you think is normal. it’s probably nothing to be worried about whatsoever but it’s good to be aware of what can cause it.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Sleep So Much?

Look at the obvious things first, such as their age and whether you’re interacting with them enough. Then, look a little deeper. Remember, if you have any concerns – just get them to a vet for a check-up, better to be safe than sorry!

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